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Index to Female Writers
In Science Fiction, Fantasy & Utopia:
18th Century to the Present

who counts as female, how do i decide, where do i get the names, etc.
also works consulted

See also:
Index to Women SF Writers of Color
Non-English-Language Feminist SF Writers
Women SF Writers by Nationality and Canadian Women SF Authors
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Lynn Abbey, 1948-
(pseudonym for Marilyn Lorraine Abbey), 1948-
Marilyn Lorraine Abbey, 1948-
(pseudonym: Lynn Abbey, 1948-)
Harriette S. Abels, 1926-
full name: Harriette Sheffer Abels, 1926-
Christine Elizabeth Abrahamsen, 9/6/1916-
(used pseudonym Cristabel)
Kathy Acker, 1948-1997
Hazel Adair
(pseudonym for Hazel Addis)
Ruth Adam
Nadia Adamant
Glenda Adams
Harriet S(tratemeyer) Adams, 1892-1982
(pseudonyms: Carolyn Keene, Franklin W. Dixon, Laura Lee Hope, Victor Appleton. These "house-names" were begun by her father Edward Stratemeyer)
Lynn Adams
Pamela Crippen Adams, 1961-
Sara Adamson
(pseudonym for Laura Antoniou)
Hazel Addis
(pseudonym: Hazel Adair)
Linda D. Addison

Joan (Delano) Aiken, 2/4/1924- (born Britain)
Kathleen J. Alcala
Louisa May Alcott
(pseudonym: A. M. Barnard)
Gill Alderman
Ann Aldrich (pseudonym for Marijane Meaker)
Mary C. Aldridge
Thea Alexander
Karen Jordan Allen
Kate Allen
Judith Alguire
Lori Negridge Allen
Isabel Allende, 1942- . b. Lima, Perú considers herself Chilean; lives in US
Dorothy Allison, b. Greenville, SC, USA
Andrea M. Alton
Liv Margareth Alver, Norway
Emily Alward
Zainab Amadahy, 1956-
Lottie F. Ambrose
(published as L. D. Biagi)
Mildred Ames
Colleen Anderson
Karen Anderson
Karen (Kruse) Anderson, 1932-
Karen Anderson
Margaret J(ean) Anderson, 1931-
Susan Janice Anderson
Katya Andreevna
Patricia Anthony
Kim Antieau, 1955-: web page
Laura Antoniou (pseudonym: Sara Adamson)
Toni Anzetti
E. L. Arch (pseudonym for Rachel Cosgrove Payes)
Lynne Armstrong-Jones
Eleanor [Atwood] Arnason, 1942- web page
Red Jordan Arobateau
Catherine Asaro
Constance Ash
Paul Ash (pseudonym for Pauline Ashwell)
Sarah Ash
Ellen Asher
Pauline Ashwell (pseudonym: Paul Ash)
Janet O. (Jeppson) Asimov, 1926- (published as J. O. Jeppson)
Nancy Asire
Chrstina Askanis
Cynthia Asquith (Lady Mary), 1887-3/31/1960
Hope Athearn
Gertrude Franklin Atherton, 10/30/1857-6/14/1948
Stella Atrium
Margaret Atwood, 1939- (born Canada) [see also: discussion list at atwood-l@cariboo.bc.ca ... Margaret Atwood Information Web Site ... Atwood Society]
Jean M. Auel
Alicia Austin
Mary Austin (pseudonym: Gordon Stairs)
Mary Austin, 1868-1934
Catherine Aydy (pseudonym for Emma Tennant)
Kathleen de Azevedo


Camille Bacon-Smith
Patricia Baere
Patricia Goehner Baehr
Carolyn J. Bahr Hilary Bailey, 1936- (born Britain)
Meredith Suzanne Baird
Wilhelmina Baird
Alison Baker
Betty Baker
Kage Baker, 1952-
Linda Baker
Nikki Baker
Sharon Baker
Virginia Baker
Bee Baldwin
Margaret Baldwin (pseudonym for Margaret Weis)
Margaret Ball [see also: Web Page ]
Toni Cade Bambarra
Sara Banerji
Jo Bannister, 1951-
Isabel Barclay
A. M. Barnard (pseudonym for Louisa May Alcott)
May Barnard (publishing name for Marjorie Faith Barnard, 8/16/1897-)
Marjorie (May) Faith Barnard, 8/16/1897- (published as May Barnard)
K[aren] D. Barnes
Patricia Barnes-Svarney
Ada Barnett
Jill Barnett
Lisa [Anne] Barnett, 1958-
Elizabeth Barrette
Barbara Bartholomew
Lannah Battley
Gael Baudino
E. Susan Baugh
Grace A. Baughman
Carolyn Busey Bauman
Martha Bayless
Tanya Beaty
Helen Beauclerk
J. M. Beazer
Amy Bechtel
L(ily) Adams Beck, -1931
Christine Beckert
Stephanie Bedwell-Grime
Delores Goodrick Beggs
Thea Beckmann
Diane Schneider Belden
Clare Bell
Hilari Bell
Pamela Belle
Michele Belling
Hilaire Belloc, 1870-1953
Lisa Ben (pseudonym: an anagram of lesbian)
Cheryl Benard, 1953-
Gertrude Barrows Bennett (see Frances Stevens)
Gertrude R. Bennett
Marcia J(oanne) Bennett, 6/9/1945-
Margot Bennett, 1903- or 1912-
Nella Benson
Stella Benson, 1892-1933
Nancy Varian Berberick
Jessica Berens
Elisabeth Beresford
Marta Bergstresser (see Marta Randall)
Elaine Bergstrom
Judith Berman Ruth Berman
Joan Bernott
Louky Bersianik (French)
Joanne Bertin
eluki bes shahar (pseudonyms: Rosemary Edghill) [see also: http://liad.merrywing.com/eluki/eluki.htm ]
L. D. Biagi (pseudonym for Lottie F. Ambrose)
Ilsa J. Bick
Carmel Bird
Isobel Bird
Becky Birtha
Heather Woodard Bischoff
Anne Bishop
Zealia B(rown) Bishop
Marci Blackman
Charity Blackstock
Katherine Blake (pseudonym for Dorothy J. Heydt)
Kay Blake (pseudonym for Dorothy Walter ? or Dorothy J. Heydt)
Caroline Blanche-Agnet
Edith Bland (published as E. Nesbit; known as Edith Nesbit)
H(elene) P(etrovna) Blavatsky, 1831-1891
Lucy Jane Bledsoe Tippi Blevins
Judith L. Blish
Karen Dinesen Blixen (used pseudonym Isek Dinesen)
Francesca Lia Block, 1962-
Mabel Blodgett

Nina Boal, b. Illinois, USA
Nancy Bogen
Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, 1954- . [see also: Web Page ]
Darlene D. Bolesny
Johanna M. Bolton
María Luisa Bombal, 1907- (b. Viña del Mar, Chile)
Margaret Wander Bonanno, 1950 -
Nancy Bond
Terry Nelsen Bonner (pseudonym for Chelsea Quinn Yarbro)
Vanna Bonta
Kathrina Bood
Mary Borden
Elisabeth Mann Borgese
Kate Bornstein
Lisa Jean Botell
Lisa Jean Bothell
Sandy Boucher
Elizabeth (Dorothea Cole) Bowen, 1899-1973 (born Ireland)
Marjorie Bowen (psuedonym for Gabrielle M. V. Long)
B. M. Bower (pseudonym for Mrs. Bertha Sinclair)
Karin Boye, 1900-1941 [see: Karin Boye Society]
Elizabeth Boyer

