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Warrior Enchantresses
Warrior Princesses
What Did Miss Darrington See?
When Women Rule
Woman Space
A Woman's Liberation
Women of Darkness
Women of Darkness 2
Women of Other Worlds
Women at War
Women of War
Women Who Run With the Werewolves
The Women Who Walk Through Fire
Witches' Brew
Women of Wonder
Women of Wonder: The Classic Years
Women of Wonder: The Contemporary Years
Women Writing Science Fiction as Men
Worlds Apart

Warrior Enchantresses edited by Kathleen M. Massie-Ferch and Martin H. Greenberg.
Daw (Wollheim): New York, 1996.
"15 oiginal tales of women who work swordcraft and spellcraft in defense of all they hold dear"
Includes: "Introduction" by Kathleen M. Massie-Ferch; "The World Well Lost" by Tanith Lee; "Auour the Deepminded" Andre Norton; "Of the Deaths of Kings" Melanie Rawn; "The Warrior and the Dragon's Son" Josepha Sherman; "Earthen Mound" Diana L. Paxson; "The Ginseng Potion" William F. Wu; "The Mist of Melusine" Rosemary Hawley Jarman; "Going Back to Colchis" Rebecca Ore; "Amazon Gold" Steven Rogers; "Qadishtu" Laura Resnick and Kathy Chadwyck; "Eye of Flame" Pamela Sargent; "Phaistides" Lois Tilton; "A Wolf Upon the Wind" Jennifer Roberson; "The Lady of the Mercians" Mary Frances Zambreno; and "Summoning the River" Deborah Wheeler.

Interestingly enough for a fantasy novel, all these stories take place in historical earth settings (albeit ones in which magic actually works). In a couple of cases either "warrior" or "enchantress" is rather a stretch for the female protagonist. Many of the stories have priestesses as their protagonists. A quick read. -- lq, 5/13/97

Warrior Princesses edited by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough and Martin H. Greenberg.
1998; Daw. ISBN 0-88677-783-6. DAW Book Collectors No. 1086.
Cover art by Tristan Elwell.
An acknowledgements page ahead of the contents indicates each of these is copyrighted 1998, and none appear to have been previously published elsewhere.

Introduction, by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
My Princess, by Elizabeth Moon
Marimba: A Retelling, by Janet Berliner
Hunger, by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Boudicca, by Morgan Llywelyn
Pestilence, by Michael Scott
Three-edged Choice, by Ru Emerson
The Jewel of Locaria, by Jacey Bedford
Warrior of Ma-at, by Kathleen M. Massie-Ferch;
Common Ground, by John Helfers;
Twelve-Steppe Program, by Esther M. Friesner;
The Road to Vengeance, by Mickey Zucker Reichert;
The Dreamway Princess, by Bill Ransom;
Become a Warrior, by Jane Yolen;
Golden Years, by Lea M. Day;
The Sword of Undeath, by Felicia Dale;
The Little Landmaid, by Sara Young;
She Wants Things, by Bruce Holland Rogers;
One Tree Hill, by R. Davis;
Strays, by Megan Lindholm; and
Debriefing the Warrior/Princess, by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough.

What Did Miss Darrington See? An Anthology of Feminist Supernatural Fiction edited by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
New York: The Feminist Press at the City University of New York, 1989

Introduction, Rosemary Jackson
Proem: The Immortal, Ellen Glasgow
The Long Chamber (1914), Olivia Howard Dunbar
A Ghost Story (1858), Ada Trevanion
Luella Miller (1902), Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
What Did Miss Darrington See? (1870), Emma B. Cobb
La Femme Noir (c. 1850), Anna Maria Hall
A Friend in Need (1981), Lisa Tuttle
Attachment (1974), Phyllis Eisenstein
Dreaming the Sky Down (1988), Barbara Burford
The Sixth Canvasser (1916), Inez Haynes Irwin
An Unborn Visitant (1932), Vita Sackville-West
Tamar (1932), Lady Eleanor Smith
There and Here (1897), Alice Brown
The Substitute (1914), Georgia Wood Pangborn
The Teacher (1976), Luisa Valenzuela
The Ghost (1978), Anne Sexton
Three Dreams in a Desert (1890), Olive Schreiner
The Fall (1967), Armonía Somers
Pandora Pandaemonia (1988), Jules Faye
The Doll (1927), Vernon Lee
The Debutante (1939), Leonora Carrington
The Readjustment (1908), Mary Austin
Clay-Shuttered Doors (1926), Helen R. Hull
Since I Died (1873), Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
The Little Dirty Girl (1983), Joanna Russ
Envoi: For Emily D.
Recommended Reading

