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SCI-FI Womanthology
The Second Virago Book of Fairy Tales
Secret Weavers: Stories of the Fantastic by Women of Argentina and Chile
She's Fantastical
Sisters in Fantasy
Sisters in Fantasy 2
Sisters of the Night
Skin of the Soul
Space of Her Own
Strange Bedfellows
Sweeping Beauties
Sword and Sorceress (1)
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Swords of the Rainbow

SCI-FI Womanthology edited by Pam Keesey & Forrest J. Ackerman
2000. Sense of Wonder Press. ISBN 0-918736-33-1.
Description by Keesey at http://www1.minn.net/~pkeesey/womanthology.html

The Second Virago Book of Fairy Tales edited by Angela Carter
1992. Illustrations by Corinna Sargood. Virago Press Limited, 1992, Camden Town, London.
Includes an Introduction by Marina Warner. Carter's collection and versions of fairy tales from around the world.

Virago Book series.

Introduction by Marina Warner
1. Strong Minds and Low Cunning
The Twelve Wild Ducks
Old Foster
The Dog's Snout People
The Old Woman Against the Stream
The Letter Trick
Rolando and Brunilde
The Greenish Bird
The Crafty Woman
2. Up to Something - Balck Arts and Dirty Tricks
Pretty Maid Ibronka
Enchanter and Enchantress
The Telltale Lilac Bush
The Witchball
The Werefox
The Witches' Piper
Vasilissa the Fair
The Midwife and the Frog
3. Beautiful People
Fair, Brown and Trembling
Diirawic and Her Incestuous Brother
The Mirror
The Frog Maiden
The Sleeping Prince
The Orphan
4. Mothers and Daughters
Achol and Her Wild Mother
Tunjur, Tunjur
The Little Old Woman with Five Cows
Achol and her Adoptive Lioness-Mother
5. Married Women
Story of a Bird Woman
Father and Mother Both 'Fast'
Reasons to Beat Your Wife
The Three Lovers
The Seven Leavenings
The Untrue Wife's Song
The Woman Who Married Her Son
Duang and His Wild Wife
A Stroke of Luck
The Beans in the Quart Jar
6. Useful Stories
A Fable of a Bird and Her Chicks
The Three Aunts
Tale of an Old Woman
The Height of Purple Passion
Salt, Sauce and Spice, Onion Leaves, Pepper and Drippings
Two Sisters and the Boa
Spreading the Fingers
Publisher's note
Notes by Angela Carter and Shahrukh Husain
About the Editor and the Illustrator

Secret Weavers: Stories of the Fantastic by Women of Argentina and Chile edited by Marjorie Agosin
White Pine Press: Fredonia, New York, 1992.
"Reflections on the Fantastic" Marjorie Agosin (pp. 13-23).
Compulsive Dreamers (section). "The Compulsive Dreamer" Silvina Ocampo (p. 27-35); "Things" Silvina Ocampo (p. 36-39); "The Velvet Dress" Silvina Ocampo (p. 40-43); "The House of Sugar" Silvina Ocampo (p. 44-52); "Thus Were Their Faces" Silvina Ocampo (p. 53-59); "The Story of María Griselda" María Luisa Bombal (p. 60-80); "The Little Island" Luisa Mercedes Levinson (p. 81-84); "The Boy Who Saw God's Tears" Luisa Mercedes Levinson (pp. 85-90).
And the Wheel Still Spins. "An Eternal Fear" Elvira Orpheé (p. 93-99); "I Will Return, Mommy" Elvira Orpheé (p. 100-103); "How the Little Crocodiles Cry!" Elvira Orpheé (p. 104-107); "For Friends and Enemies" Olga Orozco (p. 108-116); "And the Wheel Still Spins" Olga Orozco (p. 117-129).
The Wild Mirrors. "The Mirror of Melancholy" Alejandra Pizarnik (p. 133-135); "Blood Baths" Alejandra Pizarnik (p. 136-137); "Severe Measures" Alejandra Pizarnik (p. 138-140); "Excerpts from The Wild Papers Marosa Di Giorgio (p. 141-143); Excerpts from Dream Time Ana María Shua (p. 144-145); "Other/Other" Ana María Shua (p. 146-156); "Fishing Days" Ana María Shua (p. 157-163); "The Man in the Araucaria" Sara Gallardo (p. 164-165); "The Blue Stone Emperor's Thirty Wives" Sara Gallardo (p. 166-177).
Invisible Embroidery. "The Condemned Dress in White" Marcela Solá (p. 181-185); "Happiness" Marcela Solá (186-189); "Invisible Embroidery" Marcela Solá (p. 190-193); "The Storm" Alina Diaconú (p. 194-198); "Welcome to Albany" Alina Diaconú (199-202); "The Widower" Alina Diaconú (p. 203-209); "Country Carnival" Luisa Valenzuela (p. 210-215); "Legend of the Self-Sufficient Child" Luisa Valenzuela (p. 216-220); "Viennese Waltz" Alicia Steimberg (p. 221-226); "Garcia's Thousandth Day" Alicia Steimberg (p. 221-226); "Segismundo's Better World" Alicia Steimberg" (p. 230-240).
Letters. "The Perfect Married Woman" Angélica Gorodischer (p. 243-247); "Letters From an English Lady" Angélica Gorodischer (p. 248-258); "Under the Flowering Juleps" Angélica Gorodischer (p. 259-280); "The Resurrection of the Flesh" Angélica Gorodischer (p. 281-283).
Annunciations. "When Everything Shines" Liliana Hecer (p. 287-295); "The Annunciation" Cristina Peri Rossi; "Selections from Silendra" -- "Tapihue" "Enedina" "Juana" "Silendra" "Francisco" Elizabeth Subercaseaux (pp. 311-319); "Two Words" Isabel Allende (p. 320-327).
The Authors. The Translators.