Leigh (Douglass) Brackett, 12/7/1915-3/24/1978; b. USA.
[see also: Web Page and web page ]
Marion (Eleanor) Zimmer Bradley, 6/3/1930-1999.
Pseudonyms: Lee Chapman, Miriam Gardner, John Dexter, Morgan Ives, John J. Wells, Valerie Graves. Also wrote as Marion Astra Zimmer. [see also: Web Page and Web Page in French and selected bibliography ].
Rebecca Bradley
Gillian (Marucha) Bradshaw, 1956-
Julie Brady
Christianna Brand, 1907-
Rebecca Brand (pseudonym for Suzy McKee Charnas)
(Mary) Rebecca (Wadsworth) Brandewyne, 1955 -
Gerd Brantenberg, 1941-
Johanna Braun, 1920-
Noel-Anne Brennan
Ann Bridge (pseudonym for Lady Mary Dolling O'Malley)
K(atherine) M. Briggs, 11/8/1898-
Patricia Briggs
Philip Briggs (pseudonym for Phyllis Briggs)
Phyllis Briggs (pseudonym: Philip Briggs)
Jane Brindle
Kristen Britain
Poppy Z. Brite
E(sther) M(asserman) Broner, 1930-
Charlotte Bronte, 1816-1855 (England). [see also: Web Page and Jane Eyre Gopher
] Emily Bronte (England) . [see also: Web Page and Wuthering Heights gopher site ]
Christine Brooke-Rose, 1923- (born Switzerland) Brigid Brophy, 1929-
D(orothy) K(athleen) Broster
Rhoda Broughton, 1840-1920
Olga Broumas
Alice Brown, 1857-1948
Mary Brown
Rebecca Brown
Rebecca B. Brown, 1948- - uses pseudonym: Rebecca Ore
Rita Mae Brown
Rosel George Brown, 3/15/1926-11/26/1967
Toni Brown
Victoria A. Brownworth
Mildred Downey Broxon, 6/7/1944- . Pseudonyms: Sigfridur Skaldaspillir.
Muriel Bruce
Karen A(lexandra) Brush, 1960-
Dorothy Bryant, 2/8/1930-
Winifred Bryher, 1894-
Marie Buchanan
Doris Pitkin Buck
Kathleen Buckley
Lela E. Buis
Lois McMaster Bujold, 1949- .
[see also: Web Page and Bujold FAQ and The Bujold Nexus ]
Emma Bull [Shetterley], 1954-
See also a bibliography
Anne Evelyn Bunting, 1928-
Eve Bunting
Katharine [Penelope] Burdekin, 1896-1963, England
(pseudonyms: Murray Constantine, Kay Burdekin; often misspelled as Katherine Burdekin). [see also: feministsf.org's Unofficial K. B. Web Page ]
Kay Burdekin
(pseudonym for Katharine Burdekin, 1896-1963
Barbara Burford, 1944-
Lolah Burford
Lauren P. Burka
Sheila Burnford
Linda E. Bushyager
Joan Butler, 1905-
Octavia (Estelle) Butler, 6/22/1947- (born USA).
[ see also: feministsf.org's Unofficial O. B. Web Page ]


Pat Cadigan
Karen Cadora
Janet Caird
Maya Caldecott
Moyra Caldecott
(Janet Miriam) Taylor Caldwell, 1900-
Patrick Califia-Rice, 1954-
Note: Patrick has transitioned from F to M and no longer identifies as a woman. Patrick is listed here for works written while identified as female and to clear up any confusion.
Hortense Calisher, 12/20/1911-
Anne Cameron
Eleanor Cameron, 3/23/1912-
Marion Campbell, 1919-
Lisa W. Cantrell
Judith Cape (pseudonym for Kathleen P. Page)
Mary Caraker
Jacqueline Carey
Lillian Stewart Carl, 6/22/1949-
Ruth Christoffer Carlsen
C. M. Carmichael (published name of Christine M. Carmichael)
Christine M. Carmichael (published as C. M. Carmichael)
Isobelle Carmody (Australian)
Carol Carr
Jan Carr
Jayge Carr, 7/28/1940- (Texas, USA) (pseudonym for Margery Krueger)
Nancy Carrigan
Leonara Carrington, 1917- (born Britain)
Joan Davenport Carris
Gladys Carroll, 1904-
Gladys Hasty Carroll
Angela (Olive) (Stalker) Carter, 5/7/1940-1992. (born Britain)
[see also: feministsf.org's Unofficial A.C. Web Page ]
Carmen Carter, 1954-
Diana Carter
Elizabeth Eliot Carter (pseudonym for Cecelia Holland)
Mary Carter
Raphael Carter
Identifies as neither female nor male. That makes this page the women & non-men writers.

A. G. Cascone (pseudonym for Annette Cascone and Gina Cascone)
Annette Cascone
Gina Cascone
Penny Casdagli (b. Greece)
Amy Sterling Casil
Susan Casper
Nona M. Caspers
Mary Catelli
Willa Cather, 1873-1947
Margaret Cavendish
Sally Caves
Karen Rose Cercone
Elizabeth Chadwick
Ann Chamberlin
Rosaria Champagne
Terry Champagne
Bryn Chandler
Joy Chant (pseudonym for Eileen Joyce Rutter)
Lee Chapman (pseudonym for: Marion Zimmer Bradley)
Margaret Storm Chapman (see: Margaret Storm Jameson)
Vera Chapman, 1900-
Eileen Charbonneau
Renée M. Charles
Suzy McKee Charnas, 10/22/1939- (born USA) . Suzy's Web Page. (pseudonyms: Rebecca Brand)
Ann Cheetham

Kim Chernin
C. J. Cherryh, 9/1/1942 - (pseudonym for Carolyn (Caroline?) Janice Cherry). Unofficial C. J. Cherryh Web Page
Deborah Chester, 1957-
Grace Chetwin
Bridget Chetwynd
Irma Chilton
Mary Choo
Kate Chopin, 1851-1904 Catherine Christian, 1901-
Deborah Christian
Kay Cicellis, 1926-
Sybil Claiborne, ?- 1992, b. Liverpool, England.
Caro Clarke (Canada/England) (pseudonym J. P. Hollerith)
Susanna Clarke
Helen Clarkson (pseudonym)
Jo Clayton, 1939-
Mona Clee
Johnny Clewell (UK poet)
Dorothy (Mary) Clewes, 1907-
Sarah Clifford
Mildred (McElroy) Clingerman, 3/14/1918-
Brenda Clough, 11/13/55- , b. Washington, D.C.
Barbara Hand Clow, 1943-
Martha de Mey Clow, 11/16/1932-
Irene Clyde
Elizabeth Coatsworth, 1893-
Emma B.Cobb
Molly Cochran
Virginia Coffman
Barbara Cohen
Lisa R. Cohen
Valerie Nieman Colander
Susan C. Coleman
Helen Collins
Meghan B. Collins
Nancy A. Collins
Barbara Comyns, 1909
Maryse Condé
Nicole Conn
Flynn Connolly
Pam Conrad, 1947-
Murray Constantine (pseudonym for: Katharine Burdekin)
Storm Constantine, England Official Site
Catherine Cooke (also known as Catherine Montrose)
Susan Coon
Eleanor Cooney
Fiona Cooper (UK)
Louise Cooper, 5/29/1952- . Lysator Web Page and another Web Page
Susan Cooper, 5/23/1935-
Audrey Coppard
Kirsten Corby
Marie Corelli, 1855-1924 (pseudonym for Mary Mackay)
Lucy Cores
Maribelle Cormack
Patricia Cornwell
Mary Corran
Howard L. Cory (pseudonym for Julie Ann Jardine)
Juanita (Ruth) (Wellons) Coulson, 2/12/1933- . Pseudonym: John Jay Wells.
Sora Counts
Joan Cox
Wennicke Eide Cox (b. Norway during WWII)
Phyllis Cradock, 1910-
Kit Craig (pseudonym for Kit Reed)
Lillian Craig (original name of Kit Reed)
Phyllis Craigie
E(dith) J(anice) Craine, 1881-
Mildred Cram, 1889-
Roberta Cray
Dian Crayne (alternate name: J.D. Crayne)
J.D. Crayne (alternate name for Dian Cryane)
A(nn) C(arol) Crispin, 1950-
Cristabel (pseudonym of Christine Abrahamsen)
Lee Crittenden
Anne Eliot Crompton
Victoria Cross
Susan Hanniford Crowley
Ouida Crozier
Myrna Culbreath
M(onnette) A. Cummings
Elaine Cunningham
P[atricia] E[lizabeth] Cunningham
Ginger Simpson Curry
Jane Louise Curry
Betsy Curtis
Anne Cutrell, 1974- (b. Argentina; lives US)
Julie Czerneda


