Edmund Cooper.  Five to Twelve

frontiespiece:  “Towards the end of the twenty-first century war has been abolished, space research halted, starvation eliminated and 'time shots' can increase the expectation of life to more than one hundred and fifty years.  Also, as an apparently irreversible side effect of new forms of birth control, men are heavily outnumbered by women who have taken over the reins of government and industry, reducing men to chattels.  But society is decadent and thoroughly hedonistic.  It is into this kind of world that Dion Quern, self-styled troubadour, is born.  Dion hates the woman-dominated society and becomes involved in a series of grotesque, and at times moving adventures to bring about its downfall.  His efforts cause his own destruction; but he succeeds in a way that no one could have anticipated.”

Hodder and Stoughton. 

Copyright 1968.  First printed 1968.  SBN 340 02939 0.

Printed in Great Britain for Hodder and Stoughton Limited, St. Paul's House, Warwick Lane, London, E.C.4., by Butler and Tanner Limited, Frome and London.

187 pp.

description in back of ALL FOOLS' DAY by Edmund Cooper - during the seventies there was an epidemic of suicide - “But certain types of people seemed to be immune to this impulse - such people as artists and psychopaths, obsessionals and eccentrics.  They were the transnormals, all that was left of the species homo sapiens.”