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In this section you will find four partially annotated bibliographies of books, articles, and periodicals. You can use these links to jump directly to the section you are interested in, or you can scroll down through the whole document.

Books: single author

Book-length works represent most of the critical work on feminist science fiction that is not about a particular author or work. The books in this section refer to many primary sources but also develop some analysis of feminist science fiction as a sub-g enre or descriptive category of science fiction.

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Books: edited collections

Edited collections provide a wide and rich range of critical response to feminist science fiction. Most of these collections contain some previously published work.

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Most articles on feminist science fiction focus on specific authors and works, making them too specialized to be included in this resource guide. In this section, I have included some more general articles, most of which come from special issues of eithe r Science Fiction Studies or Women's Studies. This is in no way a comprehensive list, and researchers are advised to seek particular articles through the edited collections or the indexes listed above.

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While there are many publications for short fiction in the science fiction genre as well as a few critical or review publications, none specialize in feminist science fiction. This section focuses on periodicals that publish secondary material on science fiction; all occasionally include feminist articles or review feminist works.

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