Joanne Dahme
Felicia Dale
Kara Dalkey
Annie Dalton
Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury
Mary Danby
Mildred E. Danforth
Kate Daniel
Cora Linn Daniels
Dorothy Daniels
Karen Daniels
Max Daniels (see: Roberta Gellis)
Zoe Daniels
Gloria Rand Dank
Paula Danziger
Catherine Darby
Diana Darling
Ellen Datlow
Emily Davenport
Elizabeth Davis, 1936-
Grania Davis
Gwen Davis
Kathryn Davis
Pamela Dean
full name: Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet
The Annotated Dean
Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet. publishes as: Pamela Dean
Judy Dalghty
Lisa Deason
Catherine Crook de Camp, 11/6/1907-
Marion Deeds
Miriam Allen deFord, 8/21/1888-2/22/1975
Diane DeKelf-Rittenhouse
Reina Delacroix (pseudonym)
Terri de la Peña;
Alice Denham
Carol L. Dennis
Roxanne Dent
Barbara A. Denz
Linda Grant De Pauw
Jeanne Desy
Diane Detzer (De Reyna), 5/13/1930- (pseudonyms: Adam Lukens, Jorge)
Elizabeth DeVos
John Dexter. Pseudonym for Marion Zimmer Bradley
Susan Dexter
Charles Dey. Pseudonym for Katherine MacLean
Alina Diaconú, (1951-), b. Bucharest; age 12 migrated to Buenos Aires.
Marosa Di Giorgio, b. 1941 (lives in Montevideo)
Kay Dick, 1915-
Marilyn K. Dickerson
Jennifer DiMarco
Isak Dinesen, 1885-1962 (pseudonym for Karen Dinesen Blixen) (Denmark / Kenya)
Theresa C. Dintino
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Marjorie Dixon
Muriel Dobbin
Esme Dodderidge
Alcina Lubitch Domecq
Nina M. Doney Maxim Donne (pseudonym for Madelaine Duke)
Emma Donoghue (Irish)
Coleen Doran
Sonya (Hess) Dorman, 4/6/1924 - 2/14/2005
Candas Jane Dorsey, 1952- (b. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada).
Carole Nelson Douglas, 1944-
Conda V. Douglas
Lauren Wright Douglas, b. Canada
Sara Douglass
Ann Downer (also known as Ann Downer-Hazell)
Ann Downer-Hazell (also known as Ann Downer)
Paula E. Downing, 1951-
Carole Nelson Douglas
Debra Doyle, 1952-
Sarah Dreher
June Drummond, 1923-
Diane (Elizabeth) Duane, 1952-
Theodora DuBois, 1890-
Maureen Duffy
Henrietta Dugdale (Australian)
Madelaine (Elizabeth) Duke, 8/21/1925- (pseudonyms: Maxim Donne)
Claudine Dumas is pseudonym for Barry Malzberg
Daphne du Maurier, 1907-1989 (born Britain)
Olivia Howard Dunbar
Lois Duncan, 1934-
Eileen Dunlop
Linda J. Dunn; see also www.lindajdunn.com/
Dorothy Dunnett
Doranna Durgan
Karen Duvall
Charles Dye. Pseudonym for Katherine MacLean
Marianne J. Dyson


Julia Ecklar
Leigh Eddings
Rosemary Edgehill - see eluki bes shahar
Teresa Edgerton
Rosemary Edghill (pseudonym for eluki bes shahar)
Helen Woods Edmonds, 1901-1968 (see Anna Kavan)
Amelia B(landford) Edwards, 1831-1892. (England)
Claudia J. Edwards
Doris Egan (pseudonym for Jane Emerson)
Phyllis (Kleinstein) Eisenstein, 2/26/1946-
Myrna Elana
George Eliot, 1819-1880. (pseudonym for Mary Anne Evans Cross) (England).
Kandis Elliot
Kate Elliott (pseudonym for Alis A. Rasmussen)
Sophie Wenzel Ellis
Margaret Elphinstone
Jane Emerson (pseudonym: Doris Egan)
Ru Emerson, 1944-
Carol (Fries) Emshwiller, 4/12/1921- (born USA)
Sarah Endacott (Australian)
Sylvia Louise Engdahl, 11/24/1933-
M(ary) J(ane) Engh, 1933-
E(loise Hopper) Engle, 1923-
Elizabeth Engstrom
Sharon Epperson
Barbara Erskine
Kelley Eskridge
Laura Esquivel
Alix Estacada
Rose Estes
Nancy Etchemendy, 1952-
Linda Evans


Zoe (Ann) Fairbairns, 12/20/1948- (born Britain)
Jane S. Fancher
Marie C. Farca, 1935-
Eleanor Farjeon, 1881-1965
Nancy Farmer
Penelope Farmer, 1939-
Christa Faust
Suzanne Feldman. Pseudonyms: Severna Park
Cynthia (Lindgren) Felice, 11/12/1942-
Audrey Ferber
Betty Ferm, 1926-
Helen Ferguson (see Anna Kavan)
Lucy Ferriss
Morgan Fields (pseudonym for Jill Meredith Morgan)
Gemma Files
Sheila Finch, 1935-
Marina Fitch
Gillian Fitzgerald

male or female ? --> Lynn Flewelling
Louise Folley
D(orothy) C. Fontana
Caroline Forbes
Edith Forbes
Lelia Rose Foreman
Elizabeth Forrest (pseudonym for Rhondi Vilott Salsitz)
Katherine V. Forrest, 1939-
Maryann Forrest
Kate Forsyth
Lisa Fosburgh
Karen Joy Fowler, 1950-
Janet Fox
Mary Fox (1800s)
Ellen Foxxe
Leanne Frahm (Australian)
Leanne Frahme (Australian)
Janet (Paterson) Frame, 1924- (born New Zealand)
Janrae Frank
Pamela Frankau, 1908-1967
Cheryl J. Franklin, 1955-
Laura Frankos
Marina Frants
Jessica Frasca
Nancy (Mars) Freedman, 7/4/1920-
Gail Freeman
Mary E Wilkins Freeman (published as Mary E. Wilkins), 1852-1930
Valerie J. Freireich
Celia Fremlin
Ellen Frey
Mary Frey
Gertrude (Tonkonogy) Friedberg, 3/17/1908
Esther Friesner, 1951-
Deborah H. Fruin
Maggie Furey


Amelia G
Leslie Gadallah
Davida Gaida
Sara Gallardo, 1931-1988. (b. Buenos Aires).
Barbara Galler-Smith
Jane Gallion
Frances Gapper Lee Hawkins Garby
Jane Gardam
Nancy Garden
Miriam Gardner. Pseudonym for: Marion Zimmer Bradley
Gwynne Garfinkle
Elena Garro (Mexico)
Sandra M. Gilbert
d. g. k. goldberg
Angélica Gorodischer, 1941- . (b. Buenos Aires).
Juana Manuela Gorriti (19th c. magical realism travels in Argentina)
Ellen Gruber Garvey
Elizabeth (Cleghorn) Gaskell, 1810-1865. (England)
Jane Gaskell, 7/7/1941- (pseudonym for Jane D. Gaskell Lynch)
Anne Gay
Kathleen O'Neal Gear
Sally Miller Gearhart, 4/15/1931-
Patricia Geary
Pauline Gedge, 1945-
Robert L(eah Jacobs) Gellis, 1927-
Mary Gentle, 3/29/1956- (born Britain) Penelope Gilleatt, 1932-
Inez Haynes Gillmore (see Inez Haynes Gillmore Irwin)
Diana (Pleasance) Gillon, 9/1/1915-
Sheila Gilluly
Carolyn Ives Gilman
Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1860-1935
Greer Ilene Gilman
Laura Anne Gilman
Gail Gimberly
Mirra Ginsburg
Heather Gladney
Ellen Glasgow
Nancy Tyler Glenn, 1938-
Ruth Glick (pseudonym: Rebecca York)
Molly Gloss
Louise Gluck (poet)
Janet Gluckman, 1939-
Constance Gluyas, 1920-
(Alice) Coralie Glyn
Mary Gnaedinger, 1898-1976
Laura Goforth
Christie Golden
Kathleen Mckinney Goldin, 1943- (also known as Kathleen Sky)
Cele Goldsmith, 1933-
Lisa Goldstein, 1953-
Leona Gom
Jewelle Gomez
Alison M. Goodman (Australian)
Deborah Goodrich
Kathleen Ann Goonan, 1952-
Frances Gordon (pseudonym for Bridget Wood)
Linda Gordon
Paula Blais Gorgas
Adrienne Gormley
Judith (Katharine Allen) Gorog, 1938-
Hattie Gossett
Iris Gotchi, 1933-
Phyllis (Fay) (Bloom) Gotlieb, 5/25/1926-
Sherry Gotlieb
Elizabeth Goudge, 1900-
Joan Gould, 1927-
Lois Gould
Patricia Grace
Victoria Graham
Winifred Graham, 1896-
Judy Grahn, 1940-
Joan Grant, 1907-
Valerie Graves. Pseudonym for: Marion Zimmer Bradley
Muriel Gray
Kristine Grayson. Pseudonym for Kristine Kathryn Rusch, 1960- .
Edith Pinero Green
Jen Green, 1955-
Sharon Green, 1942-
Rosalind M. Greenberg
Gayle Greeno
Kerry Greenwood (Australian)
Joyce Ballou Gregorian
Lois H. Gresh
Julia Grice
Peni R(ae) Griffin, 1961-
Ann Warren Griffith
Mary Griffith
Mary Griffith, -1877
Nicola Griffith, 1960- (Nicola Griffith Web Page)
Cherry Barbara Grimm, 1930-
Maria Gripe, 1923-
Anne Lesley Groell
Bernice Grohskopf
Carol Guess
Elsie Guesswell (pseudonym)
Eileen Gunn
Elyse Guttenberg


