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2003-Mar-16: PHP triumph! The database is moving along (at last). Preliminary data entry is beginning. Now that I've got enough PHP under my belt to do the basic forms, it's starting to happen.

2003-Feb-18: Added a page with a draft IP policy.

2003-Feb-05: Added a page on site design and standards, which explains design philosophy, disability access, and standards.

2003-Jan-10: I added a "feministsf news" headline and news archive page.


2002 December I received some more hate mail and thought, this is a good time to make up a page of some of the hate mail I've received over the years. So, here's They Just Don't Get It. I also updated the privacy statement to include that I am now (again) collecting IP address information from those who send in feedback ....

2002-Dec-17: I also added an enhancements page, to better keep track of good suggestions, ideas, and plans for the future of the website.

2002 September: Hey, I finally have been reading Varley's Gaean Trilogy, and enjoying it greatly. Recommended. Not much else going on, but working my way through PHP / MySQL, with the intent of dropping the data into a database soon.

6/16/2002: Added a list of writers' guides ... feminist sf writers, on writing.

6/15/2002: Added a cool new feature so that the date on the index page automatically says the date of the most recent modification ...

6/13/2002: Have been cleaning up the criticism & bibliographies sections. In addition, added a new page just on bibliographies, checklists, and review articles.

6/8/2002: Moved the whatsnew page to its own directory & turned the "whats new" box on the front page into a server side include, so people can see the old "what's new" if they want ... added an "about" page

2002 June Highlighted Author: Ellen Galford

5/24-5/27/2002: Wiscon 26! at which I was able to have fun conversations, spend way too much money on books, meet some very nice people, and eat a lot of bad food ... I was especially happy to pick up The Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction by Justine Larbalestier ... so a lot of new reviews should be coming up soon. Plus, I had new ideas for the site ... mostly stemming around making the site a clearinghouse for research & publications.

5/2002: Ah, exams. While in law school I've realized that the most productive time to work on this website is when I should be studying for exams. So, I reorganized the website some more; finally made separate pages for each writer [so we can track interest by writers, and drive traffic to writers who should get more recognition]; renamed some things. The main bibliography of feminist sf is now called "The Checklist" which I think more accurately states its character; and within The Checklist are links to reviews, bib info, or author info.

2002 May: Reviews & Notes of some sf that's not exactly feminist ... but has interesting treatments of gender anyway. Some of these are really old stuff I dug up from the Library of Congress last summer ... I'm still pulling my notes together on these books (and that probably won't happen till June). --- Also, I finally re-did the *#!@*$& [she said, uncharacteristically decorous] feedback form ... so it works now.

Announcement: I'm shuffling things up a bit, in preparation for the great database migration. Ultimately you'll be able to search the database for works by author, title, keyword, and feminist themes.
In the intermediate stage, there will be one large printable list of titles of feminist sf, organized by author. The list will link to reviews, bibliographic information, and other tidbits, in separate files.

The theme: The list will include works that both have (some sort of) a feminist sensibility and address some theme that is particularly relevant to feminism. This is not a different or a new vision; it is substantially the same selection criteria I currently use. "Feminist sensibility" is defined broadly: work that was ground-breaking for its time, but wouldn't strike us in 2002 as particularly novel, nonetheless fits within the category. And "feminist themes" is also broad: it might be lesbian separatism or it might be friendship between women; it might just be women's history.
What will be better and nicer in the new database set-up will be the ability to search for all kinds of works that would be interesting from a feminist / gender studies perceptive -- and get reviews / information addressing gender issues & feminism within the work.

2002 May Highlighted Author: Katharine Burdekin

4/28/02: put up some statistics & a privacy statement (the gist of which is that we don't do anything with any data that is acquired by the server logs, except occasionally use them for file maintenance)

4/20/02: the feedback form is operational again for the first time in a few ... can it be, years?

4/15/02: adding a short history of backlash against feminism in sf; still needs a lot of work & a lot of the sources annotated & added, but it's in outline / draft now

4/8/02: a new logo for the first time ... only the second logo ever ...

4/7/02: Added a Google search to the site; reorganized & moved a bunch of papers (sorry, 404s!); moved the list archives back to the site. Getting things back together! And playing with php some more ... [can't someone take a couple of hours and teach me php?]