Winner of 1989 Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian Science Fiction / Fantasy

When Women Rule edited by Sam Moskowitz
New York: Walker and Company, 1972.
Contains Introductory Essay, "When Women Rule," by Sam Moskowitz (pp. 1-27; originally published in If Science Fiction August 1967); "The Amazons" by Herodotus (pp. 28-30); "The Queen of California" by Garcia Ordonez de Montalvo (translated and with notes by Edward Everett Hale) (pp. 31-61); "The Revolt of the ---" by Robert Barr (pp. 62-71); "June 6, 2016" by George Allan England (pp. 72-94); "The Veiled Feminists of Atlantis" by Booth Tarkington (pp. 95-103); "The Last Man" by Wallace G. West (pp. 104-130); "The Last Woman" by Thomas S. Gardner (pp. 131-148); "The Feminine Metamorphosis" by David H. Keller (pp. 149-197); "The Priestess Who Rebelled" by Nelson S. Bond (pp. 198-221).

This anthology is not a feminist anthology; rather, Moskowitz does a survey of different types of matriarchal societies, including explicitly anti-feminist societies. He has a nice introduction surveying even more literature. - lq, 9/6/99

Woman Space: Future and Fantasy: Stories and Art by Women edited by the New Victoria Collective
New Victoria Publishers Inc.: 1981, Lebanon, New Hampshire. ISBN 0-934678-04-9.

"Introduction"; "The Girl with the Cloak" by Julia Older; "Mara" by Lois Metzger; "Cowboys" by Carole Rosenthal; "Little Tales from Nature" by Joanna Russ; "A Miracle and Other Solutions" by Carole Rosenthal; "Suffering Machines" by Margaret Kingery; "Every Girl's Dream" by Jennifer Malik; "Dialect of the Data Disk" by Celeste Newbrough; "Zero Sum Game" by Claudia Lamperti and Jennifer Malik; "The Devil We Know" by Eileen Kernaghan; "To Market, To Market" by Josephine Saxton; "The Turning" by Elaine McKay Smith; and "Without a Daughter" by Claudia Lamperti.

A Woman's Liberation: A Choice of Futures By and About Women edited by Connie Willis and Sheila Williams.
Warner: 2001 (ISBN 0-446-67742-6)

Ten famous sf stories written by women, with female protagonists; originally published in Analog or Asimov's.

Dedication: "To the trailblazing women in science fiction who marked the way for the rest of us."

Includes: "Introduction: Women's Lib, 'The Liberation,' and the Many Other Liberations of Science Fiction" by Connie Willis;
"Inertia" by Nancy Kress;
"Even the Queen" by Connie Willis;
"Fool's Errand" by Sarah Zettel;
"Rachel in Love" by Pat Murphy;
"Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand" by Vonda McIntyre;
"The July Ward" by S. N. Dyer;
"The Kidnapping of Baroness 5" by Katherine MacLean;
"Speech Sounds" by Octavia Butler;
"The Ship Who Mourned" by Anne McCaffrey;
"A Woman's Liberation" by Ursula K. Le Guin;

Women of Darkness edited by Katheryn Ptacek.
Tor: New York, 1988.
"Original horror and dark fantasy by contemporary women writers"

