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- V -
The Venus Factor
The Virago Book of Fairy Tales
The Virago Book of Ghost Stories
The Virago Book of Ghost Stories: Volume Two: The Twentieth Century
The Virago Book of Victorian Ghost Stories
The Virago Book of Witches

The Venus Factor edited by Vic Ghidalia and Roger Elwood
Manor Books Inc.: New York, 1972.
The Venus Factor is a collection of short stories including works by Cynthia Asquith, Gertrude Atherton, Agatha Christie, Miriam Allen De Ford, Zenna Henderson, Anne McCaffrey, Judith Merril, and C. L. Moore.

God Grante That She Lye Stille”/ Cynthia Asquith (originally in When Churchyards Yawn, ed. Cynthia Asquith, London: Hutchinson, 1931)
The Foghorn / Gertrude Atherton (originally in Good Housekeeping Nov 1934)
The Last Séance [“The Woman Who Stole a Ghost”] / Agatha Christie (originally in Ghost Stories Nov 1926; republished in EQMM Nov 1971)
Against Authority / Miriam Allen deFord (originally in F&SF Feb 1966)
J-Line to Nowhere / Zenna Henderson (originally in F&SF Sep 1969)
The Ship Who Disappeared [*Helva] / Anne McCaffrey (originally in If March 1969)
The Lady Was a Tramp / Rose Sharon [pseudonym for Judith Merril] (originally in Venture March 1957)
The Dark Land / C. L. Moore (originally in Weird Tales January 1936) (a Jirel of Joiry story)

The Virago Book of Fairy Tales edited by Angela Carter.
1990: Virago, England (ISBN 1853814407)
Illustrated by Corinna Sargood

Virago Book series.


1. Brave, Bold and Wilful
The Search for Luck
Mr Fox
The Promise
Kate Crackernuts
The Fisher-Girl and the Crab

2. Clever Women, Resourceful Girls and Desperate Stratagems
Maol a Chliobain
The Wise Little Girl
Blubber Boy
The Girl Who Stayed in the Fork of a Tree
The Princess in the Suit of Leather
The Hare
Vasilisa the Priest's Daughter
The Pupil
The Rich Farmer's Wife
Keep Your Secrets
The Three Measures of Salt
The Resourceful Wife
Aunt Kate's Goomer-Dust
The Battle of the Birds
Clever Gretel
The Furburger

3. Sillies
A Pottle o'Brains
Young Man in the Morning
Now I Should Laugh, If I Were Not Dead
The Three Sillies
The Boy Who Had Never Seen Women
The Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle
Tom Tit Tot
The Husband Who Was to Mind the House

4. Good Girls and Where it Gets Them
East o' the Sun and West o' the Moon
The Good Girl and the Ornery Girl
The Armless Maiden

5. Witches
The Chinese Princess
The Cat-Witch
The Baba Yoga
Mrs Number Three

6. Unhappy Families
The Girl Who Banished Seven Youths
The Market of the Dead
The Woman Who Married Her Son's Wife
The Little Red Fish and the Clog of Gold
The Wicked Stepmother
Tuglik and Her Granddaughter
The Juniper Tree
Nourie Hadig
Beauty and Pock Face
Old Age

7. Moral Tales
Little Red Hiding Hood
Feet Water
Wives Cure Boastfulness
Tongue Meat
The Woodcutter's Wealthy Sister
Escaping Slowly
Nature's Ways
The Two Women Who Found Freedom
How a Husband Weaned His Wife from Fairy Tales


The Virago Book of Ghost Stories edited by Richard Dalby; with an introduction by Jennifer Uglow.
1987: Virago (0-86068-810-0, hardcover, first British ed.);
1989: McGraw Hill (0-07-015132-6 pbk, 0-07-01533-4, hardback; first American ed.)
1990: Virago (1-85381-214-5)
331 pages

Virago edition: cover art by Gerald Brockhurst.

Virago Book series. 20th century ghost stories by women writers; 3 original to this volume.

The American edition includes:
Preface by Richard Dalby;
Introduction by Jennifer Uglow (8 pages);