Marilyn Hacker, 1942-
Karen Haber (b. Bronxville, New York)
Margaret Peterson Haddix
Isidore Haiblum
Johanna Hailey
Ann Halam (pseudonym for Gwyneth Jones)
Charlotte Haldane, 1894-1969
Linda Haldeman, 1935-
Anna Maria Hall
L. A. Hall (Leslie Ann Hall), 1949- (born Britain)
Melissa Mia Hall
Sandi Hall
Barbara Hambly, 1951-
Dale Colleen Hamilton
Joan Lesley Hamilton
Laurell K. Hamilton, c. 1963-
Virginia Hamilton
Elizabeth Hand, 1957-
Barbara Hanrahan
Annita Harlan (US)
Anne Harper (1996 - )
Tara K. Harper, 1961-
Jacqueline Harpman (French)
Anne Harris
Barbara S. Harris
Clare Winger Harris, 1891-
Deborah Turner Harris, 1951-
Geraldine Harris
Marilyn Harris
Rosemary Harris, 1923-
Sue Harrison, 1950-
Darlene Hartman (used pseudonym Simon Lang)
Shirley Hartwell, c. 1945-
Dorsie Hathaway
Marlen Haushofer, 4/11/1920-1970
Cathy Hinga Haustein
(Jessie) Jacquetta (Hopkins) Hawkes, 8/5/1910-
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Elizabeth Haydon
Julie Haydon
Inez Haynes (see Inez Haynes Gillmore Irwin)
Mary Haynes
Wilton Hazzard (pseudonym for Margaret St. Clair)
Betsy Gould Hearne
Liliana Hecker, 1943- . (b. Buenos Aires).
Jean Hegland
Amanda Hemingway, 1955-
Hilary Hemingway
Zenna (Chlarson) Henderson, 11/1/1917-5/11/1983 (born USA)
Paula Hendrich
Patricia Henkin
Carra Dupuy Henley
Henneberg, N. C. (see Nathalie Henneberg)
Nathalie Henneberg, 1917-1977 (also wrote as N. C. Henneberg with her husband, Charles Henneberg)
Stephanie T. Heppe
Lea Hernandez or http://www.cris.com/~Akiyama/
Robyn Herrington
Karen Hesse
Vicki Ann Heydron
Vickie Ann Heydron, 1945-
Dorothy J. Heydt (pseudonym: Katherine Blake)
Carol Heyer, 1950-

Margaret Higgins
Lynn S. Hightower
Carol Hill
Beth Hiltgartner
Naomi A. Hintze
Connie Hirsch
Robin Hobb (pseudonym for Megan Lindholm)
P(atricia) C. Hodgell
Barbara Hodgson
Pamela Hodgson
Alice Hoffman
Lee Hoffman, 8/14/1932- (full name: Shirley Lee Hoffman)
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Nancy Holder
Shirley Lee Hoffman. see Lee Hoffman, 8/14/1932-
Cecelia (Anastasia) Holland, 12/31/1943- (also used pseudonym Elizabeth Eliot Carter)

J. P. Hollerith (pseudonym for Caro Clarke)
Helen Hollick
Sheila Holligan
Joan C(arol) Holly, 9/25/1932-
(also as: J. Hunter Holly until 1970; Joan C. Hunter)
J(oan) Hunter Holly
(pseudonym for Joan C(arol) Holly, 1932-)
B. L. Holmes
Diane Holmes
Gwenyth Hood
Sarah Hood
(pseudonym for Lee Killough)
H(elen) M(ary) Hoover, 4/5/1935-
Akua Lezli Hope
Alice Hopf.
(Pseudonym: A. M. Lightner)
Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins, 1859-1930
Nalo Hopkinson
Stephanie T. Hoppe
E. E. Horlak
(pseudonym for Sheri S. Tepper)
Andrea J. Horlcik
Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain, 1880-12/9/1932 (Bangladesh India)
Ann Miller House
Elizabeth Jane Howard
Susan Howatch
Jane Howes
(pseudonym for Wilmar H. Shiras)
Delia Huddy
Tanya (Sue) Huff, 1957-
Monica (Ince) Hughes, 11/3/1925-
E(dna) Mayne Hull, 5/1/1905-1/20/1975
Helen R. Hull
Keri Hulme
Anna Hunger
Laura Shellabarger Hunt
Joan C. Hunter (see: Joan C(arol) Holly, 1932-)
Mollie Hunter
Shelley Hyde (pseudonym for Kit Reed)


Janis Ian.
Rachel Ingalls
Eleanor M(arie) Ingram, 1886-1921
Abbe Ireland
Beverley Ireland
Minna (Minnie Odell) Irving
Inez Haynes Gillmore Irwin, 1873-1970, US - Unofficial Inez Haynes Gillmore Irwin Page
Margaret Irwin
Sue Isle (Australian)
Morgan Ives. Pseudonym for Marion Zimmer Bradley.


Rosemary Jackson
Shirley Jackson, 1919-1965 (b. USA)
Rivka Jacobs, 1952- (b. Philadelphia, USA)
Lisa Jacobson (Australian)
Muriel Jaeger
DT>Bev Jafek
Linda Jaivin
Marie Jakober, 1941- (Canada)
Mary James
(pseudonym for Marijane Meaker)
P. D. James (Phyllis Dorothy James), 1920- (b. Britain)
M. Storm Jameson
(see Margaret Storm Jameson)
Margaret Storm Jameson, 1897-
(published as William Lamb, and M. Storm Jameson; possibly as Margaret Storm Chapman?)
Berni M. Janssen (Australian)
Julie Ann Jardine
(pseudonym: Howard L. Cory)
Berni M. Janssen (Australian)
Julie Ann Jardine (pseudonym: Howard L. Cory)
Honorée Fanonne Jeffers
Jan Jennings
J. O. Jeppson
(pseudonym for Janet O. Jeppson Asimov)
Sarah Orne Jewett, 1849-1909
H. H. Johanna, 1953-
(also as: Heidi Johanna)
Heidi Johanna
(see also H. H. Johanna)
S. Gwen Johnson, 1961-
Mary Johnston
Velda Johnston
Alice Eleanor Jones
Alice Ilgenfritz Jones, 1846-3/5/1906 (born Ohio; died Cuba)
Diana Wynne Jones, 1934-
Gwyneth Jones, 1952- (born Manchester, England)
(pseudonym: Ann Halam)
Heather Rose Jones
J.V. Jones, 1963- (b. Liverpool, England)
Jenny Jones
Lillian Jones
Lillian B. Jones
Margaret Jones
? Jorge
(pseudonym for Diane Detzer)
Cyril Judd
(pseudonym for Judith Merril and C. M. Kornbluth)