April 2002: Listserve archives are available again. Also, we've got a (somewhat) new look: a quick-links menu at the top; a new logo (at last); and much more consistent appearance throughout the site. And last but not least --- the Ursula Le Guin pages have been considerably updated.

2002 April Highlighted Author: Marie Jakober

3/17/02: Happy St. Patrick's Day to ya. Additions & changes keep plodding along, slowly but surely. Mainly, most of the list archives are available again. Yes, now you can go back and see what the lists were talking about way back in 1997 ... 1998 ... etc. And, I'm working on a new face-lift for the site. So far just a few nips & tucks -- a menu of links at top and bottom, automatic includes of file-modification-dates, etc.


1/27/01: Done a lot of work with the anthologies page lately. Thanks to the many volunteers from feministsf and feministsf-lit who painstakingly keyed in the contents of various anthologies. Additionally, I've split them into one page per letter of the alphabet (by title of anthology); added an editors index; and added a series index. And, added the "Fairytales for Feminists" series from Attic Press, in Ireland, and a few other miscellaneous titles that have turned up.

1/8/01: Added "A Brief History of Feminist SF/F and Women in SF/F" - additions & corrections welcomed.


10/9/00: Finally! We've moved to www.feministsf.org. Contact Laura Quilter at lquilter@feministsf.org if you're interested in supporting the project (with time or $$$).


9/5/99: We're actively seeking people who are committed to increasing the visibility of feminist sf (etc.). Looking for a diverse crowd. If you're interested, please contact Laura Quilter - lquilter@feministsf.org

July 1999

Five-Year Anniversary in December!

The Feminist SF/Fantasy & Utopia Web Site will shortly be moving to a new location ... please keep on the look-out for feministsf.org - if there are questions please contact the web-mistress at lquilter@igc.apc.org

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5/10/99: Ha, there've been lots of changes but I haven't been writing them down for the last year and a half! Truthfully there've been fewer changes / fixes / updates lately anyway. The latest is that I've split the authors page into four alphabetical sub-pages for quicker downloading. Only four so that it's still relatively easy to print out the whole batch, as I know many people still do. And, I'm resuming work on the feministsf.org working group to get some of this immense power out of my hands!


1/14/98: Big change - moved site from http://www.uic.edu/~lauramd/femsf/ to http://www.wenet.net/~lquilter/femsf/ ... and shortly the whole thing will change to http://www.feministsf.org/ or http://feministsf.org/ ...
in conjunction with the move got rid of a lot of the old versions of filenames including the femsf.filename format, the femsffilename.html format, and the subject.html page which was a long time ago renamed to themes.html ...


5/27/97: Added a review and page for Inez Haynes Gillmore Irwin's Angel Island -- lq

3/2/97: I've set up a listserve for people who wish to discuss feminist science fiction, fantasy & utopia with other fans.

1/17/97: Address change. Well, I had to reorganize my personal file structure, and the result is this: all the Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy & Utopia web pages have been moved to http://www.uic.edu/~lauramd/femsf/ (previously they were in ~lauramd/sf/ ). I have cross-linked them so the old URLs should still work but if you have bookmarks or links, please fix them to the new pages ... thanks.
This isn't all, by the way. Probably in the next few months I'll be trying to find other server space for these pages. So keep checking back.


11/20/96: We return to standards ... renaming all our pages to end in .html -- if you have problems, many apologies ... mea culpa ... here's a solution: take the last part of the filename -- for instance femsf.whatsnew -- drop femsf, the middle dot and add a .html -- to arrive at whatsnew.html
More Information: The server software was upgraded 11/96/96. If you have bookmarks to files that do not end in .html please update your bookmarks. If you have bookmarked the file http://www.uic.edu/~lauramd/sf/femsf.html please change your bookmark or link to http://www.uic.edu/~lauramd/femsf/. If pages from this site don't display correctly (you see the HTML tags) you should reload the document and then you may need to fix your bookmarks. If you do find a page that I have linked to the incorrect document, please let me know.

7/31/96: According to Altavista, there are at least 500 links to the feminist science fiction web page ...

6/4/96: Reorganized the theme bibliographies (once called "subject categories").

5/28/96: "Added" entries to the feminist-sf authors' page -- no real new entires, mostly just catching up and moving materials from the "other" page to the "authors" page. Attended WisCon XX this last weekend! It was the best conference / convention I have ever attended.