She's Fantastical edited by Lucy Sussex and Judith Raphael Buckrich
August 1995, Sybylla Feminist Press
"The First Anthology of Australian Women's Speculative Fiction, Magical Realism, and Fantasy."

acknowledgements: Saint Martha According to Deborah Klein: Cover Art / Deborah Klein

Includes: Forward / Ursula K. Le Guin
Introduction / Lucy Sussex & Judith Raphael Buckrich
Two Poems: 'Alinta' and 'Mandina' from Women of the Sun / Hyllus Maris
The Master Builder's Wife / Lisa Jacobson
The Goddes Wakes / Jane Routley
Widow Wilberforce and the Lyrebird / Nadia Wheatley
The Pumpkin-eater / Isobelle Carmody
Aubade from Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow / M. Barnard Eldershaw
One Last Picture of Ruby-Rose (a letter to Kevin Arnett) / Carmel Bird
Angel Thing / Petrina Smith
from The Sea People / Maurilia Meehan
Entropy / Leanne Frahm
Science Fiction / Sarah Carmela Helen Endacott
Flight / Ania Walwicz
Possum Lover / Yvonne Rousseau
The Blinding of Bellevue Hearn / Alison Goodman
from SAW / Berni M. Janssen
Angel Jacko / Gabrielle Lord
A Sky Full of Ravens / Sue Isle
from A Few Hours in a Far-off Age / Henrietta Dugdale
A Tour Guide in Utopia / Lucy Sussex
The Know-All / Rosaleen Love
Not with Love / Philippa C. Maddern
The Padwan Affair / Tess Williams
Our Mother Land / Daisy Utemorrah
Biographies Foreword by Ursula K. Le Guin. Includes Carmel Bird, Isobelle Carmody, Henriette Dugdale, M. Barnard Eldershaw, Sarah Endacott, Leanne Frahm, Alison Goodman, Sue Isle, Lisa Jacobson, Berni M. Janssen, Gabrielle Lord, Rosaleen Love, Philippa Maddern, Hyllus Maris, Maurilia Meehan, Yvonne Rousseau, Jane Routley, Petrina Smith, Lucy Sussex, Daisy Utemorrah, Ania Walwicz, Nadia Wheatley, and Tess Williams.

Sisters in Fantasy edited by Susan Shwartz with Martin H. Greenberg
Roc (Pengiun): New York, 1995
Sisters in Fantasy contains fifteen original stories & poems, including "Women's Stories" Jane Yolen; "Hallah's Choice" Jo Clayton; "Wayfinder" Janny Wurts; "The Way Wind" Andre Norton; "Healer" Josepha Sherman; "No Refunds" Phyllis Eisenstein; "Firstborn, Seaborn" Sheila Finch; "A Game of Cards" Lisa Goldstein; "Courting Rites" Kristine Kathryn Rusch; "Felixity" Tanith Lee"; "Horse of Her Dreams" Elizabeth Moon; "Unto the Daughters" Nancy Kress; "Babbitt's Daughter" Phyllis Ann Karr; "Remedia Amoris" Judith Tarr; "The Bargain" Katherine Kerr; and an Introduction by Susan Shwartz.

Sisters in Fantasy 2 edited by Susan Shwartz and Martin H. Greenberg
Roc (Pengiun): New York, 1996.
Includes "Introduction" by Susan Shwartz; "Wonder Land" Jane Yolen; "Shahrezad" Ellen Guon; "This Fair Gift" Pamela Dean; "Dumping Ra" Sharan Newman; "Kneeling at His Side" Lois Tilton; "Vashti and God" Valerie J. Freireich; "Angel of the City" Susan Shwartz; "Why Is THis Night Different" Janni Lee Simner; "Volsi" Diana L. Paxson; "Stone Whorl, Flint Knife" Rebecca Ore; "Horse Tracks" Rebecca Ore; "The Witches of Junket" Patricia McKillip; "Moonlight in Vermont" Esther Friesner; "The Way Your Life Is" Nancy Springer; "Bitterfoot" Gael Baudino; "A Night at the J Street Bar" Susan Casper; "Fuzz" Martha Soukup; "Call Him by Name" Ru Emerson; "Daria's Window" Sherwood Smith; "The Found and Lost Shop" Barbara Delaplace; "Pyre" Lee Barwood; "Coyote" Beth Meacham; "Wet Wings" Mercedes Lackey.