Cynthia Kadohata
Janet Kagan, 1946-
Jeanne Kalogridis
Phyllis Ann Karr
Judith Katz, 1951-
Anna Kavan, 1901-12/5/1968 (original name: Helen Woods; first married name Helen Ferguson; last legal name Helen Woods Edmonds) (b. France)
Sonia Keizs (poet)
Corrina Kellam
Marjorie Bradley Kellogg
Fiona Kelly (pseudonym for Sue Welford)
Carol Kendall, 1917-
Patricia Kennealy (Morrison) (name originally Patricia Kennely)
Leigh Kennedy, 1951-
Kay Kenyon
Susan Alice Kerby, 1907-
Eileen Kernaghan
Elizabeth Kerner
Katharine Kerr, 1944-
M. E. Kerr (pseudonym for Marijane Meaker)
Peg Kerr
Pamela Keesey
(Jocelyn) Pamela Kettle, 1924-
Virginia Kidd, 6/2/1921-
Lee (Karen) Killough, 5/5/1942- ( pseudonym: Sarah Hood)
Nancy Kilpatrick [pseudonym: Amarantha Knight]
Gail Kimberly
Katharine Eliska Kimbriel
Kathleen Kinder
Grace King, 1852-1932 Paula King (writes as P. K. McAllister)
Tabitha King
Margaret Kingery
Mary Kinkaid
Pauline Kirk
Jessica Kirkwood (pseudonym)
Ellen Klages
Mindy L. Klasky
Mary Conway Kloor
Amarantha Knight (pseudonym for Nancy Kilpatrick)
Anne Knight
Cleo Kocol
Kathe Koja
Barbara Krasnoff
H. C. Kreisheimer
Nancy Kress, 1948-
Christina Krueger
Margery Krueger (pseudonym: Jayge Carr, 7/28/1940- (Texas, USA)
Yumiko Kurahashi, 1935-
Katharine (Irene) Kurtz, 10/18/1944- (also as Katherine Kurtz)
Katherine Kurtz (see: Katharine (Irene) Kurtz, 1944-)
Elizabeth Kushner
Ellen Kushner


Mercedes R. Lackey, 1950-
Louisa Ladd
Larissa Lai
William Lamb (see Margaret Storm Jameson)
Claudia Lamperti
Kathryn Lance, 1943-
Jane Lane
Mary E. Bradley Lane
Mrs. Andrew Lang
Simon Lang (pseudonym for Darlene Hartman)
Sue Lange
Lydia Langstaff
Roberta Lannes
Justine Larbalestier
Jeanne (Louise) Larsen, 1950-
Marghanita Laski, 1915-
Joanne Latimer (pseudonym for Jill Phillips)
Aileen La Tourette, 1946-
Sanders Anne Laubenthal, 1943-
Adrienne Lauby
Alice Laurence
Josephine Lawrence
Judith A. Lawrence
Katherine Lawrence
Louise Lawrence (pseudonym for Elizabeth Rhoda Mace)
Margery Lawrence (pseudonym for: A. E. Towle)
Margery H. Lawrence, 1896-1969 (UK/England)
Martha Lawrence
Decima Leach
Ursula K(roeber) Le Guin, 10/21/1929- . (b. USA) Unofficial U.K.L.G. Web Page.
Mary Leader
Elise Lee
Mary Soon Lee
Sharon Lee
Tanith Lee, 9/19/1947- . (born London, England) Unofficial T.L. Web Page.
Sarah Lefanu, 1953-
Judith Fielder Leggett
Madeleine L'Engle, 11/29/1918- . Bonastra Fan Page and listserve
Carol Leonard
Rhoda Lerman
Elisabeth Leslie
Josephine Leslie, 1898-
Doris (May) Lessing, 10/22/1919- . b. Persia; citizenship England A D.L. Web Site. Pseudonyms: Jane Somers (non-sf 1983-1985).
Betty Levin
Donna Levin
Jennifer Levin
Luisa Mercedes Levinson, 1912-1987 (b. Buenos Aires).
Heather Lewis
S(hariann) N. Lewitt
Shariann (M.) Lewitt, 1954-
Sheri Lewitt
Olga Ley
Jacqueline Lichtenberg, 3/25/1942-
Evelyn Lief
A(lice). M(artha). Lightner, 10/11/1904- (pseudonym for Alice Hopf)
Megan Lindholm (pseudonym: Robin Hobb; also known as Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden)
Jane M. Lindskold
Mrs. H. H. Ling (used pseudonym Mary Ann Moore-Bentley)
Kelly Link
Holly Lisle
Jane Little
Penelope Lively, 1933-
Anna Livia, 1955- (Ireland/UK) (full name: Anna Livia Julian Brawn)
Marjorie Livingston, 1893-
Cathy Livoni, 1956-
Morgan Llywelyn, 1937-
Norah Lofts, 1904-
Anne Logston
Gabrielle M. V. Long (published as Marjorie Bowen)
Karawynn Long
Roxanne Longstreet
Gabrielle Lord (Australian)
Jean Lorrah
Lilith Lorraine (Mary Maude Dunne Wright)
Eileen Lottman
Jane (Webb) Loudon, 1807-1858
Rosaleen Love, 1940- (b. Sydney, Australia; lived Queensland and Melbourne)
Mrs. (Marie) Belloc Lowndes, 1868-1947 (UK)
Frances Lucas, 1956-
Kathleen Ludwick
Nancy Luenn, 1954-
Adam Lukens (pseudonym for Diane Detzer)
Catherine Lundoff
Janet Lunn
Jane D. Gaskell Lynch, 7/7/1941- . (used pseudonym Jane Gaskell)
Lee Lynch
Elizabeth A. Lynn, 6/8/1946-
Delphine C. Lyons (pseudonym for: Evelyn E. Smith)
Sonia Orin Lyris