Edith Wharton - The Eyes (from Scribner's June 1910);
E. Nesbit - The Violet Car (from Fear, 1910);
Henrietta D. Everett - The Crimson Blind (from The Death-Mask, and Other Ghosts, 1920);
May Sinclair - The Token (from Hutchinson's Magazine, March 1922);
Ellen Glasgow - The Shadowy Third (from Scribner's, December 1916);
Marjory E. Lambe (G. G. Trenery) - The Return (from Hutchinson's Mystery Story Magazine, March 1924);
Margery Lawrence - The Haunted Saucepan (from Nights of the Round Table, 1926);
Mary Webb - Mr. Tallent's Ghost (from The Ghost-Book, edited by Cynthia Asquith, 1926);
Enid Bagnold - The Amorous Ghost (from The Ghost-Book, edited by Cynthia Asquith, 1926);
Marjorie Bowen - The Accident (from The Mathematical Gazette December 1923) (short short);
Marjorie Bowen - A Persistent Woman (from Dark Ann, and Other Stories, 1927) (short short);
Phyllis Bottome - The Waiting-Room (from The Virginia Quarterly Review, July 1926);
Catherine Wells - The Ghost (from The Windsor Magazine, May 1928);
Eleanor Scott - "Will Ye No' Come Back Again?" (from Randall's Round, 1929);
E. M. Delafield - Sophy Mason Comes Back (from Time and Tide, 1930);
Hester Gorst - The Doll's House from Horrors, edited anonymously, 1933);
Edith Olivier - The Night Nurse's Story (from Harper's Bazaar, January 1934);
Winifred Holtby - The Voice of God (from Truth Is Not Sober, 1934);
Cynthia Asquith - The Follower (from My Grimmest Nightmare, edited by Cecil Madden, 1935);
F. M. Mayor - Miss De Mannering of Asham (from The Room Opposite, 1935);
Stella Gibbons - Roaring Tower (from Roaring Tower, 1937);
D. K. Broster - Juggernaut (from Couching at the Door, 1942);
Elizabeth Bowen - The Happy Autumn Fields (from The Cornhill Magazine, 1944);
Pamela Hansford Johnson - The Empty Schoolroom (from The Uncertain Element, edited by Kay Dick, 1950);
Elizabeth Jane Howard - Three Miles Up (from We Are for the Dark, 1951);
Rose Macaulay - Whitewash (from The Second Ghost Book, edited by Cynthia Asquith and James Barrier, 1952);
Elizabeth Taylor - Poor Girl (from The Third Ghost Book, edited by Cynthia Asquith & James Barrie, 1955);
Elizabeth Jenkins - On No Account, My Love (from The Third Ghost Book, edited by Cynthia Asquith & James Barrie, 1955);
Rosemary Timperley - The Mistress in Black (from The Fifth Ghost Book, edited by Rosemary Timperley, James Barrie, and Rockliff, 1969);
Norah Lofts - A Curious Experience (from Woman's Journal, 1971);
Fay Weldon - Breakages (from The Midnight Ghost Book, edited by James Hale, 1978);
Elizabeth Walter - Dual Control (from Dead Woman, 1975);
Sara Maitland - Lady With Unicorn;
Lisa St. Aubin de Teran - Diamond Jim;
Angela Carter - Ashputtle;
Brief notes on all authors.

The Virago Book of Ghost Stories: Volume Two: The Twentieth Century edited by Richard Dalby
1991: Virago (ISBN 1-85381-454-7 hc; 1-85381-259-5 tp)
318 pp., cover illustration by Sir James Jebusa Shannon.

Virago Book series.

Anthology of 27 ghost stories, four original, by 20th century women writers.

Preface / Richard Dalby
Introduction / Sara Maitland
The July Ghost / Antonia S. Byatt (from Firebird #1, 1982)
With and Without Buttons / Mary Butts (from Last Stories, 1938)
Don't Tell Cissie / Celia Fremlin (from By Horror Haunted, 1974)
The Book / Margaret Irwin (from The London Mercury, September 1930)
The Grey Men / Rebecca West (from Tales of Mystery, edited by Ernest Rhys and C. A. Dawson-Scott, 1927)
The Pool / Daphne du Maurier (from Breaking Point, 1959)
The Station Road / Ann Bridge (from The Song in the House, 1936)
Black Dog / Penelope Lively (from Nothing Missing But the Samovar, 1978)
No. 17 / Edith Nesbit (from The Strand, June 1910; reprinted in EQMM August 1951)
Prelude / Pamela Sewell
The Pestering / D. K. Broster (from Crouching at the Door, 1942)
I Used to Live Here Once / Jean Rhys (from Sleep It Off, Lady, 1976)
A Spirit Elopement / Clotilde Graves (from Off Sandy Hook, 1915)
Whittington's Cat / Eleanor Smith (from Satan's Circus, 1932)
The Haunting of Shawley Rectory / Ruth Rendell (from EQMM, 12/17/1979)
Mare Amore "Storm" / Margery Lawrence from Cassell's, December 1931)
Who's Been Sitting in My Car? / Antonia Fraser (from Prevailing Spirits, edited by Giles Gordon, 1976)
The Ghosts of Calagou / Elizabeth Fancett
Afterward / Edith Wharton (from The Century, January 1910)
The Thingummyjig / Mary Williams (from The Haunted Valley, 1978)
The House of Shadows / Mary Elizabeth Counselman (from Weird Tales, April 1933)
Rosalind / Richmal Crompton (from Sovereign Magazine, April 1925)
Redundant / Dorothy K. Haynes
The Dream of Fair Women / A. L. Barker (from Stories of Haunted Inns, edited by Denys Val Baker, 1983)
The Chauffeur / Mary Ann Allen (pseudonym for Rosemary Pardoe) (from The Angry Dead, 1986)
The Traitor / Joan Aiken
The Landlady / Elinor Mordaunt (from Hutchinson's Magazine August 1923)

Notes on the Authors / Richard Dalby.

