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Privacy Statement

Data gathered from websurfers - weblogs, cookies, etc.

The httpd server automatically logs each transaction with the site; date, time, IP address sending the request, and which file was requested. We at feministsf as a rule don't look at that data. The one exception is when we notice some problem with a particular file; for instance, the wrong filename being repeatedly requested. If it's not a problem with a link at feministsf.org, then it's a problem with a link somewhere else, and we might grep the log file to see which search engine has the wrong filename.

We never ever sell or voluntarily release that data to anybody else for any purpose at all. And we do our best to keep all of our data secure. Nevertheless, this is an open website. Any information posted here is regularly spidered and searched. For this reason, we verify with contributors before posting an email contact address for them. But list members' email addresses and postings are searchable in the list archives.

Data gathered from feedback form

When people fill out the feedback form, we do collect their IP address / domain name, and browser. We collect the IP address and domain name because we receive a certain amount of hate mail. The IP address and domain name allow us to (a) make life miserable for people who threaten violence or harm by reporting them to their ISPs, their employers, or the cops, as necessary; and (b) post that information on the website of hatemail so that all can see. Granted IP address & domain name don't always provide completely informative information, but if they do, then the person's idiocy is preserved for posterity, and hopefully, to their future detriment. (If someone were to make a case for why their idiocy should not be preserved for posterity, and apologize nicely and make a big donation to a feminist organization of my choice, I might reconsider.)

We collect their browser information in case there was a problem with the form.


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critical resources: Tiptree Award | Wiscon | Broad Universe


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