5/13/96: Made substantial updates to the Women's SF/F/Utopia Writers Index over the weekend. Also, I'm taking down the test site at http://lhsb014.lib.uic.edu/femsffu/ so if you index that one please change!

4/18/96: Added a link to a pre-formatted search from Altavista, so we have some search capability for the site now.

4/14/96: Added in an "under-construction" recommended reading list (FSF for Beginners) and a new publications list, and a publishers / publication venues list.

3/29/96: Continued reorganizing the site. Split all the non-fiction / literary criticism stuff up into separate pages, and renamed the page from "non-fiction" to "literary criticism" to reflect a change in focus of this section from the reader/fan to the scholar/researcher.

3/28/96: Reorganized the index page -- the main page. Let me know if the new organization style is helpful and more clear!

3/3/96: Stats for February are in. Total hits (for 29 days in February) on any of the feminist science fiction pages at this site: 4,678. The "index" page got hit 2684 times. Second, third, fourth and fifth most frequently hit pages (respectively) were the AUTHORS page (1487), the NONFICTION page (1044), the LE GUIN bibliography (801), and the WOMEN SF WRITERS INDEX (595). Statistics from the alternative site have not yet been cumulated and added in.
OK, I also re-did my "whats' new" page to try to be a little more clear about my definitions and criteria. The biggest change is that I'm going to look more closely at works, and try to note clearly how they do or do not reflect particular strains of feminist thought.
In stating this, I am also going to be looking at the materials on the AUTHOR and OTHER pages in light of the more-clearly-stated criteria. Frankly, my goal is to have every author or every work have it's own entry -- it's own page, with a short summary of plot, and review / commentary / discussion. So I'm not going to be doing a whole-sale shifting of materials from one page to the other. But I will be planning on the two pages merging at some point, into a database.

2/29/96: Check out the nifty new mail form I just added. Also, in light of recent discussions by people who take this really seriously I am attempting to be more clear in my definitions about what this is all about. If you're confused let me know (on my nifty new mail form).


12/19/95: What's New is the ability to tell how many hits we're getting on the pages! Just to give you an idea, between December 12 and December 18 the banner logo (which is on every page) was transferred 689 times. The initial Fem-SF page was transferred 597 times. The authors page was the most popular of the sub-pages, at 291 total hits. The second most popular was the Ursula K. Le Guin bibliography, at 158 total hits. While I can't (and wouldn't want to) attach domain names to specific pages pulled up, the .com domain (U.S. commercial) is hitting all of my pages (fem-sf and others) the hardest -- at 902 hits. Approximately 23 total megabytes of fem-sf files were transmitted. 76% of all hits to my pages were for fem-sf pages. The week-ends were the low-end of the accesses -- are you people using worktime to access fem-sf? Shame, shame. The pages are obviously very popular. Thanks, everyone, both for visiting and for contributing! (These statistics do not count those on the test page, which totalled 200+ accesses during that time period.)

12/13/95: OK, finally added links to a trivia page, a quotes page, and (more impotantly) a (semi-) comprehensive listing of women sf/f/utopia authors. I hadn't had a chance to work on these for months, and didn't want to link to them until they were complete -- but what the hell, I'll let all y'all help me complete them! Send in your trivia, and your huddled masses of women writers!

12/11/95: I've been sort of on a hiatus / sabbatical from the feminist sf/f/u pages for the last several months. Making only minimal alterations and scarcely responding to the vast amounts of email I get from appreciative 'Net-surfers, SF fans, feminists, & readers of all sorts -- so I hereby apologize. I'm working my way through a mountain of email right now and incorporating changes left and right. Be patient, to see your suggestions incorporated. Thanks, everyone, for contributing, and I'm sorry if I haven't gotten back to you!

11/27/95: The Fem-SF pages got listed in PC Computing's 1001 Best Web Sites article in the December 1995 issue. Check out the links.html page to get to the online version of the article.

10/22/95: Later that night ... And now for this political announcement: No, the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal doesn't really have a damn thing to do with feminist science fiction, fantasy, or utopias. Except maybe that killing political prisoners is one step on the road to dystopia. The State wants to execute the man. For more info, check out the Mumia pages at http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/8533/MUMIA.HTML . If you're deeply offended by my non-relevant posting of this link here, I'm very sorry; maybe it is inappropriate academically. But I am deeply offended by the State's actions in this case. (The "State," not just "the state of....") -- LD.

