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Rapunzel's Revenge
Rapunzel's Revenge: More Feminist Fairytales
Renunciates of Darkover
Restless Spirits: Ghost Stories by American Women, 1872-1926
Ride on Rapunzel

Rapunzel's Revenge
from Attic Press
"Fairytales for Feminists" series, 1st in series

Rapunzel's Revenge: More Feminist Fairytales
from Attic Press
1995: Attic Press, Dublin.
© 1995 individual authors
"Fairytales for Feminists" series.
144 pp.
ISBN 1-85594-131-7
Cover design: Michael O'Dwyer

"The Witch Hunt" / Máirín Johnston;
"The Story of Emer" / Joni Crone;
"Dick Whittington and Her Cat" / Anne Killeen;
"Damsel in Distress" / Margaret Neylon;
"The Princess and the Sun" / Moya Roddy;
"The Ugly Sisters Strike Back" / Linda Kavanagh;
"The Soothsayer's Quest" / Joni Crone;
"No More Embroidery" / Celia de Fréine;
"The King, the Queen and the Donkey Man" / Ivy Bannister;
"The Selkie" / Melissa Murray;
"The Woman Who Lived in a Shoe" / Máirín Johnston;
"Sturdy Ms Muffet" (also titled "Sturdy Miss Muffet" within the book) / Liz Mellon;
"The Tired Trainer of Hamelin" / Liz McManus;
"Rapunzel Wrecks Royalty" / Ríona MacNamara;
"The Woodcutter's Daughter" / Heather Celmalis; and
"The Merchant Prince" / Heather Celmalis.

Renunciates of Darkover
edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley and The Friends of Darkover.

Introduction / MZB
Strife / Chel Avery
Amazon Excerpt / MZB
Broken Vows / Annette Rodriguez
If Only Banshees Could See / Janet R. Rhodes
A Midsummer Night's Gift / Deborah Wheeler
The Honor of the Guild / Joan Marie Verba
A Butterfly Season / Diana L. Paxson
Misjudged Situations / Kelly B. Jaggers
Awakening / Mary Fenoglio
Carlina's Calling / Patricia D. Novak
A Beginning / Judith Kobylecky
Set a Thief / Mercedes Lackey
Shut-in / Jean Lamb
Danila's Song / Vera Nazarian
A Proper Escort / Elisabeth Waters
The Lesson in the Foothills / Lynne Armstrong-Jones
Summer Fair / Emily Alward
Varzil's Avengers / Diann S. Partridge
To Touch a Comyn / Andrew Rey
About Time / Patricia B. Cirone
Family Visit / Margaret L. Carter
Dalereuth Guild House / Priscilla W. Armstrong

Restless Spirits: Ghost Stories by American Women, 1872-1976
edited by Catherine A. Laudie
1997. University of Massachusetts Press. ISBN 1558490566.
Includes: Introduction
I. Until Death Do Us Part ... and After: Marriage -- Edith Wharton, "The Lady's Maid's Bell" (1902) - Mary Austin, "The Readjustment" (1908) - Olivia Howard Dunbar, "The Shell of Sense" (1908) - Zora Neale Hurston, "Spunk" (1925) - Hildegarde Hawthorne, "A Legend of Sonora" (1891)
II. The Tie that Binds: Motherhood -- Josephine Daskam Bacon, "The Children" (1913) - Georgia Wood Pangborn, "Broken Glass" (1911) - Cornelia A. P. Comer, "The Little Gray Ghost" (1912) - Katharine Holland Brown, "Hunger" (1907) - Charlotte Perkins Gilman, "The Giant Wistaria (1891)
III. The "Other" Woman: Sexuality -- M. E. M. Davis, "At La Glorieuse" (1898) - Ellen Glasgow, "The Past" (1920) - Mrs. Wilson Woodrow, "Secret Chambers" (1909) - Kate Chopin, "Her Letters" (1895)
IV. Madwomen or Mad Women? The Medicalization of the Female -- Mary Heaton Vorse, "The Second Wife" (1912) - Harriett Prescott Spofford, "Her Story" (1872) - Josephine Daskam Bacon, "The Gospel" (1913) - Helen R. Hull, "Clay-Shuttered Doors" (1926)
V. Shades of Discontent: Widows and Spinsters -- Anne Page, "Lois Benson's Love Story" (1890) - Annie Trumbull Slosson, "A Dissatisfied Soul" (1904) - Gertrude Morton, "Mistress Marian's Light" (1889) - Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, "Luella Miller" (1902)

Ride on Rapunzel: Fairytales for Feminists
from Attic Press
1992: Attic Press, Dublin.
© 1992 individual authors and Attic Press.
"Fairytales for Feminists" series, 6th in series
143 pp.Cover Design: Kate White; Illustrations: Siobhán Condon, Denise Kierans, Barbara Nolan, Paula Nolan, Catherine McConville, and Kate White.

Reprinted stories collected from the other volumes in the series.

"Cinderella Re-examined" / Maeve Binchy;
"Rapunzel's Revenge" / Anne Claffey, Róisín Conroy, Linda Kavanagh, Mary Paul Keane, Catherine MacConville, Sue Russell;
"Goldilocks Finds a Home" / Sue Russell;
"Some Day My Prince Will Come" / Róisín Sheerin;
"The Princesses' Forum" / Linda Kavanagh;
"Hi Ho, It's Off to Strike We Go!" / Mary Maher;
"Jack's Mother and the Beanstalk" / Elizabeth O'Driscoll;
"The Fate of Aoife and the Children of Aobh" / Mary Dorcey;
"Ms Snow White Wins Case In High Court" / Clodagh Corcoran;
"Riding Hood" / Zoë Fairbairns;
"Snida" / Leland Barwell;
"The Frog Prince" / Anne Cooper;
"That'll Teach Her" / Evelyn Conlon;
"Happy Ever After and Other Obsessoins" / Mairíde Woods;
"The King, The Queen and The Donkey Man" / Ivy Bannister;
"The Twelve Dancing Princesses" / Roz Cowman;
"The Frog Prince Revisited" / Anne Claffey;
"The Budgeen" / Margaretta D'Arcy;
"The Witch-Hunt" / Máirín Johnston;
"Snow-Fight Defeats Patri-Arky" / Gráinne Healy; and
"Thumbelina" / Joni Crone.

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