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Reviews: Jewelle Gomez, 1948-

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The Gilda Stories: A Novel (1991)
Winner, 1991 Lesbian SF/Fantasy Lambda.

1991: Firebrand Books.

Includes: "Joe Louis Was a Heck of a Fighter" originally published in The Village Voice: Voice Literary Supplement , December 1986;
"... Night" originally published in The American Voice, no. 4 (Fall 1986);
"No Day Too Long" originally published in Lesbian Fiction: An Anthology, edited by Elly Bulkin, Watertown, Mass., Persephone Press, 1981.

I can't praise The Gilda Stories enough. This novel is comprised of several shorter stories tracing the life of a Black lesbian vampire through U.S. history: her early life as a slave, becoming a vampire, living in San Francisco in the 19th century, and finally the future. Fabulously written and intense ... I'm sorry the rest of her work is so difficult to find.-- lq, 5/10/99

A Gilda story; published in Swords of the Rainbow (1996) and republished in Don't Explain.

Bones and Ash
A stage adaption of The Gilda Stories, performed in San Francisco and 12 other U.S. cities by the Urban Bush Women.

"Chicago 1927" (2000)

Don't Explain (1998)
Firebrand: 1998.

Don't Explain includes "Houston," another Gilda story, as well as "White Flower," "Don't Explain," "Grace A.," Steps," "Ounce of Charm," "Water with the Wine," "Piece of Time," and "Lynx and Strand."

"Gilda Lives" (2000)
in Dark Matter (Warner Aspect 2000)

Edited Works

Editor, with Eric Garber, Swords of the Rainbow: Gay and Lesbian Fantasy Adventures (1996 anthology)
Fiction editor, The Best Lesbian Erotica of 1997 (Cleis Press)

Poetry Collections

The Lipstick Papers (1980 poetry collection)
Flamingoes and Bears (1986 poetry collection)
Oral Tradition: Selected Poems Old & New (1995 poetry collection)
Firebrand Books: 1995

Criticism, Essays, Non-fiction

Forty-Three Septembers: Essays (1993 essay collection)
Firebrand Books: 1993

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critical resources: Tiptree Award | Wiscon | Broad Universe


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