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A Guide to Feminist Science Fiction Resources
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Electronic Sources

Although there are several listserv and usenet groups relating to science fiction and feminism separately, I couldn't find any public computer conferences devoted to feminist science fiction. However, small private lists do form as splinter groups off of the more mainstream conferences. For example, there are several women-only or feminist-based Star Trek lists. Membership is a matter of word-of-mouth; these conferences are not widely advertised. The best way to find out about them is by subscribing to the braoder science fiction or feminist lists.

Another arena for feminist expression is in the realm of fan fiction. There are many ftp sites where fan fiction is collected; a good place to start is the Science Fiction Resource Guide.

World Wide Web Sites

Individual Author WWW Pages

Many authors have their own pages, though the pages are usually created and maintained by fans rather than the authors themselves. This section of the document is under construction and not available at this time.

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