Bertie MacAvoy see Roberta Ann MacAvoy, 1949-
Rose Macaulay (Macauley?), 1881-1958
R. A. MacAvoy see Roberta Ann MacAvoy, 1949-
Roberta Ann Macavoy, 1949- publishes as R. A. MacAvoy; also known as Bertie MacAvoy
Phyllis MacClennan
Elisabeth Mace, 1933-
Elizabeth Rhoda Mace, 1943- (uses pseudonym Louise Lawrence)
Ellen MacGregor
Mary Mackay (used pseudonym: Marie Corelli)
Nancy Mackenroth
Mary Mackey
Katherine (Anne) MacLean, b. Glen Ridge, NJ, 1/22/1925- (pseudonyms: Charles Dey, Charles Dye)
Phyllis MacLennan
Sheila MacLeod, 3/23/1939-
Pip (Philippa Catherine) Maddern, 8/24/1952- (Australian)
Rachel Maddux, 1913-
Rachel Maddux, 12/15/1912-
Rachel Maddux
Margaret Mahy
Sara Maitland
Jennifer Malik
Mabel Maney
Mary Manley, 1663-1724
Marya Mannes, 1904-
Linda Mannheim
Rosemary Manning
Katherine Mansfield, 1888-1923 (New Zealand)
Diane Mapes
Norma Marder, 1934-
Hyllus Maris (Australian)
Beryl Markham
Laurie J. Marks, 1957-
Louise Marley
Florence Marryat, 1838-1899 (England/India)
Sandra Marshak
Sondra Marshak
Jan Marshall
Ann Marston
Suzanne Martel
Jacqueline Marten
Lee Ann Martin
Lori Martin
Marcia Martin, 1918-
Marilyn K. Martin
Lee Martindale, circa 1950-
Adrienne Martine-Barnes, 1942-
Caroline Mason
Lisa Mason, 1953-
Elizabeth Massie, 1953-
Kathleen M. Massie-Ferch
Carol Matas
Joan Matheson (used pseudonym Jacob Transure)
Mary Ellen Mathews
Susan R. Matthews
Holly Wade Matter (also published as Holly Wade)
A. E. Maxwell (see Ann Elizabeth Maxwell, 1944-)
Ann (Elizabeth) Maxwell, 1944- (writes as A. E. Maxwell with Evan Maxwell)
Lisa Maxwell
Julian May, 1931-
Ardath (Hurst) Mayhar, 2/20/1930-
Anne Mazer
P. K. McAllister (see also Paula King)
Anne (Inez) McCaffrey, 4/1/1926- b. USA Sheila McCloud
Helen McCloy
Regan McClure
Sharyn McCrumb
Terry McGarry
Eloise Jarvis McGraw
Robyn McGrew
Maureen F. McHugh, 1959-
Vonda N(eel) McIntyre, 8/28/1948- b. USA. (Vonda's official page and Vonda's friend's Vonda page, with story )
Claudia McKay
Bridget McKenna
Nancy McKenzie
Dixie McKeone
Patricia A(nne) McKillip, 1948-
Robin McKinley (robinmckinley.com)
Gwen M'Clatchey
Donna McMahon
Pearlie McNeill
Cynthia McQuillin
Glenna McReynold
Beth Meacham
L. T. (Elizabeth Thomasina) Meade (1854-1914UK/Ireland)
Marijane (Agnes) Meaker, 1927- (pseudonyms: M. J. Meaker, Ann Aldrich, Mary James, M. E. Kerr, Vin Packer)
Maurilia Meehan (Australian)
R(ebecca) M. Meluch, 10/24/1956-
Lianne Elizabeth Mercer
Ella (Robinson) Merchant, 9/26/1857-6/16/1916 (born Iowa; died Nebraska)
Eve Merriam, 1916-
Judith Merril, 1/21/1923- (originally: Josephine Judith Grossman or Josephine Juliet Grossman; pseudonym with C. M. Kornbluth: Cyril Judd; also Rose Sharon)
Deena Metzger
Lois Metzger
Francine Mezo
Barbara Michaels (pseudonym for Elizabeth Peters)
Melisa C. Michaels
Sandra (Louise) Miesel, 1941-
Leslie Ann Miller
Miranda Miller
Phyllis Miller
Sasha Miller
C. J. Mills
Cora Minnett
Karen Marie Christa Minns
Hope Mirrlees
Jay Mitchell (pseudonym for Jennifer Roberson)
Syne Mitchell
Naomi (Margaret) (Haldane) Mitchison, 11/1/1897-
Syne Mitchell
Laura J. Mixon
Linda Moesta
Rebecca Moesta
Judith Moffett, 1942-
Mary Anne Mohanraj
Mrs. (Mary Louisa Stewart) Molesworth, 1839/42-1921 (UK)
Francine Montpetit
Catherine Montrose (also known as Catherine Cooke)
Elizabeth Moon, 1945-
Sheila Moon
C. L. Moore (real name: Catherine Lucille Moore)
C(atherine). L(ucille). Moore, 1/24/1911-1987 (used pseudonyums Lawrence O'Donnell; and Lewis Padgett (with Henry Kuttner))
Raylyn (Raylin?) Moore
Susanna Moore
Lyda Morehouse
Shani Mootoo
Mary Ann Moore-Bentley (pseudonym for Mrs. H. H. Ling)
Maria Moravsky, 1859-1947
Cynthia Morgan
J(ill) M(eredith) Morgan, 1946- (used pseudonyms Morgan Fields and Meredith Morgan)
Chris Moriarty, 1968-
Alanna Morland
Anne Moroz
Rowena Morrill, 1944-
Janet (Ellen) Morris, 5/25/1946-
Susan Morris
Patricia Kennealy Morrison, 1946- (name originally Patricia Kennely)
Toni Morrison
Elizabeth Morton
Lisa Morton
Billie Sue Mosiman [see also: another BSM web page ]
Charmaine Mosteller
Lisel Mueller
Bharati Mukherjee
Patricia Mullen
M(elinda) S(eabrooke) Murdock, 1947-
Gloria Murphy
Pat Murphy, 1955-
Shirley Rousseau Murphy, 1928-
Jacqueline Murray
Merril Mushroom, 1942-
Francesca Myman


Magdalen Nabb
Maggie Nadler
Linda Nagata
Pati Nagle
Suniti Namjoshi, 1941- (b. India)
Yvonne Navarro
Gloria Naylor
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, 1933-
Vera Nazarian
Cary (Carolyn) Neeper
Kris Nelscott. Pseudonym for Kristine Kathryn Rusch, 1960- .
Resa Nelson
E. Nesbit (publishing name for Edith Nesbit)
E(dith) Nesbit, 1858-1924 (UK/England) (original name: Edith Bland)
Lil Neville, 1924-
New Victoria Collective
Celeste Newbrough
Lewléa Newman
Cris Newport
Ruth Nichols, 1948-
Marjorie Hope Nicolson, 1894-
Jenny Nimmo
Atanielle Annyn Noel
Madeena Spray Nolan
Bode Noonan
Diana Norman
Elizabeth Norman, 1924-
Lisanne Norman
Kathleen Norris
Andrew North (pseudonym for Andre Norton)
Joan North
Andre Norton, 1912- (originally Alice Mary Norton; pseudonyms: Andrew North, Allen (Allan?) Weston)
Kate Novak-Grubb
Rhoda Gwylleth Nunes, 10/12/1938-
Alice Nunn
Jody Lynn Nye


Ann Oakley, 1944- b. Britain Joyce Carol Oates, 1938- b. USA
Lydiia (Alekseevna) Obukhova (Soviet Union)
Maxine O'Callaghan
Silvina Ocampo, 1903- (b. Buenos Aires).
Lawrence O'Donnell (pseudonym for C. L. Moore)
Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden (see: Megan Lindholm)
Jennifer O'Green (pseudonym for Jennifer Roberson)
Marybeth O'Halloran
Claudia O'Keefe Susan Torian Olan
Julia Older
Sharon Olds (poet)
Margaret Oliphant, 1827/28-1897 (UK/Scotland)
B. J. Oliphant (pseudonym for Sheri S. Tepper)
Marty Olthuis, 1925- (Dutch/Flemish) Mary Dolling O'Malley, Lady, 1891-1974 (UK/Ireland) (pseudonyms: Ann Bridge)
Shulamith Oppenheim
A. J. Orde (pseudonym for Sheri S. Tepper)
Rebecca (Brown) Ore (pseudonym for: Rebecca B. Brown) [see also: fan site ]
Carol Orlock
Olga Orozco, 1920- (b. Toay, Argentina; resides Buenos Aires).
Elvira Orpheé, 1930- . (b. Tucamán; resides in Buenos Aires)
Violet Orr
Cary G. Osborne
Pat O'Shea
Pilar de Ovalle
Cynthia Ozick


Janet Pack
Vin Packer (pseudonym for Marijane Meaker)
Lewis Padgett (pseudonym for C. L. Moore and Henry Kuttner)
Kathleen P. Page (published as Judith Cape)
Jane Palmer
Susan Palwick
Georgia Wood Pangborn
Shirley Parenteau
Severna Park, 1958- (pseudonym for Suzanne Feldman)
Michelle Parkson
Jane Parkhurst
Mary Patchett, 1897-
M(ary) E(lwyn) Patchett
Ama Patterson
Fiona Patton
Barbara Paul, 1931-
Diana L. Paxson, 1943-
Rachel Cosgrove Payes, 1922- (used pseudonym E. L. Arch)
Brenda Pearce, 1935-
Philippa A(nn) Pearce
Francise Pelletier (French)
Michaelene Pendleton
Alice Perrin, 1867-1934 (India)
Susan Petrey
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, 1815-1852
Elizabeth Stuart Ward Phelps, 1844-1911
Ethel Johnston Phelps, 1914-1984
Jill (Meta) Phillips, 1952- (pseudonym: Joanne Latimer)
Lois C. Philmus
Joan Phipson
Adrian Nikolas Phoenix
Linda Piazza
Brenda Pierce
Meredith Ann Pierce, 1958-
Tamora Pierce
Marge Piercy, 3/31/1936-
Roxana Pierson
Wendy Pini
Doris (Elaine) Piserchia, 10/11/1928- (pseudonym: Curt Selby)
Alejandra Pizarnik, 1936-1972. (Argentina, France).
Mary Pjerrou
Teresa Plowright (Canada)
Thea Plym
Robin Podolsky
Emily Pohl-Weary
Rachel Pollack, 1956-
Cherry Potts
Mrs. Campbell Praed, 1851-1935
Susan Price
Vanessa Pryor (pseudonym for Chelsea Quinn Yarbro)
Kathryn Ptacek
Susan K. Putney
Joan Vander Putten


Carol Queen


Ann Ward Radcliffe, 1764-1823
Theresa Radcliffe
Irene Radford
Louise Radford
Lynda Rajan, 1946- (b. Britain) Anne Rampling (pseudonym for Anne Rice)
Katherine Ramsland, 1953-
Ayn Rand, 2/2/1905-3/6/1982
Florence Engel Randall, 1917-
Marta Randall, 4/26/1948- (also wrote under married name Marta Bergstresser)
Alicia Rasley
Alis A. Rasmussen, 1958- (pen name: Kate Elliott) (web pages: Kate Elliott) Melanie Rawn
Claire Rayner
Livia Reasoner
Judith M. Redding
Shar Rednour
Kit Reed, 6/7/1932- (originally Lillian Craig Reed; pseudonym: Shelley Hyde; pseudonym: Kit Craig)
Judith Reeves-Stevens
Dian Curtis Regan
Mickey Zucker Reichert (pseudonym for Miriam Zucker)
Miriam Zucker Reichert (pseudonym for Miriam S. Zucker)
Lynne Reid-Banks, 1929-
Katya Reimann