Introduction by Katheryn Ptacek
"Baby" by Kit Reed;
"Ransom Cowl Walks the Road," by Nancy Varian Berberick;
"True Love," by Patricia Russo;
"In the Shadows of My Fear," by Joan Vander Putten;
"The Spirit Cabinet," by Lisa Tuttle;
"Hooked on Buzzer," by Elizabeth Massie;
"Little Maid Lost," by Rivka Jacobs;
"Mother Calls, But I Do Not Answer," by Rachel Cosgrove Payes;
"Nobody Lives There Now. Nothing Happens." by Carol Orlock;
"The Baku," by Lucy Taylor;
"The Devil's Rose," by Tanith Lee;
"Midnight Madness," by Wendy Webb;
"Monster McGill," by Cary G. Osborne;
"Aspen Graffiti," by Melanie Tem;
"Sister," by Wennicke Eide Cox;
"Samba Sentado," by Karen Haber;
"When Thunder Walks," by Conda V. Douglas;
"Slide Number Seven," by Sharon Epperson;
"The Unloved," by Melissa Mia Hall; and
"Cannibal Cats Come Out Tonight," by Nancy Holder.

Women of Darkness 2 edited by Katheryn Ptacek.
Tor: New York, 1990.
A second volume of all-original stories selected by Ptacek to showcase contemporary women horror writers.

Introduction, by Katheryn Ptacek;
"The Co-Op," by Melanie Tem;
"Fruits of Love," by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro;
"Sara and the Slime Creature," by Resa Nelson;
"Just Idle Chatter," by Jean Pavia;
"Act of Love," by Kristl Volk Franklin;
"Arc Light," by Lisa W. Cantrell;
"The Pit," by Patricia Ramsey Jones;
"A Rainy Evening in Western Illinois," by Rebecca Lyons;
"Coming Back," by Ginger LaJeunesse;
"I Know What To Do," by Yvonne Navarro;
"The Drought," by Lois Tilton;
"The Nightmare's Tale," by Tanith Lee;
"He Whistles Far and Wee," by Kiel Stuart;
"Dirty Pain," by Lisa Swallow;
"Last Echoes," by Janet Lorimer;
"Daddy's Coming Home," by Lynn S. Hightower;
"A Touch of the Old Lilith," by Nina Kiriki Hoffman; and
"Footprints in the Water," by Poppy Z. Brite;

Women of Other Worlds: Excursions Through Science Fiction and Feminism, edited by Helen Merrick and Tess Williams.
Nedlands, Western Australia: University of Western Australian Press, 1999.

An anthology of criticism and science fiction.

Acknowledgments (ix);
Preface, by Helen Merrick and Tess Williams (xiii);
Introduction, by Jeanne Gomoll (1);
"An envoy from Senectutus: Wiscon 20 guest of honour speech," by Ursula K. Le Guin (12);
"Handwork" by Rebecca Marjesdatter (fiction) (p. 20);
"The small black box of morality" by Eleanor Arnason (fiction) (p. 24);
"Reading piebald patterns in Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness" by Ellen Peel (p. 29);
"And she was the word" by Tess Williams (fiction) (p. 41);
"Of women and wonder: a conversation with Suzy McKee Charnas" by Bill Clemente (p. 60);
"A beauty, a phantom, and two talking heads: the psychology of confinement in Suzy McKee Charnas' 'Beauty and the Opera'" by Jennifer Stevenson (p. 82);
"Notes of a border crosser" by Susanna Sturgis (p. 102);
"From female man to feminist fan: uncovering 'herstory' in the annals of sf fandom" by Helen Merrick (p. 115);
"A non-traveller spends a month away from home" by Jessica Amanda Salmonson (p. 140);
"And Salome danced" by Kelley Eskridge (fiction) (p. 147);
"The erotics of gender ambiguity: a Fem-SF symposium" compiled by Helen Merrick (p. 162);
"The kidnapping of Baroness 5" by Katherine MacLean (fiction) (p. 184);
"Of synners and brainworms: feminism on the wire" by Rebecca Holden (p. 209);
"Home by the sea" by Elisabeth Vonarburg (fiction) (p. 228);
"Writing from the body" by Nicola Griffith (p. 247);
"A habit of waste" by Nalo Hopkinson (fiction) (p. 261);
"Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower: one alternative to to a futureless future" by Lisbeth Gant-Britton (p. 277);
Excerpt from The freedom maze by Delia Sherman (fiction) (p. 295);
"Hush my mouth" by Suzette Haden Elgin (fiction) (p. 309);
"The onion skin theory of identity, the paint pot theory of gender, and the Blu-tack theory of position" by Rosaleen Love (p. 319);
"The universe of things" by Gwyneth Jones (fiction) (p. 329);
"Illusion and expectation: the baking of a science fiction award" by Pat Murphy (p. 342);
"Ideologically labile fruit crisp" by Eileen Gunn (recipe & commentary) (p. 351);
"Tiptree stories" by Justine Larbalestier (p. 355);
"The Marianas Islands" by Karen Joy Fowler (fiction) (p. 370);
"Letterspace: in the chinks between published fiction and published criticism" by Lois McMaster Bujold and Sylvia Kelso (p. 383);
"Dvorzjak symphony" by Candas Jane Dorsey (fiction) (p. 410);
"She undoes" by Greer Gilman (fiction) (p. 419);
"Better to have loved: exerpts from a life" by Judith Merril (biography) (p. 422);
Supplementary bibliography: Select list of additional critical resources on feminist SF (p. 443);
Selected list of feminist SF (p. 462).