Sisters of the Night edited by Barbara Hambly and Martin H. Greenberg
Warner Books (Time Warner): New York, 1995.
"Fifteen new and original stories about female vampires ... and their prey."
Includes: "Introduction" by Barbara Hambly; "Empty" by M. John Harrison; "The Bloodbeast" by Diana L. Paxson; "Madeleine" by Barbara Hambly; "Mama" by Steve & Melanie Tem; "Survival Skills" by Deborah Wheeler; "Tumbling Down the Nighttime" by Dean Wesley Smith; "La Dame" Tanith Lee; "Sometimes Salvation" by Pat Cadigan; "In the Blood" by Michael Kurland; "Victims" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch; "Marid and the Trail of Blood" by George Alec Effinger; "Food Chain" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman; "Song of the Night People" by Larry Niven; "Sister Death" by Jane Yolen.

Skin of the Soul edited by Lisa Tuttle
New York: Pocket Books, 1990; London: The Women's Press, 1990.
... an anthology of horror stories "irresistible new tales of terror by women"
Includes: "Introduction" by Lisa Tuttle. Also: "Lightning Rod" by Melanie Tem; "Boobs" by Suzy McKee Charnas; "Walls" by R. M. Lamming; "Anzac Day" by Cherry Wilder; "The Night Wolf" by Karen Joy Fowler; "The Ancestress" by Josephine Saxton; "Getting Away from It All" by Ann Walsh; "Loophole" by Terry McGarry; "The Companion" by Joan Aiken; "Mr. Elphinstone's Hands" by Lisa Tuttle; "Serensa Sees" by G. K. Sprinkle; "Trick or Treat" by Pauline E. Dungate; "Ticanau's Child" by Sherry Coldsmith; "The Dream" by Dyan Sheldon; "Listening" by Melissa Mia Hall; "Pregnant" by Joyce Carol Oates; and "Hantu-Hantu" by Anne Goring.

Space of Her Own: Twenty Outstanding Science Fiction Stories by Women Writers edited by Shawna McCarthy.
(1983: Dial Press, New York)
Also known as: Isaac Asimov's Space of Her Own and Asimov's Space of Her Own
Includes: Editor's Note; "The Sidon in the Mirror" Connie Willis; "The Sorceress in Spite of Herself" Pat Cadigan; "Night of the Fifth Sun" Mildred Downey Broxon; "The Jarabon" Lee Killough; "The Horn of Elfland" J. O. Jeppson; "Belling Martha" Leigh Kennedy; "La Reine Blanche" Tanith Lee; "Ancient Document" Hope Athearn; "Miles to Go Before I Sleep" Julie Stevens; "A Letter from the Clearys" Connie Willis; "The Ascent of the North Face" Ursula K. Le Guin; "$CALL LINK$(CATHY)" Cherie Wilkerson; "Heavenly Flowers" Pamela Sargent; "Exorcycle" Joan D. Vinge; "Stargrazing" Beverly Grant; "Shadows from a Small Template" Sharon Webb; "Packing Up" P. J. MacQuarrie; "Blue Heart" Stephanie A. Smith; "The Examination of Ex-Emporer Ming" Cyn Mason; "The Crystal Sunlight, The Bright Air" Mary Gentle; "Missing" P. A. Kagan; "Fire-Caller" Sydney J. Van Scyoc.

Strange Bedfellows: Sex and Science Fiction edited by Thomas N. Scortia
New York: Random House, 1972.
Includes: Introduction: "Where Have All The Deflowerers Gone?" By Thomas N. Scortia; Santa Clara, California, March 5, 1972
Part One: Coming of Age: "Push No More" by Robert Silverberg; "Genetic Faux Pas" by Harvey L. Bilker; "First Love, First Fear" by George Zebrowski
Part Two: Toujours Gay: "The World Well Lost" by Theodore Sturgeon; "Do Androids Dream of Electric Love?" by Walt Leibscher; "Dinner at Helen's" by William Carlson
Part Three: You Only Hurt the One You Love: "The Criminal" by Joe Gores; "The Mechanical Sweetheart" by Gerald Arthur Alper; "False Dawn" by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro; "I'm With You In Rockland" by Jack M. Dann
Part Four: Strange Matings: "Dr. Birdmouse" by Reginald Bretnor; "Looking-Glass Sea" by Laurence Yep; "What About Us Grils?" by Mel Gilden
Part Five: The Old-Fashioned Way? "Lambeth Blossom" by Brian W. Aldiss; "The Widening Circle" by Richard McCloud; "The Icebox Blonde" by Thomas N. Scortia; "Khartoum: A Prose Limerick" by Anthony Boucher
Part Six: A Mother's Love: "Mother" by Philip Jose Farmer; "The Daughter of the Tree" by Miriam Allen DeFord.

This anthology is focused on sex and science fiction, and not necessarily from a feminist perspective. Most of the stories, in fact, say either nothing, or nothing good, about human gender relations. And in fact, from the ratio of male to female writers one might be forgiven for thinking this was a book about gay male sex and science fiction. (It's not.) Oh well. Especially good stories were Sturgeon's "The World Well Lost" and ALdiss' "Lambeth Blossom". I also enjoyed Yep's "Looking-Glass Sea", Yarbro's "False Dawn", Boucher's "Khartoum: A Prose Limerick", and Leibscher's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Love?" -- lq, 7/4/00

Sweeping Beauties
from Attic Press
Attic Press, Dublin "Fairytales for Feminists" series, 4th in series

Sword and Sorceress: An Anthology of Heroic Fantasy edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
New York, NY: Daw Books, 1984.