The Virago Book of Victorian Ghost Stories edited by Richard Dalby.
1988: Virago (ISBN 0-86068-809-7 hc);
1992: Virago (ISBN 1-85381-480-6 tp);
Cover art by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

reissued as: Victorian Ghost Stories by Eminent Women Writers (1989: Carroll & Graf, 0-88184-473-X; 1990 0-88184-593-0)
reissued as: Victorian Ghost Stories by Noted Women Writers (1996: Barnes & Noble; 0-76070-354-X)

Virago Book series.

21 classic ghost stories by women; introduction by Jennifer Uglow.

Preface / Richard Dalby
Introduction / Jennifer Uglow
Napoleon and the Spectre / Charlotte Brontë (written 1833; published 1919)
The Old Nurse's Story / Elizabeth Gaskell (from Household Words, Christmas, 1852)
The Last House in C-Street / Dinah Maria Mulock (from Fraser's Magazine August 1856)
Round the Fire / Catherine Crowe (from Ghosts and Family Legends, 1858)
The Cold Embrace / Mary Elizabeth Braddon (from Welcome Guest, September 29, 1860)
Not to be Taken at Bed-Time / Rosa Mulholland (from All the Year Round Christmas 1865)
The Story of Salome / Amelia B. Edwards (from Storm-Bound, Tinsley's Christmas Annual 1872, 1872)
The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth / Rhoda Broughton (from Temple Bar, February 1868)
Reality or Delusion? / Mrs. Henry Wood (from Argosy (UK), December 1868)
Winthrop's Adventure (A Cultured Ghost) / Vernon Lee (from Fraser's Magazine, January 1881)
The Old House in Vauxhall Walk / Charlotte Riddell (from Weird Stories, 1882)
The Open Door / Margaret Oliphant (1868)
Cecilia de Noël / Lanoe Falconer (1891)
Many Waters Cannot Quench Love / Louisa Baldwin (from The Shadow on the Blind and Other Ghost Stories, 1895)
The Prayer: The Story of a Ghost / Violet Hunt (from Chapman's Magazine of Fiction, December, 1895)
Let Loose / Mary Cholmondeley (from Living Age, May 17, 1890)
The Villa Lucienne / Ella D'Arcy (from Yellow Book #10, 1896)
The Striding Place / Gertrude Atherton (from The Speaker, 1896)
The Affair at Grover Station / Willa Cather (from The Library June 16, 1900)
The Vacant Lot / Mary E. Wilkins Freeman (from Everybody's Magazine, September 1902)
Haunted! / Isabella Banks (from Ripples and Breakers, 1898)
and Notes on the Authors.

The Virago Book of Witches edited by Shahrukh Husain.
1993: Virago Press Limited, London.
illustated by Liane Payne
XX1 + 244pp.

Virago Book series.



1. Alluring Women and Ailing Knights
Indravati and the Seven Sisters
Finn's Madness
The Nixy
The Maiden on the Loreley
Coonlagh Ruadh and the Fairy Maiden
The Marriage of Sir Gawain

2. Wise Old Women
I Love You More Than Salt
The Tale of the Merchant, the Crone and the King
The Four Gifts
Biddy's Early Flying Magic

3. Witches in Love: Possessive Women and Devoted Wives
The Morrigu
The Painted Skin
Lilith and the Blade of Grass
Daughter of the Moon, Son of the Sun
The Loving Fox
The Story of Aristomenes
Ala and the Old Hag
The Queen's Ring

4. Transformations
The Grinning Face of the Old Woman
The Red Woman
The Woman Who Turned Her Husband Into a Snake
The Boy and the Hare
The Snake Wife
The Old Woman in the Wood
The Leopard Woman
The Three Crones

5. Guardians of the Seasons and Elements
The First People and the First Corn
Mistress of Fire
Anancy and the Hide-Away Garden
Johnny, Draw the Knife
The Snow-Daughter and the Fire-Son
Mother Holle

6. Witchy Devices: Cauldrons, Broomsticks, and Trysts with the Devil
Hooch for Skye!
The Cauldron-Born
The Witches' Sabbath
The Birch Besom
The Broom is Busy
The Horned Women
The Goodwife of Laggan
Baha Yaga

7. Hungry Hags: Cannibals and Blood-Suckers
[some copies have this section numbered as 8, and titled 'Blook-Suckers']
Vikram and the Dakini
The Old Eagle-Hawk Woman
The Two Children and the Witch
My Sweet Witch
The Curse
Two Children and a Witch

8. Trials and Contests
The Bewitched Churn
Rabbi Joshua and the Witch
The Witchmaster's Advice
The Son of Seven Queens
The Caellie Bheur
Biddy Early, the Priest and the Crow
Petie-Pete Versus the Witch Bea-Witch


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