Women at War edited by Lois McMaster Bujold and Roland J. Green.
Tor (Tom Doherty Associates): New York, 1995.
"The first original anthology of military SF by women"
Includes "Introduction" by Lois McMaster Bujold; "Introduction" by Roland J. Green; "The Purge" by Jennifer Stevenson; "Traitor" by R. M. Meluch; "A Few Good Men" by Holly Lisle; "Sitting Shiva" by Judith Tarr; "Homecoming" by Mickey Zucker Reichert; "The One-Armed Queen" by Jane Yolen; "For the Right Reason" by Sydney Long; "A Matter of Faith" by Juanita Coulson; "First Communion" by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough; "Edge of the Sword" by Susan Booth; "The Heart of the Hydra" by Gay Marshall; "White Wings" by P. J. Beese; "Flambeaux" by Adrienne Martine-Barnes; "Notes During a Time of Civil War" by Margaret Ball; "Fugitives" by P. N. Elrod; "Lizard" by P. M. Griffin; and "Hand to Hand" by Elizabeth Moon.

Women of War edited by Tanya Huff and Alexander Potter
New York: Daw Books, 2005

"Fifteen original tales of women who are or become warriors, facing challenges in the many realms of fantasy and science fiction"

"Introduction" by Tanya Huff & Alexander Potter;
"Fighting Chance" by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller;
"Painted Child of Earth" by Rosemary Edghill;
"She's Such a Nasty Morsel" by Julie E. Czerneda;
"The Children of Diardin: To Find the Advantage" by Fiona Patton;
"Not That Kind of a War" by Tanya Huff;
"The Black Ospreys" by Michelle West;
"The Art of War" by Bruce Holland Rogers;
"Geiko" by Kerrie Hughes;
"Shin-Gi-Tai" by Robin Wayne Bailey;
"The Last Hand of War" by Jana Paniccia;
"War Games" by Lisanne Norman;
"Fire from the Sun" by Jane Lindskold;
"Sweeter Far Than Flowing Honey" by Stephen Leigh;
"Token" by Anna Oster;
"Elites" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Women Who Run With the Werewolves: Tales of Blood, Lust and Metamorphosis edited by Pam Keesey
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Cleis Press, 1996
Includes Pam Keesey, "Introduction"; Charlee Jacob, "Permafrost"; Suzy McKee Charnas, "Boobs"; Judy Brewer, "Moon Running"; Renee M. Charles, "A Model of Transformation"; Steve Eller, "The Final Truth"; Ursula K. Le Guin, "The Wife's Story"; Paul Allen, "Teamwork"; Thomas S. Roche, "Sisters of the Weird"; Barbara J. Ferrenz, "The Change"; Jeremy E. Johnson, "Euphorbia Helioscopia"; Tom Piccirilli, "The Hound of God"; Pamela J. Jessen, "Visitation"; Mari Hersh-Tudor, "A Wilder Truth"; Michael W. Lucas, "Breaking the Circle"; Melanie Tem, "Wilding"; About the Authors; About the Editor.