"Introduction: The Heroic Image of Women: Woman as Wizard and Warrior" by Marion Zimmer Bradley.
"The Garnet and the Glory" by Phyllis Ann Karr; "Severed Heads" by Glen Cook; "Taking Heart" by Stephen L. Burns; "The Rending Dark" by Emma Bull; "Gimmile's Songs" by Charles R. Saunders; "The Valley of the Troll" by Charles de Lint; "Imperatrix" by Deborah Wheeler; "Blood of Sorcery" by Jennifer Roberson; "With Four Lean Hounds" by Pat Murphy; "House in the Forest" by Anodea Judith; "Sword of Yraine" by Diana L. Paxson; "Daton and the Dead Things" by Michael Ward; "Gate of the Damned" by Janet Fox; "Child of Orcus" by Robin W. Bailey; "Things Come in Threes" by Dorothy J. Heydt.

Sword and Sorceress II: An Anthology of Heroic Fantasy edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
DAW Books INC, New York. (Book printed Canada) 1985. ISBN - 0-88677-360-1
Cover Art by Ilene Meyer

"Introduction" by Marion Zimmer Bradley,
"A Night at Two Inns" by Phyllis Ann Karr, "The Red Guild" by Rachel Pollack, "Shadow Wood" by Diana (L.) Paxson, "Unicorn's Blood" by Bruce D. Arthurs, "The Unshadowed Land" by C.J. Cherryh, "Shimenege's Mask" by Charles Saunders, "The Black Tower" by Stephen Burns", "The Lady and the Tiger" by Jennifer Roberson, "Fireweb" by Deborah Wheeler", "Cold Blows the Wind" by Charles de Lint, "Sword of the Mother" by Dana Kramer Rolls, "Hunger" by Russ Garrison, "On First Looking into Bradley's Guidelines or Stories I Don't Want to Read Either" by Elizabeth Thompson, "The Chosen Maiden" by Raul Reyes, "Red Pearls" by Richard Corwin, and "Wound on the Moon" by Vera Nazarian.

Differs from the first book in the sense that the stories tend to evole around "the Chosen Maiden" as Bradley puts it, instead of the rape and revenge stories of the first. -- ce

"The Lady and the Tiger" is Jennifer Roberson's first story about Tiger and Del.

Sword and Sorceress III: An Anthology of Heroic Fantasy edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Introduction: The evolution of women's fantasy by Marion Zimmer Bradley p 7;
Dragon-Amber by Deborah Wheeler p 11;
Enter the Wolf by A.D.Overstreet p 34;
Valley of the Shadow by Jennifer Roberson p 47;
The Song and the Flute by Dorothy J Heydt p 54;
Journeytime by Dana Kramer-Rolls p 66;
Orpheus by Mary Frances Zambreno p 90;
Scarlet Eyes by Millea Kenin p 96;
The River of Tears by Anodea Judith p 112;
Fresh Blood by Polly B. Johnson p 122;
The Mist on the Moor by Diana L. Paxson p 155;
Bargains by Elizabeth Moon p 173;
A Woman's Privilege by Elisabeth Waters p 179;
Talla by J. Edwin Andrews p 194;
Tupilak by Terry Tafoya p 201;
Sword Sworn by Mercedes Lackey p 211;
A Tale from Hendry's Mill by Melissa Carpenter p 238;
S.A.R by Patricia B. Cirone p 246;
More's the Pity by L. D. Woeltjen p 262;
Marwe's Forest by Charles R. Saunders p 269; and
The Hunters by Mavis J. Andrews p 282

Sword and Sorceress IV: An Anthology of Heroic Fantasy edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
New York, NY: Daw Books, 1987.
Includes "Introduction" by Marion Zimmer Bradley.
Also includes "A Tale of Heroes" by Mercedes Lackey; "The Woodland of Zarad-Thra" by Robin W. Bailey; "The Weeping Oak" by Charles de Lint; "Gullrider" by Dave Smeds; "Blood Dancer" by Diana L. Paxson; "Kayli's Fire" by Paula Helm Murray; "The Ring of Lifari" by Joseph Sherman; "Rite of Passage" by Jennifer Roberson; "The Eyes of the Gods" by Richard Corwin; "Fate and the Dreamer" by Millea Kenin; "The Noonday Witch" by Dorothy J. Heydt; "Redeemer's Riddle" by Stephen L. Burns; "The Tree-Wife of Arketh" by Syn Ferguson; "Spell of Binding" by Richard Cornell; "Storm God" by Deborah Wheeler; "Die Like a Man" by L. D. Woeltjen; "Death and the Ugly Woman" by Bruce D. Arthurs; and "Bloodstones" by Deborah M. Vogel.