Trish Reinius, 1936-
Justine Rendal
Christine Renard (France)
Martha Kay Renfroe, 1938- (pseudonym: M. K. Wren)
Laura Resnick
Bonnie Jones Reynolds
Pamela Reynolds
Jewell Parker Rhodes
Barbara G. Ricci (see Barbara Guignon Ricci)
Barbara Guignon Ricci (publishes as Barbara G. Ricci)
Anne Rice, 1941- (originally: Howard Allen; pseudonym: Anne Rampling, A. N. Roquelaure)
Jane Rice
Louise Rice
Clelie Rich
Carrie Richerson
Leigh Richmond, 1941-
Leigh (Tucker) Richmond, 1920-
Mary Richmond
Mrs. J. H. (Charlotte Eliza Lawson) Riddell, 1832-1906 (N. Ireland / UK)
(several male pseudonyms)
Leona Train Rienow
Karen Rigley
Judith Merkle Riley
Karen Ripley
Diana Rivers, 1931-
J. F. Rivkin
(pseudonym for 2 women, sometimes joint and sometimes solo)
Jennifer Roberson, 1953-
(also uses: Jennifer O'Green, Jennifer Roberson O'Green, and Jay Mitchell)
Jane Roberts, 1929-
Janet Louise Roberts
Willo Davis Roberts, 1928-
Madeleine M. Robins
Eden Robinson
Eleanor Robinson
Jeanne Robinson
Madeleine Robins
Ruthann Robson
Christine Rochefort (writes in French)
Doris Rochlin
Esther Rochon (writes in French)
Olga Rodenko, 1924- (Dutch/Flemish)
Mary Rodgers
Michaela Roessner (working name for Michaela-Marie Roessner-Herman)
Michaela-Marie Roessner-Herman, 1950- (publishes as Michaela Roessner)
Barbara Rogers, 1935-
Kathe Roja
Mary Cox Romaine
Deane Romano
A. N. Roquelaure (pseudonym for Anne Rice)
Rhea Rose
Mary Rosenblum
Carole Rosenthal
Babette Rosmond
Katherine Ross (pseudonym for Dorothy Walter)
Leone Ross
Yvonne Rousseau (Australian)
Cristina Peri Rossi, 1941- . (Montevideo, Uruguay, Spain).
Jane Routley (Australian)
Lillian Elizabeth Roy
Gillian Rubinstein
Berta Ruck, 1878-
Ann Rule
Kristine Kathryn Rusch, 1960- . Pen names: Kristine Grayson (paranormal romances); Kris Nelscott (mysteries).
Allison Rush
Joanna Russ, 2/22/1937- . Web Pages: Unofficial JR Web Page
Mary Doria Russell
Patricia Russo
Eileen Joyce Rutter, 1945- (pseudonym: Joy Chant)


Vita Sackville-West
Michelle Sagara West
Kiini Ibura Salaam
Cristina Salat
Georgia Sallaska, 10/15/1933-
Jessica Amanda Salmonson, 1950- . ... bibliography
Rhondi Vilott Salsitz (writing as Elizabeth Forrest)
Fay Sampson
Patrice E. Sarath
Rima Saret
Pamela Sargent, 3/20/1948-
Sarah Sargent, 1937-
May Sarton, 1912-
Hilary Saunders, 1898-1951
Felicity Savage
Josephine (Mary) (Howard) Saxton, 6/11/1935- (b. Halifax, England)
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, 1947-
Lorraine Schein
Joan Schenkar
Ann Schlee
Shirley Schoonover
Deborah L. Schrader
Olive Schreiner, 1855-1920 (South Africa)
Sarah Schulman
Ann K. Schwader
Sheila (Ruth) Schwartz, 1929-
Pam Scobie
Jody Scott (England)
Mary Scott
Melissa Scott, 1960-
Peg O'Neill Scott
Sarah Scott
Ella Scrymsour
Madeleine de Scudery
Idris Seabright (aka Margaret St. Clair)
Anne Seale
Vickie L. Sears
Curt Selby (pseudonym for Doris Piserchia)
Aladra Septama (Judson W. Reeves)
Pamela F. Service, 1945-
Anya Seton
Carol Severance
Elizabeth Sewell
Anne Sexton

Vicki Shanamary
(publishes under "Vicki")
Doris Shannon, 8/24/1924-
Rose Sharon.
Pseudonym for Judith Merril.
Stephanie D. Shaver
Nisi Shawl
Maggie Shayne
Carolyn Sheehan
Marcy Sheiner
Alice Hastings Bradley Sheldon, 8/24/1915 (or 1916?) - 6/19/1987
(pseudonyms: James Tiptree, Jr., Raccoona Sheldon)
Raccoona Sheldon (pseudonym for Alice Sheldon)
Mary (Wollstonecraft) Shelley , 1797-1851 (England)
Zoe (Zoa?) Sherburne, 9/30/1912-
Charlotte Watson Sherman
Cordelia Sherman
(publishes as: Delia Sherman)
Delia Sherman
(full name: Cordelia Sherman)
Josepha Sherman
Ruth Shigezawa
Sharon Shinn
Wilmar H(ouse) Shiras, 9/23/1908-
(used pseudonym Jane Howes)
Evie Shockley
Ana María Shua, 1952- . (b. Buenos Aires, Argentina).
Linda Lay Shuler
Sandra Shulman, 12/15/1944-
Susan Martha Shwartz, 1949-
Silvana Siddali (Austria, Massachusetts)
Kathleen M. Sidney
Jan Siegel
Leslie Marmon Silko
Mrs. William Silverbert, 6/8/1905-
(used pseudonym Leslie F. Stone)
Lisa S. Silverthrone
Janni Lee Simner
Alison Sinclair
Mrs. Bertha Sinclair
(published as B. M. Bower)
May Sinclair, 1865-1946 (UK/England)
Marilyn Singer, 1948-
Rochelle Singer
(pseudonym of Shelley Singer)
Shelley Singer
(also uses Rochelle Singer)
Jacqui Singleton
Dorothy E. Skinkle
Kathleen Sky, 8/5/1943-
(pseudonym for Kathleen Mckinney Goldin) (US)
Joan Slonczewski, 1956-
Elaine McKay Smith
Lady Eleanor Smith
Evelyn E. Smith, 1927-
(pseudonym: Delphine C. Lyons)
Petrina Smith (Australian)
Sarah Smith
(see also the site about her books)
Sherwood Smith
Stephanie A. Smith (1959?-)
Susan Smith
Suzy Smith
Roberta Smoodin, 1952-
Linda Smukler
Melinda Snodgrass
Midori Snyder, 1954- [bio]
Zilpha Keatley Snyder, 1927-
Marcela Solá, 1936- . (b. Buenos Aires, Argentina).
Armonia Somers
Jane Somers
(pseudonym for Doris Lessing)
Sharon Sosna
Martha Soukup, 1959-
Muriel (Sarah) Spark, 1918- (b. Scotland)
Susanna Sparrow
Heather Spears
Harriet (Prescott) Spofford, 1835-1921.
Nancy Springer, 1948-
Margaret (Neeley) St. Clair, 2/17/1911-
(pseudonyms: Idris Seabright, Wilton Hazzard
Gordon Stairs
(pseudonym for Mary Austin)
Sara Stamey
Wickie Stamps
Kathlyn S. Starbuck
Mary Staton
Christina Stead, 1902-1983 (Australia)
Mary Q. Steele
Marguerite Steen
Ellen Steiber
Alicia Steimberg, 1945- (b. Buenos Aires, Argentina).
Judith Stein
D. T. Steiner
Frances (Francis?) Stevens, 9/18/1884-
(pseudonym for Gertrude Barrows Bennett; disappeared Sept 1939 in California)
Julie Stevens, 1947-
D(orothy) E(mily) Stevenson, 1892-1975
Florence Stevenson
Jennifer Stevenson
Caroline Stevermer
Jean Stewart
Mary Stewart, 1916-
Ramona Stewart, 1922-
Caroline Stevermer
Hank Stine, pseudonym of Jean Marie Stine, 1945-
Susan Stinson
Naomi Miller Stokes
Alma Stone
Beatrice Stone, 1952-
Josephine Rector Stone
Leslie F. Stone
(pseudonym for Mrs. William Silverbert)
Martha Stone
Merlin Stone
Sue Storm
Amy Stout
Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1811-1896
Gwen Strauss
Gwenn Strauss
Victoria Strauss
Anne Stuart
Kiel Stuart
Susanna J. Sturgis
Elizabeth Subercaseaux
Eunice (Eudice?) Sudak
Micole Sudberg
Caitlin Sullivan
Mary W. Sullivan
Sheila Sullivan
Tricia Sullivan
Jacqueline Susann
Lucy Sussex, 1957- (b. New Zealand)
Rosemary Sutcliff, 1920-1992
Jean Sutton, 7/5/1916-
Hanne Marie Svendsen, 1933-
Martha Swearingen
Robin Sweeney
Pamela Sykes
Ursula Synge