The Women Who Walk Through Fire: Women's Fantasy and Science Fiction edited by Susanna Sturgis
Freedom, California: The Crossing Press, 1990

Volume 2 of Susanna Sturgis' "Women's Fantasy and Science Fiction" series. See also Volume 1, Memories and Visions.

Includes Cathy Hinga Haustein, "Earth and Sky Words"; Rosalind A. Warren, "The Inkblot Test"; Deborah H. Fruin, "New Age Baby"; Phyllis Ann Karr, "Night of the Short Knives"; L. Timmel Duchamp, "The Forbidden Words of Margaret A."; G. K. Sprinkle, "Road Runner"; Cleo Kocol, "Picnic Days"; Elaine Bergstrom, "Net Songs"; Carol Severance, "Shark-Killer"; J. L. Comeau, "Firebird"; Eleanor Arnason, "A Ceremony of Discontent"; Merrill Mushroom, "Mamugrandae -- The Second Tale"; Rachel Pollack, "The Girl Who Went to the Rich Neighborhood"; Ginger Simpson Curry, "Sahrel Short Swords"; Lucy Sussex, "My Lady Tongue"; Ruth Shigezawa, "Hills of Blue, an Orange Moon"; and an Introduction by the editor.

Witches' Brew: Horror and Supernatural Stories by Women edited by Marcia Muller and Bill Prinzini
Macmillan Pub. Co. 1984 (ISBN 0025992309)

Women of Wonder: Science Fiction Stories by Women about Women edited by Pamela Sargent
Vintage Books (Random House): New York, 1974
"Science fiction stories by women about women"
Women of Wonder includes "Introduction: Women and Science Fiction" by Pamela Sargent, "The Child Reams" by Sonya Dorman, "That Only a Mother" by Judith Merril, "Contagion" by Katharine MacLean, "The Wind People" by Marion Zimmer Bradley, "The Ship Who Sang" by Anne McCaffrey, "When I Was Miss Dow" by Sonya Dorman, "The Food Farm" by Kit Reed, "Baby, You Were Great" by Kate Wilhelm, "Sex and/or Mr. Morrison" by Carol Emshwiller, "Vaster Than Empires and More Slow" by Ursula K. Le Guin, "False Dawn" by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, "Nobody's Home" by Joanna Russ, and "Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand" by Vonda N. McIntyre.
See also:
More Women of Wonder
The New Women of Wonder
Women of Wonder: The Classic Years
Women of Wonder: The Contemporary Years

Women of Wonder, The Classic Years: Science Fiction by Women from the 1940s to the 1970s edited by Pamela Sargent
Harcourt Brace & Company: 1995.
Three original Women of Wonder anthologies were revised and reissued in two volumes, as Women of Wonder: The Classic Years and Women of Wonder: The Contemporary Years.

Includes: "Introduction" by Pamela Sargent; "No Woman Born" by C. L. Moore; "That Only a Mother" by Judith Merril; "Contagion" by Katherine MacLean; "The Woman from Altair" by Leigh Brackett; "Short in the Chest" by Margaret St. Clair; "The Anything Box" by Zenna Henderson; "Death Between the Stars" by Marion Zimmer Bradley; "The Ship Who Sang" by Anne McCaffrey; "When I Was Miss Dow" by Sonya Dorman Hess; "The Food Farm" by Kit Reed; "The Heat Death of the Universe" by Pamela Zoline; "The Power of Time" by Josephine Saxton; "False Dawn" by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro; "Nobody's Home" by Joanna Russ; "The Funeral" by Kate Wilhelm; "Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand" by Vonda McIntyre; "The Women Men Don't See" by James Tiptree, Jr.; "The Warlord of Saturn's Moons" by Eleanor Arnason; "The Day Before the Revolution" by Ursula K. Le Guin; "The Family Monkey" by Lisa Tuttle; "View from a Height" by Joan D. Vinge; About the Authors; About the Editor; Recommended Reading: Science Fiction by Women, 1818-1978.