Sword and Sorceress V: An Anthology of Heroic Fantasy edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
DAW Books INC, New York. (DAW Book Collectors # 753). First Printing in August 1988. Copyright 1988. ISBN = 0-88677-288-5
Cover Art by Corey Wolfe

"Introduction or Something" by Marion Zimmer Bradley,
"Sorcerer's Pet" by Margaret L. Carter, "Into the Green" by Charles de Lint", "Eyes of the Laemi" by Janet Fox, "Jewels" by Linda Gordon, "Dance of the Healer" by M. R. Hildebrand, "One Night at the Inn" by Millea Kenin, "Keys" by Mercedes Lackey, "Drum Duel" by Gerald Perkins, "The Eye of Toyur" by Diana l. Paxson, "Peet's Bride" by Dana Kramer-Rolls, "Warrior's Way" by A. D. Overstreet, "Spoils of War" by Jennifer Roberson, "Cholin of Carnel" by B. A. Rolls, "Rite of Vengeance" by Deborah Wheeler, "Bloodstone" by Mary Frances Zambreno, "Sword Singer" by Laura J. Underwood, "Stormbringer" by Steve Tymon, "Sorceress of the Gulls" by Dave Smeds, "Runaways" by Josepha Sherman, "The Golden Egg" by Morning Glory Zell, "Revised Standard Virgin" by Rick Cook, and "Dragon Lovers" by Cynthia Drolet.

M. R. Hildebrand is the wife of B. D. (Bruce) Arthurs {whose work has appeared in the series}. Lackey's story is a Tarma and Kethry one.

Sword and Sorceress VI: An Anthology of Heroic Fantasy edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Sword and Sorceress VII: An Anthology of Heroic Fantasy edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
New York, NY: Daw Books, 1990.
Includes "Introduction" by Marion Zimmer Bradley.
Also includes "At the Tolling of Midnight" by Stephanie Shaver; "The Buddy System" by Laura Thurston; "The Cloud of Evil" by Mark Tompkins; "Heart of the Matter" by Rowena A. Bathgate; "A Wolf in the Fold" by Deborah Wheeler; "A Thing of Love" by Vera Nazarian; "The Sword Slave" by Diana L. Paxson; "Festival Gatherers" by Diann Partridge; "The Talisman" by Mercedes Lackey; "Widow" by Kathleen A. Varnado; "Just Desserts" by Elizabeth McCoy; "Mending Wounds" by Gary Jonas; "St. George and the Dragon (Revised)" by Nancy Jane Moore; "Her Father's Daughter" by Sue Isle; "Winterkill" by Laurell K. Hamilton; "Staying Behind" by Jessie D. Eaker; "Hawk's Hill" by Gary Herring; "Waterwise" by Mary Frey; "The Second Song" by I. F. Cole; "The Thorny Path to Wizardry" by Lawrence Schimel; "Grim Calling" by Patricia B. Cirone; "Winter's Daughter" by Diane Burrell; "The Bridge Over Darikill Fel" by Stephen L. Burns; "Warrior's Oath" by Lynne Armstrong-Jones; and "Lost Souls" by Alison Brooks.

Sword and Sorceress VIII: An Anthology of Heroic Fantasy edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
DAW Books INC, New York. {DAW Collectors # 859}. Sept. 1991. IBSN = 0-88677-486-1
Cover Art by David Cherry

Includes: "Introduction" by Marion Zimmer Bradley,
"Masks" by Deborah Burros, "Wings of Fire" by Mercedes Lackey, "Geese" by Laurell K. Hamilton, "Marayd's Escape" by Rina Saret, "She Who Shields" by Gary W. Herring, "Fair Play" by Jennifer Roberson, "Kayli Kidnapped" by Paula Helm Murray, "Ytarra's Mirror" by Diana L. Paxson, "Heart's Desires" by Walter L. Kleine, "A Throw of the Dice" by Nancy L. Pine, "Song of the Dragon" by Andrea Pelleschi, "Beauty and His Beast" by Vera Nazarian, "Shards of Crystal" by Stephanie Shaver, "Spellbinder" by Eluki bes Shahar, "The Price of the Wind" by Josepha Sherman, "Stained Glass" by Linda Gordon, "East of the Dawn" by Jere Dunham, "Trading Swords" by Dave Smeds, "Out of the Frying Pan" by Elisabeth Waters, "Edyth Among the Trolls" by Lois Tilton, "The Opal Skull" by Cynthia Ward, "Retirement Plan" by Margaret Howes.

First professional sales for Deborah Burros, Cynthia Ward, and Margaret Howes. Lackey's "Wings of Fire" is another Tarma and Kethry short story. Rima Saret has written under the name Mary Anne Landers. Diana L. Paxson (it is revealed) has written Sci-Fi under the name Jon de Cles (and at the time of this vol. is married to Bradley's brother). Eluki bes Shahar is better known to some people as Rosemary Edgehill.

Sword and Sorceress IX: An Anthology of Heroic Fantasy edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
New York, Ny: Daw Books, 1992.

