A Guide to Feminist Science Fiction Resources
in Print and on the Net:
Bibliographies and Indexes

There are no indexes specifically limited to feminist science fiction materials, although there are indexes to science fiction in general. Consequently, other more general resources must be used. On-line bibliographies such as the MLA and Expanded Academic Index provide the most recent information, although they do not include the full range of publications where science fiction primary and secondary literature appear. Finding critical essays and short fiction published in small magazines remains a problem, as the few indexes which include them are not updated very frequently.

These works provide lists and bibliographic information of primary works of science fiction by women and/or science fiction with a feminist perspective; lists of female characters; and a few entries on secondary or critical works.

Two excellent electronic sources are Laura Quilter's Feminist Science Fiction WWW page and the short lists compiled for the Tiptree Award. For more information about these sites, see the Electronic Sources section of this resource guide.

These more general science fiction indexes may provide other material.

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