See also: Women of Wonder
More Women of Wonder
The New Women of Wonder
Women of Wonder: The Contemporary Years

Women of Wonder, The Contemporary Years: Science Fiction by Women from the 1970s to the 1990s edited by Pamela Sargent
Harcourt Brace & Company: 1995.
Three original Women of Wonder anthologies were revised and reissued in two volumes, as Women of Wonder: The Classic Years and Women of Wonder: The Contemporary Years.

This volume includes: "Introduction" by Pamela Sargent; "Cassandra" by C. J. Cherryh; "The Thaw" by Tanith Lee; "Scorched Supper on New Niger" by Suzy McKee Charnas; "Abominable" by Carol Emshwiller; "Bluewater Dreams" by Sydney J. Van Scyoc; "The Cabinet of Edgar Allan Poe" by Angela Carter; "The Harvest of Wolves" by Mary Gentle; "Bloodchild" by Octavia E. Butler; "Fears" by Pamela Sargent; "Webrider" by Jayge Carr; "Alexia and Graham Bell" by Rosaleen Love; "Reichs-Peace" by Sheila Finch; "Angel" by Pat Cadigan; "Rachel in Love" by Pat Murphy; "Game Night at the Fox and Goose" by Karen Joy Fowler; "Tiny Tango" by Judith Moffett; "At the Rialto" by Connie Willis; "Midnight News" by Lisa Goldstein; "And Wild for to Hold" by Nancy Kress; "Immaculate" by Storm Constantine; "Farming in Virginia" by Rebecca Ore; About the Authors; About the Editor; Recommended Reading: Science Fiction by Women, 1979-1993.

See also: Women of Wonder
More Women of Wonder
The New Women of Wonder
Women of Wonder: The Classic Years

Women Writing Science Fiction as Men edited by Mike Resnick.
Daw: New York, 2003.

The premise was for women sf writers to write a story "not about a man's actions, not using him as a main character, but as a man"; that "each story had to be told in the first person of a man; and second, if changing the narrator from Victor to Victoria didn't invalidate the story we didn't want it." -- from Resnick's Introduction.

Includes: Introduction by Mike Resnick;
"Homecoming" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch;
"Big" by Leah A. Zeldes;
"Prayerville" by Janis Ian;
"Kingdom Come" by Kay Kenyon;
"Licensed to Reclaim" by Laura Resnick;
"Better Than Ants" by Barbara Galler-Smith;
"Blackbird, Fly!" by Linda J. Dunn;
"Call for Submissions" by Severna Park;
"All My Children" by Leslie What;
"What Goes Around" by Robyn Herrington;
"Thumping the Weaver" by Susan R. Matthews;
"Maxwell's Law" by Adrienne Gormley;
"Diving After Reflected Woman" by Terry McGarry;
"Sweeps Week" by Mercedes Lackey;
"A Good Idea at the Time" by Karen E. Taylor;
"Jesus Freaks" by Jennifer Roberson.

Worlds Apart: An Anthology of Lesbian and Gay Science Fiction and Fantasy edited by Camilla Decarnin, Eric Garber, and Lyn Paleo.
AlyCat Books: Boston, 1986.

Includes "Harper Conan and Singer David" by Edgar Pangborn; "Houston, Houston, Do You Read?" by James Tiptree, Jr.; "To Keep the Oath" by Marion Zimmer Bradley; "Do Androids Dream of Electric Love?" Walt Liebscher; "Lollipop and the Tar Baby" by John Varley; "The Mystery of the Young Gentleman" by Joanna Russ; "The Gods of Reorth" by Elizabeth A. Lynn; "Find the Lady" by Nicholas Fisk; "No Day Too Long" by Jewelle Gomez; "Full Fathom Five My Father Lies" by Rand B. Lee; "Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones" by Samuel R. Delany; About the Contributors (313-318); and Acknowledgements (319).

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