"Introduction" by Marion Zimmer Bradley;
"Slave to the Sword" by Tanya Beaty; "Shadows Do Not Bleed" by Bruce D. Arthurs; "Beastly!" by Lynne Armstrong-Jones; "Piper" by Susan Hanniford Crowley; "Stopthrust" by Diana L. Paxson; "Elynne Dragonchild" by Phil Brucato; "Freeing Souls" by Lisa Deason; "Blademistress" by Jessie D. Eaker; "Sorcerers' Gate" by Patricia Duffy Novak; "The Birthday Gift" by Elisabeth Waters; "Tangled Webs" by Laura J. Underwood; "Winterwood" by Stephanie D. Shaver; "Red Wings" by Josepha Sherman; "Above the Ground" by Eric Haines; "On a Night Like Any Other" by Mark Tompkins; "A Woman's Weapon" by Mercedes Lackey; "Behind the Waterfall" by Mary Frey; "Hoard" by Steven Piziks; "Queen of the Dead" by Dorothy J. Heydt; "The Flower That Does Not Wither" by Dave Smeds; "To Have and to Hold" by Linda Gordon; "The Catalyst" by Lee Ann Martins; "Breaking Walls" by Leslie Ann Miller; "The Enchanted Frog" by Cynthia L. Ward; "The Price of the Gods" by Roxana Pierson; "Tiger's Eye" by Syne Mitchell.

Sword and Sorceress X: An Anthology of Heroic Fantasy edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
New York, NY: Daw Books, 1993.

Includes "Introduction: The Sense of Wonder" by Marion Zimmer Bradley.
Also includes "Lorelei" by Tina Good; "Falcon's Shadow" by Diana Paxson; "The Proper Balance" by Robyn McGrew; "The Gift of Minerva" by Dorothy J. Heydt; "Friendly Fire" by Mercedes Lackey; "Heart in a Box" by Lynne Armstrong-Jones; "Dance of Death" by Donna Bocian Currie; "Earth, Air, Fire, and Water" by Kirsten M. Corby; "Fealty" by Kati Dougherty; "Hunt for the Queen's Beast" by J. M. Crssy; "Robes" by Patricia Duffy Novak; "Bonds of Light" by Vera Nazarian; "Night, Who Creeps Through Keyholes" by Francesca Myman; "Oaths" by Leslie Ann Miller; "Double Vision" by Lucas K. Law; "The Phoenix Medallion" by Diann Partridge; "A Run in the Forest" by David A. Pillard; "Old Age and Treachery" by Nancy L. Pine; "In Sheep's Clothing" by Lawrence Schimel; "Her Mother's Sword" by Stephanie Shaver; "The Sorceress' Apprentice" by Deborah Wheeler; "Mage-Sight" by Lynne Alisse Witten; "Ether and the Skeptic" by Katy Huth Jones; "The Limwitch" by Rebekah Jensen; "Smile of the Goddess" by Lorina J. Stephens; "Just Reward" by Karen Luk; "Boys Will be Girls" by Vicki Kirchhoff; "Taking Shape" by Lisa Deason; and "Justice Is Mine" by Carolee J. Edwards.

Sword and Sorceress XI: An Anthology of Heroic Fantasy edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Sword and Sorceress XII: An Anthology of Heroic Fantasy edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
New York, NY: Daw Books, 1995.
Includes "Introduction" by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Also includes "Demon in Glass" by John P. Buentello; "Does the Shoe Fit You Now?" by Carolyn J. Bahr; "A Lynx and a Bastard" by Karen Luk; "Dragonskin Boots" by L. S. Silverthorne; "Truth" by Lynne Armstrong-Jones; "Skins" by Heather Rose Jones; "Though the World is Darkness" by Lisa Deason; "Hemparius the Trader" by Valerie Atkinson Gawthrop; "Chance" by Tom Gallier; "Touched by the Gods" by Deborah Millitello; "Promise to Angel" by Stephanie Shaver; "Shadow Harper" by Cynthia McQuillin; "The Stone Face, the Giant, and the Paradox" by Vera Nazarian; "Wormwood" by Laura J. Underwood; "Silverblade" by Deborah Wheeler; "A Dragon in Distress" by Mercedes Lackey and Elisabeth Waters; "Stone Spirit" by Diana L. Paxson; "Gardon of Glories" by Jennifer Roberson; "Stealing the Power" by Linda J. Dunn; "The Lost Path" by Patricia Duffy Novak"; "Winter Roses" by Patricia Sayre McCoy; and "Amber" by Syne Mitchell.

Sword and Sorceress XIII: An Anthology of Heroic Fantasy edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
(1996: Daw Books. ISBN 0886777038.
Cover Art by Luis Royo. 350 pp.