Robyn Tallis (pseudonym for Mary Frances Zambreno)
Cecilia Tan
Mary Tannen
Judith Tarr, 1955-
Deloris Lehman Tarzan
Anna Taylor, 1944-
Karen E. Taylor
L. A. Taylor
Louise Hansen Taylor
Lucy Taylor
Melanie Tem
Emma (Christina) Tennant, 10/20/1937- (pseudonyms: Catherine Aydy)
Sheri S. Tepper, 1929- (pseudonyms: E. E. Horlak, B. J. Oliphant, A. J. Orde)
Tiffany Thayer
Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, 1931-
Gilles Thomas (pseudonym for Julia Verlanger)
Maggy Thomas

--> Sheree R. Thomas
Sue Thomas
Sue Thomason, 1956- (b. Louth, Lincs; later lived in Wales)
Joyce Thompson
Kathi Thompson
Amy Thomson, 1958-
Diann Thornley
Lois Tilton
Rosemary Timperley, 1920-
Mary Agnes Tinckner
James Tiptree, Jr. (pseudonym for Alice Sheldon)
Laura D. Todd
Tatyana Tolstoya
Angela Tonks
A. E. Towle (pseudonym: Margery Lawrence)
Jacob Transure (pseudonym for Joan Matheson)
P(amela) L. Travers, 1906-
Ada Trevanion
Elizabeth Borton Trevino, 1904-
Jacquelyn Trimble
Kitty Tsui
Karen X. Tulchinsky
Ann Turner
Delia Marshall Turner
Catherine Turney
Mary Turzillo
Lisa Tuttle, 9/16/1952-
Kathy Tyers


Laura J. Underwood
Daisy Utemorrah (Australian)
Alison Uttley


Rena Vale, 1898-
Luisa Valenzuela (Argentina)
Doris Vallejo
Luisa Valenzuela, 1938- (b. Buenos Aires; daughter of Luisa Mercedes Levinson)
S. J. Van Scyoc (see: Sydney J. Van Scyoc)
Sydney J(oyce) Van Scyoc, 7/27/1939- (also published as S. J. Van Scyoc)
Zaara (Rosealthea) Van Tuyl, 1901-
Vivian Vande Velde
Ruth Vassos
Julia Verlanger, 1929- (pseudonyms: Gilles Thomas)
Carolyn Vesser
Vicki (pseudonym for Vicki Shanamary)
Mam'selle Victoire
Mary Vigliante
Joan (Carol) D(ennison) Vinge, 4/2/1948-
Judith Viorst
Denise Vitola
Cynthia Voigt, 1942-
Paula Volsky
Elisabeth Vonarburg, 1947- (French Canadian)
Thea von Harbou, 1888-1954 (Germany)


Holly Wade (also published as Holly Wade Matter)
Susan Wade
Phyllis Marie Wadsworth
Joyce Wagner
Sharon Wagner
Lois Nichols Waisbrooker
Katie Waitman
Elizabeth Walker
Irma Walker, 1921-
Sage Walker
Victoria Walker, 1947-
Doreen Wallace, 1897-
Louise Waller
Joan Walsh
Dorothy Blake Walter, 1908- (pseudonyms: Kay Blake (maybe); Katherine Ross)
Elizabeth Walter
Evangeline Walton
Jo Walton
Ania Walwicz
Cynthia Ward
Cynthia L. Ward
Susan Warner
Sylvia Townsend Warner, 1893-1978, England
Rosalind A. Warren
Freda Warrington
Elisabeth Waters (b. 1950s)
Martha Waters
Sarah Waters, b. Wales 1966-
Jane Werner Watson, 1915-
Judy Watson (with Ian Watson) Sylvia Waugh
Brenda Weathers
Henrietta Weaver
Storm Weaver (Chalice Flame Press info)
Barbara J. Webb
Sharon Webb, 2/29/1936-
Wendy Webb
Elizabeth Wein
Batya Weinbaum
Margaret (Edith) Weis, 1948- (pseudonym: Margaret Baldwin)
Sarah Weiss
Jane Welch
Fay (Birkinshaw) Weldon, 1931- (b. Britain)
Valerie Weldrick
Sue Welford, 1942- (pseudonym: Fiona Kelly)
Jess Wells
John J. Wells. Pseudonym for: Marion Zimmer Bradley
John Jay Wells. Pseudonym for: Juanita Coulson
Martha Wells, 1964-
Lindsay Welsh
K. D. Wentworth
Mary Wesley
Jessamyn West
Julia West
Michelle West
Michelle Sagara West - see Michelle Sagara
Rebecca West
Allen (Allan?) Weston (pseudonym for Andre Norton)
Susan Weston
June Wetherell
Edith Wharton, 1862-1937
Leslie What
Nadia Wheatley
Deborah Wheeler
Susan Whitcher
Jane White, 1934-
Evelyn Whitell
Lois Wickstrom
Cherry Wilder, 9/3/1930-
Kate (Katie Gertrude Meredith) Wilhelm, 6/8/1928- (b. USA)
Mary E(leanor) Wilkins (Freeman), 1852-1930
Sarah (Scudgell) Wilkinson, - (after 1930). (UK)
Nancy Willard
Elizabeth Willey
Sherley Anne Williams (c 1980)
Tess Williams (Australian)
Ursula Moray Williams, 1911-
Lisa D. Williamson
Connie Willis, 12/31/1945-
Julia Willis
Ann Wilson
Anna Wilson, 1954-
Terri Windling
Jennifer Wingert
Pauline Glen Winslow
Jeanette Winterson (English)
Joelle Wintrebert (French)
Monique Wittig
Ellen Wobig, 1911-
Amy Wolf
Christa Wolf, 1929-
Chris Anne Wolfe
Meg Wolitzer
Bridget Wood (pseudonyms: Frances Gordon)
N. Lee Wood
Francine Woodbury
Elvira Woodruff, 1951-
Helen Woods (changed name to Anna Kavan)
Virginia Woolf, 1882-1941 (UK/England)
Sue Woolfe
Patricia C(ollins) Wrede, 3/27/1953-
M. K. Wren (pseudonym for Martha Kay Renfroe)
Linda K. Wright
Mary Maude Dunne Wright (Lilith Lorraine)
(Alice) Patricia Wrightson, 1921-
Janny Wurts
Elinor Wylie, 1885-1928
Laura Wylie
Madelene Yale Wynne, 1847-1918



Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, 9/15/1942- (pseudonyms: Terry Nelsen Bonner, Vanessa Pryor)
Jane (Hyatt) Yolen, 2/11/1939-
Pat York, -2005
Rebecca York (pseudonym for Ruth Glick)
Donna J. Young


Irene Zahava
Mary Frances Zambreno, 1954-
(pseudonym for Robyn Tallis)
Ann Zavala
Leah A. Zeldes
Chloe Zerwich
Chloe Zerwick
Sarah Zettel
Pat Zettner, 1940-
Valentina Nikolaevna Zhuravleva
Marion Astra Zimmer
(see: Marion Zimmer Bradley)
Pamela Zoline, 1941-
(born Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Miriam S. Zucker, 1962-
(pseudonym: Mickey Zucker Reichert)
Mary Kay Zuravleff


-- LQ

Works Consulted

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