10/21/95: I linked to the 19th Century American Women's Writer Web from the Related Material page.

10/20/95: I wouldn't ordinarily hail the mere publication of a new work, but everybody, quickly, run out and buy Joanna Russ' To Write Like a Woman: Essays in Feminism and Science Fiction, in a handsome trade paperback edition, only $12.95, and worth every cent.

10/17/95: Tank Girl! The non-print format and the young adult/children's pages are up. They are very, very preliminary, but hopefully they will inspire some comment, feedback, and other recommendations. Go see "Tank Girl"! (Caveat: Not a non-violent film.) ... Editor's Note: I've been on hiatus with the Feminist SFF/Utopia Pages for a while, working on my new job and other projects. But now I'm back in action (not that I'm caught up at work or anything, but it's cold outside now so I have more reasons to stay in ....)

10/16/95: Scholars' Directory! Still in creation is a scholars' directory. This would include persons interested in discussion, correspondence, web work, or other research projects on feminist science fiction, fantasy, and utopian literature. If you are interested in being included, please send me an email message including your name (full or initials), position and/or credentials and/or other projects if relevant, and interests.

9/5/95: Added a duplicate site at http://lhsb014.lib.uic.edu/femsffu/ . Check it out and see if it's faster, slower, or if anything wierd happens, and let me know.

8/28/95: Added an entry for Marge Piercy's Dance the Eagle to Sleep (1970).

8/13/95: I've added a Tanith Lee page with a more complete bibliography. Also, I've pulled out a listing of the anthologies, and the anthologies listed under editors in the main authors bibliography page now point to the anthology page. Also added a listing for Jack Zipes, an anthologist and scholar on feminist fairy tales. If you want to check out the place for nuggets of info that have no other place, check out the Trivia Page*. And, finally, last but not least, added a Naomi Mitchison page. As always, please send suggestions and comments -- I've been very behind on my email lately and am slowly working my way through the last of June, all of July, and the first part of August. So replies may be late but I am reading and using all the information you send me.

7/14/95: I've added the first couple of listings for 'zines. Still more to come! Also, I restructured the author page index to make it easier to read. And finally, I've added a more fleshed-out entry for Leona Gom's The Y Chromosome; added bibliographic entries for Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Jane Yolen.

6/30/95: I've updated the nonfiction bibliography substantially. Coming Soon: Feminist science fiction, fantasy & utopias in non-print formats ...

6/95: Yes, we're in the top 5% of the Web as decreed by those who vote at Pointcom. Whether this means I've been suckered by agreeing to put their icon at the top of these pages, or whether this is truly an honor, remains to be seen. In other news, the feminist science fiction, fantasy & utopia pages now have an official second contributor. Welcome, Julie Linden. I have great hopes for interaction between Julie and another interested party (I don't have permission to list her name yet) on a collaboration on a Joanna Russ page. New links include a Nicola Griffith page (which is wonderful). The WisCon pages have been substantially updated to reflect WisCon XX (1996) instead of WisCon XIX (1995). New entries include Tanith Lee and Joan Vinge; and a much expanded and improved Joanna Russ entry.

5/95: Ch-ch-ch-changes! I've slightly reorganized things around here ... just breaking files into slightly more manageable sizes. I'll probably keep working on that, but hopefully it won't affect any bookmarks, etc., people may have, since this page will remain constant.

I've been super-busy for a couple of months and haven't had much opportunity to add to these pages. But my personal time should be a little free-er starting in June, so expect additions of authors, works, etc.

For the librarians out there, I'm beginning to construct a thesaurus to make these pages a little more meaningful. It is currently only a little baby starter thesaurus, but I would appreciate ideas, terms, etc. Remember, it is still very much a draft! No subject trees are permanent yet ... For the non-librarians out there, a thesaurus is a listing of terms which can be used as subject headings in an index. The term "thesaurus" generally implies some hierarchical structure and control of synonyms. **


12/1994: Site established ...

* This page removed because it was tasteless -- lq 6/8/2002
** The thesaurus was removed until it is more complete. -- lq, 2/2001

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