Introduction - Marion Zimmer Bradley;
Patience - Jo Clayton;
Sun Dancer - Leslie Ann Miller;
Spider's Offer - Charles M. Saplak;
More THan One Way - Heather Rose Jones;
Daelith's Bargain - Cynthia McQuillin;
The Spirit Arrow - Deborah Wheeler;
The Choosing - John P. Buentello;
Tortoise Weeps - Marella Sands;
What the Gods Will - Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury;
Double Blind - Syne Mitchell;
Patchwork Magic - P. Andrew Miller;
Twilight - Diana L. Paxson;
Personal Need - Lynn Michals;
Catriona's Daughters - Andrea J. Horlick;
The Whisht Hound's Bone - Laura J. Underwood;
The Werewolf's Final Lesson - Joette M. Rozanski;
The Curse of Tanit - Dorothy J. Heydt;
Dual - Quinn Weller;
Spirit Quest - Kathryne Kennedy;
Crow Feathers - Lawrence Schimel;
Jewel-Bright - Stephanie D. Shaver; and
The Comforter - Jean Marie Egger

Sword and Sorceress XIV edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Rachel Holmen.
New York, NY: Daw Books, 1997.
Includes "Introduction" by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Also includes "The Bargain" by Laura J. Underwood, "The Impression of Power" by Lee Martindale, "The Naming of Names" by Adrienne Martine-Barnes, "Changelings" by Diana L. Paxson; "Death-Hunt" by Raul S. Reyes; "A Single Soul" by Deborah Wheeler; "The Needle and the Sword" Jessie D. Eaker; "Small Considerations" Judith Fielder Leggett; "If You Can't Stand the Heat" P. E. Cunningham; "Silver Bands" Syne Mitchell; "The Hand of a Lady" Anne Cutrell; "To Have and To Hold" K. D. Barnes; "A Knight on Tower Hill" Kathrina Bood; "The Longest Night" Lisa S. Silverthorne; "Blood Moon" Cynthia Ward; "By the Skin of Her Teeth" Heather Rose Jones; "Friends in High Places" Christina Krueger; "The Blade of Unmaking" Elisabeth Waters; "The Stone-Weaver's Tale" Cynthia McQuillin; "The Hollow Dancer" Mary Soon Lee; "La Faie Suiateih" Lisa Deason; "Vengeance" Dorothy J. Heydt; "The Moongate Troll" Patricia Duffy Novak; "Lifestone" Mary Catelli; "White Elephants" Christopher Kempke; "Traveler's Aide" Kathi Thompson; and "The Last Word" Rachel E. Holmen (not a fiction piece).

Sword and Sorceress XV: An Anthology of Heroic Fantasy edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
DAW Books INC. New York. (DAW Book Collectors # 1124.) Copyright 2000 by The Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust. ISBN = 0-88677-891-3.
Cover Art by Warwick Goble

"Introduction" by Marion Zimmer Bradley,
"Memories of the Sea" by Dave Coleman-Reese, "Free Passage" by Mary Catelli, "The Conjuror's Light" by Lisa Campos, "My Sister's Song" by T. Borregaard, "The Summons" by Bunnie Bessell, "Luz" by Patricia Duffy Novak, "Caelqua's Spring" by Vera Nazarian, "Deep as Rivers" by Cynthia McQuillin, "Weapons at War" by Charles Laing, "Hell Hath No Fury. . . . " by Lee Martindale, "An Exchange of Favors" by Dorothy Heydt, "Price of the Sword" by Kim Fryer, "Demon Calling" by ElizaBeth Gilligan, " Nor Iron Bars a Cage" by Deborah Wheeler, "The Haunting of Princess Elizabeth" by Carrie Vaughn, "Shadow Soul" by Laura J. Underwood, "Memories Traced in Snow" by Dave Smeds, "Valkyrie" by Jenn Reese, "Soul Dance" by Lisa Silverthorne, "Lady of Flame" by Diana L. Paxson, "The Tears of the Moon" by Cynthia Ward.

First professional sale for Dave Coleman-Reese, and Lisa Campos.

Sword and Sorceress XVI: An Anthology of Heroic Fantasy edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
1999: Daw. ISBN 0886778433.
Cover Art by Michael Whelan; 306 pp.

Introduction - Marion Zimmer Bradley;
The Kappa's Gift - Fujiko;
The Changeless Room - Charlotte Carlson;
Isabelle and the Siren - Mary Catelli;
Dragon's Tear - Sonya Fedotowsky;
A Sister's Blood - Patricia B. Cirone;
Changed - Lisa Deason;
The Power to Change the Shape of the Land - Dayle A. Dermatis;
The Frog Prince - Linda J. Dunn;
Honey From the Rock - Dorothy J. Heydt;
The Will of the Wind - Christina Krueger;
Moonlight on Water - Carol E. Leever;
Nine Springs - Kathleen M. Massie-Ferch;
Mistweaver - Terry McGarry;
Waking the Stone Maiden - Cynthia McQuillin;
City of No-Sleep - Vera Nazarian;
Daughter of the Bear - Diana Paxson;
The Wishing Stones - Lisa S. Silverthorne;
A Fool's Game - Selina Rosen;
The Anvil of Her Pride - Lawrence Schimel;
The Dancing Men of Ballyben - Laura J. Underwood;
Salt & Sorcery - Elisabeth Waters and Michael Spence;
Weaving Spells - Lawrence Watt-Evans;
Enaree, an Azkhantian Tale - Deborah Wheeler;
The Day They Ran Out of Princesses - Gail Sosinsky Wickman;
Taking Flight - Susan Wolven; and
The Vision That Appeared - Katherine L. Rogers.

Sword and Sorceress XVII: An Anthology of Heroic Fantasy edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
© 2000 by the Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust: Daw Books
ISBN 0886778913
Cover Art by Warwick Goble; 312 p.

