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An Inez Haynes Gillmore Irwin Bibliography



Born Inez Haynes, March 2, 1873, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her parents (Gideon Haynes and Emma Jane Hopkins Haynes) were from Boston and returned there while Gillmore was raised. She became involved in the women's suffrage movement at Radcliffe (1897-1900) and belonged to the National Women's Party advisory council. Her first husband, Rufus Gillmore (m. 8/30/1897), was a newspaperman who supported her feminism. Their marriage ultimately ended in divorce. Shortly after her first novel was published she became fiction editor for The Masses, a left-wing magazine. She lived in New York for much of her life. She and her second husband, Will(iam Henry) Irwin (m. 2/1/1916) lived in Europe reporting on World War I. She retired to Scituate, Massachusetts after Irwin's death in 1948. She died September 25, 1970.

Her niece, Phyllis Duganne, 1899-1976, was also a writer and suffragist. Her papers are available at Smith College in the Sophia Smith Collection. See http://asteria.fivecolleges.edu/findaids/sophiasmith/mnsss87.html.

Generally listed as Inez Haynes Gillmore, but may also be listed as Inez Haynes Irwin.

Inez Haynes' diaries, manuscripts, letters, etc., available at the Yale Archives. Some materials also available on microfilm at the Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe, Harvard (M-59; Research Publications, Inc., History of Women, 1975-1979. 24 reels, #966-970, 973-983, 988-995. See http://www.radcliffe.edu/schles/services/microfilm.php . Also the diary from Feb. 19, 1916-Oct. 26, 1916, and her preliminary notes to her autobiography are available at Cornell.

Profiled in Time, Oct. 8, 1923, Vol. II, No. 6, "Their Wives Are Literary, Too," as wife of Will Irwin.

Their Wives Are Literary, Too Wallace (47) and Will Irwin (50) are brothers of more popular success, certainly, than the poetic Benet brothers (TIME, Oct. 1). Of late years Will Irwin has devoted much of his time to the spreading of peace propaganda throughout the U. S. Wallace has been busy writing short stories and novels. His latest, Lew Tyler's Wives, is a study of the two marriages of one delightful but irresponsible gentleman.Their wives, too, are of the literary persuasion: Inez Haynes Irwin writes girls' stories and novels, and Mrs. Wallace Irwin writes plays, to say nothing of Mr....

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Author's Guild of America, President, 1931-1933 (1925-1928?)
Author's Guild of America, Vice-President, 1930-1931
National Collegiate Equal Suffrage League (co-founder) Chairman of Board of Directors of the World Center for Women's Archives 1936-1938/1940.
Member of American committee of Prix Femina, 1931-1933
Member, Cosmpolitan
Member, Heterodoxy
Member, Query

Her writing includes history, journalism, editorial work, novels (science fiction, mystery, fiction, children's books), short stories, and juvenile stories (the Maida books).

-- preface, Angel Island, 1988 ed.

"The Father of His Son" (short story)
Everybody's Magazine, July 1904
"A Doorstep Introduction" (short story)
Pearson's Magazine, Nov. 1904
"Love Me, Love My Dog" (short story)
Pearson's Magazine, Nov. 1904
"The Start" (short story)
Everybody's Magazine, Dec. 1904
"The Matchbreakers" (short story)
Hampton's Broadway Magazine, Nov. 1908
June Jeopardy
1908, Huebsch - first novel
Maida's Little Shop
1910, Huebsch - children's
Available online at Project Gutenberg.
Phoebe and Ernest
1910, Holt - originally serialized by American Magazine, for young people. Illustrations by R. F. Schabelitz.
Janey: being the record of a short interval in the journey through life and the struggle with society of a little girl of nine
1911, Holt
"The Eternal Challenge"
Everybody's Magazine, Jan. 1912
"With Pitfall and With Gin" (short story)
Pictorial Review, Feb. 1912
Phoebe, Ernest, and Cupid
1912, Holt. Illustrations by R. F. Schabelitz.
Angel Island
1914, Holt; reprinted 1978, Arno; re-released 1988, NAL Plume with an introduction by Ursula K. Le Guin
Review on the Feminist SF/F/U Page
Available online (public domain)
The Ollivant Orphans
1915, Holt
"The Woman Across the Street" (short story)
Ladies Home Journal, Sept. 1916
"The Sixth Canvassar" (short story)
The Century, Jan. 1916
Republished in What Did Miss Darrington See?: An Anthology Feminist Supernatural Fiction, ed. Jessica Amanda Salmonson, 1989
The Californiacs
1916, A. M. Robertson - travel. Available online with Project Gutenberg.
The Lady of Kingdoms
1917, George H. Doran - working-class feminist novel
The Happy Years
1919, Holt
The Native Son
1919, A. M. Robertson - also about California
Available online at Project Gutenberg.
Out of the Air
1921, Harcourt
Maida's Little House
1921, Grosset - children's
The Story of the Women's Party
1921, Harcourt; published as Up Hill With Banners Flying, 1964, Traversity Press; original edition reprinted 1971, Kraus Rprint
- history of the suffragists
"The Last Cartridge"
(ss) McCall's Oct. 1922
The Lost Diana
(novella) Everybody's Magazine Jun 1923
"The Spring Flight"
1924 - short story. Won O. Henry Memorial Prize, 1924.
The Irish Language
(ss) Everybody's Magazine Jul 1925
Discarded(serial segment) The American Magazine May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov 1925
Gertrude Haviland's Divorce
1925, Harper
Maida's Little School
1926, Viking Press.
1927, Harper
P.D.F.R.: A New Novel
1928, Harper
Family Circle
1931, Bobbs-Merrill
Youth Must Laugh
1932, Bobbs-Merrill
Angels and Amazons: A Hundred Years of American Women
1933, Doubleday; reprinted 1974, Arno
Strange Harvest
1934, Bobbs-Merrill
Murder Masquerade
1935, H. Smith & R. Haas - murder mystery
Little Miss Redhead
1936, Lothrop - self-illustrated
The Poison Cross Mystery
1936, H. Smith & R. Haas
Good Manners for Girls
1937, Appleton-Century
A Body Rolled Downstairs
1938, Random House - murder mystery
"You Bet I Am!" (article)
Woman's Day, Oct. 1938
Maida's Little Island
1939, Grosset - children's
Maida's Little Camp
1940, Grosset - children's
Many Murders
1941, Random House
Peter and Cynthia
1941, Lothrop - self-illustrated.
questionable - need to have title verified
Maida's Little Village
1942, Grosset - children's
Maida's Little Houseboat
1943, Grosset - children's
Maida's Little Theater
1946, Grosset - children's
The Women Swore Revenge
1946, Random House
Maida's Little Cabins
1947, Grosset - children's
Maida's Little Zoo
1949, Grosset - children's
Maida's Little Lighthouse
1951, Grosset - children's
Maida's Little Hospital
1952, Grosset - children's
Maida's Little Farm
1953, Grosset - children's
Maida's Little House Party
1954, Grosset - children's
Maida's Little Treasure Hunt
1955, Grosset - children's
Adventures of Yesterday
1973, General Microfilm - autobiography.

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