Introduction - Marion Zimmer Bradley; Memories of the Sea - Dave Coleman-Reese; Free Passage - Mary Catelli; The Conjuror's LIght - Lisa Campos; My Sister's Song - T. Borregaard; The Summons - Bunnie Bessell; Luz - Patricia Duffy Novak; Caelqua's Spring - Vera Nazarian; Deep as Rivers - Cynthia McQuillin; Weapons at War - Charles Laing; Hell Hath No Fury... - Lee Martindale; An Exchange of Favors - Dorothy Heydt; Price of the Sword - Kim Fryer; Demon Calling - Elizabeth Gilligan; Nor Iron Bars a Cage - Deborah Wheeler; The Haunting of Princess Elizabeth - Carrie Vaughn; Shadow Soul - Laura J. Underwood; Memories Traced in Snow - Dave Smeds; Valkyrie - Jenn Reese; Soul Dance - Lisa Silverthorne; Lady of Flame - Diana Paxson; and The Tears of the Moon - Cynthia Ward

Sword and Sorceress XVIII: An Anthology of Heroic Fantasy edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Daw: 2001; ISBN 0886779960.
Stories were selected by Bradley before her death and published as anthology after her death.

Introduction by Elisabeth Waters (p. 1); "A Passage of Power" by Diana L. Paxson (p. 3); "Lessons Learned" by Kati Doughery-Carthum (p. 23); "Kendat's Ax" by Jan Combs (p. 35); "The Tower of Song" by Howard Holman (p. 48); "The Needed Stone" by Denise Lopes Heald (p. 69); "Armageddon" by Lisa Silverthorne (p. 90); "The Land of Graves" by Dave Smeds (p. 94); "Light" by Susan Urbanek Linville (p. 112); "In the Secret Places of the Earth" by Dorothy J. Heydt (p. 134); "The Glass Sword" by Richard Corwin (p. 151); "Bed of Roses" by Elisabeth Waters (p. 164); "Sword of Peace" by Lucy Cohen Schmeidler (p. 181); "The Fall of the Kingdom" by Mary Soon Lee (p. 192); "Arms and the Woman" by Lawrence Watt-Evans (p. 197); "The Stone Wives" by Michael Chesley Johnson (p. 214); "Tiger's Eye" by India Edghill (p. 227); "Raven-Wings on the Snow" by Pauline J. Alama (p. 245); "Little Rogue Riding Hood" by Rosemary Edghill (p. 265); "The Queen in Yellow" by Gerald Perkins (p. 287); and "Magic Threads" by Pete D. Manison (p. 297).

Marion Zimmer Bradley Presents Sword and Sorceress XIX edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Daw: 2002; ISBN 0-7564-0049-X.
Stories were selected by Bradley before her death and published as anthology after her death.
Includes: "Introduction" by Elisabeth Waters (pp. 9-10); "The Curse of Ardal Glen" by Laura J. Underwood (11-24); "When the King Is Weak" by Barbara E. Tarbox (25-37); "The Sign of the Boar" by Diana Paxson (38-54); "A Matter of Focus" by Penny Buchanan (55-62); "Inner Sight" by Susan Wolven (63-69); "Familiars" by Michael H. Payne (70-79); "Ordeal" by Robyn McGrew (80-97); "Grain" by Esther Friesner (99-118); "Gifts of the Kami" by Carol E. Leever (119-134); "One in Ten Thousand" by Aimee Kratts (135-149); "Lord of the Earth" by Dorothy Heydt (150-166); "Lady of Light" by Jennifer Ashley (167-173); "All Too Familiar" by P. Andrew Miller (174-181); "Artistic License" by Deborah Burros (182-187); "Earth, Wind and Water" by Bob Dennis (188-196); "Fire for the Senjen Tiger" by Stephen Crane Davidson (197-204); "Fighting Spirit" by Karen Magon (205-212); "Pride, Prejudice and Paranoia" by Michael Spence (213-241); "A Simple Spell" by Marilyn A. Racette (242-245); "Sword of Queens" by Bunnie Bessel (246-262); "Better Seen Than Heard" by Emily C.A. Snyder (263-271); "Openings" by Meg Heydt (272-280); "A Little Magic" by P. E. Cunningham (281-298); "Eloma's Second Career" by Lorie Calkins (299-311); and "Sylvia" by A. Hall (312-314).

Swords of the Rainbow edited by Eric Garber and Jewelle Gomez.
Los Angeles: Alyson Publications, 1996.
Includes Jean Stewart, "The Queer Avenger"; Mark Shepherd, "Roses for the Prince"; Tanya Huff, "Swan's Braid"; Jewelle Gomez, "Houston"; A. J. Potter, "Birthmarked"; Samuel R. Delany, "The Tale of Small Sarg"; Carrie Richerson, "Healer"; Dorothy Allison, "Ounces" (an excerpt); Mel Keegan, "Breakheart"; Lawrence Schimel, "Heart of Stone"; Nina Boal, "Rhezellah's Song"; Jim Provenzano, "A Canopy of Green"; Lauren Wright Douglas, "To Steal Your Heart Away," Stan Leventhal, "Why the Moon Goes Away and the Sun Only Sleeps," and "About the Authors."

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