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New Amazons
New Eves
The New Women of Wonder
Night Bites
Night Shade
Not of Woman Born

New Amazons edited by Margaret Weis.
Daw: New York, 2000.
"All-original tales of brave women ready to sacrifice anything to gain victory over the deadliest foes."
Dedicated "To Jo Clayton who fought cancer and lost, but was not defeated"

Includes "Introduction"; "Scarifices" by R. Davis; "Emrys" by Nancy Springer; "Prices" by Jo Clayton; "Sleep With One Eye Open" by Linda Baker; "Messenger's Plight" by Robyn McGrew; "Gifts of Wonder and Darkness" by Kathleen M. Massie-Ferch; "On the Brink" by Lawrence C. Connolly; "Society of the Knife" by Janet Pack; "Brass in Pocket" by Cynthia Ward; "Move ... Tomorrow" by John Tigges; "Demon Drink" by Kate Novak-Grubb; "Look You on Beauty and Death" by Livia and James Reasoner; "Hannegan's Health" by Nick O'Donohoe; "Seven Grains" by Kevin T. Stein; "Love, Trouble, and Time" by Linda Mannheim; "Rights of Memory" by Gary A. Braunbeck; "Shadow" by Felicia Dale; "Three Choices: The Story of Lozen" by Jane Lindskold.

New Eves: Science Fiction About the Extraordinary Women of Today and Tomorrow edited by Janrae Frank, Jean Stine, and Forrest J. Ackerman
Longmeadow Press: Stanford, Connecticut, 1994.
Includes "Introduction", "Authors's Note", "Part One: The 20s & 30s", "Part Two: The 40s"; "Part Three: The 50s"; "Part Four: The 60s & 70s"; and "Part Five: The 80s -- And Beyond."
Part One includes "Friend Island" by Francis Stevens; "The Man of Stone" Hazel Heald; "The Conquest of Gola" Leslie F. Stone; and "Honeycombed Satellite" Helen Weinbaum.
Part Two includes "Space Episode" by Leslie Perri; "Water Pirate" Leigh Brackett; "Aleph Sub One" Margaret St. Clair; and "Throwback" Miriam Allen deFord.
Part Three includes "The Putnam Tradition" by Sonya Dorman; "All Cats Are Gray" Andre Norton; "Subcommitte" Zenna Henderson; "Idol's Eye" Carol Emshwiller; "The Last Day" Helen Clarkson; "The Lady Was a Tramp" Judith Merril; "A Peculiar People" Betsy Curtis; and "The Captain's Mate" Evelyn E. Smith.
Part Four includes "Sense of Duty" by Phyllis Eisenstein; "Bluewater Dreams" Sydney J. Van Scyoc; "Death Between the Stars" Marion Zimmer Bradley; "The Snows Are Melted, The Snows Are Gone" James Tiptree, Jr.; "The Last Days of the Captain" Kate Wilhelm; "Changeling" Anne McCaffrey; "Fears" Pamela Sargent; "Gleepsite" Joanna Russ; and "Winter's King" Ursula K. Le Guin. Part Five includes "Symphony for a Lost Traveler" by Lee Killough; "Speech Sounds" Octavia Butler; "The Missionary's Child" Maureen F. McHugh; "A Long Way Home" Shelia Finch; "The Lake Was Full of Artificial Things" Karen Joy Fowler; "California Dreamer" Mary Rosenblum; and "Down Behind Cuba Lake" Nancy Kress.

The New Women of Wonder: Recent Science Fiction Stories By Women About Women edited by Pamela Sargent
Vintage Books (Random House): New York, 1978
The New Women of Wonder: Recent Science Fiction Stories By Women About Women
Includes "Introduction" by Pamela Sargent; "View from the Moon Station" Sonya Dorman"; "Screwtop" Vonda N. McIntyre; "The Warlord of Saturn's Moons" Eleanor Arnason; "The Triumphant Head" Josephine Saxton; "The Heat Death of the Universe" Pamela Zoline; "Songs of War" Kit Reed; "The Women Men Don't See" James Tiptree, Jr.; "Debut" Carol Emshwiller; "When It Changed" Joanna Russ; "Dead in Irons" Chelsea Quinn Yarbro; "Building Block" Sonya Dorman; "Eyes of Amber" Joan D. Vinge; and "Further Reading."

See also: Women of Wonder
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Women of Wonder: The Classic Years
Women of Wonder: The Contemporary Years

Night Bites: Vampire Stories by Women: Tales of Blood and Lust edited by Victoria A. Brownworth
Seal Press: Seattle, 1996. ISBN 1-878067-71-0.
Includes: "Introduction" by Victoria A. Brownworth and Judith M. Redding; "They Have No Faces" by Meredith Suzanne Baird; "Anita, Polish Vampire, Holds Forth at the Jewish Cafe of the Dead" by Judith Katz; "The Last Train" by Linda K. Wright; "The Vampire's Baby" by Joanne Dahme; "Immunity" by Toni Brown; "Sustenance" by Susanna J. Sturgis; "Apologia" by Jan Carr; "Bad Company" by Joyce Wagner; "Almost the Color of Summer Sky" by Mabel Maney; "Best of Friends" by Lisa D. Williamson; "To Die For" Diane DeKalb-Rittenhouse; "Unexpurgated Notes from a Homicide Case File" by Judith M. Redding; "Refugio" Terri de la Peña; "Women's Music" Ruthann Robson; "Twelfth Night" Victoria A. Brownworth; "Backlash" by Nikki Baker; and contributors' notes. Cover design by Kate Thompson; Cover photograph by Karen Moskowitz; Text design by Clare Conrad.

Night Shade: Gothic Tales by Women edited by Victoria A. Brownworth and Judith M. Redding.
Seal: Seattle, 1999.
Includes: "Introduction" by Victoria A. Brownworth; "The Existential Housewife" by Lisa D. Williamson; "Femme Coverte" by Diane DeKelb-Rittenhouse; "Creepers" by Joanne Dahme; "Luella Miller" by Mary E. Wilkins-Freeman; "The Birthday Present" by Roz Warren; "La Noche" by Terri de la Peña; "Newtime Cowboy" by Joyce Wagner; "Apéritif"; "Feeding the Dark" by Jean Stewart; "The Acolyte" by Toni Brown; "Pierced" by Linda K. Wright; "Silkie" by Barbara Wilson; "Mud" by Judith M. Redding; "Keys" by Ruthann Robson; "Vengeance of Epona" by Susanna Sturgis; "Breech Birth" by Meredith S. Baird; "Day of the Dead" by Victoria A. Brownworth.

Not of Woman Born edited by Constance Ash.
Roc: New York, 1999.
"Tales of high-tech reproduction from the most inventive names in science fiction"
Includes: "Introduction" by Constance Ash; "Hunting Mother" by Sage Walker; "Judith's Flowers" by Susan Palwick; "A Gift to be Simple" by Patricia A. McKillip; "Island of the Ancestor" by William F. Wu; "One Day at Central Convenience Mall" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman; "Dead in the Water" Jack McDevitt; "Raising Jenny" by Janni Lee Simner; "There Was an Old Woman" by Robert Silverberg; "Remailer" by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald; "The Leopard's Garden" by Constance Ash; "Bouncing Babies" by Kara Dalkey; "Of Bitches Born" by Michael Armstrong; "Doppels" by Richard Parks; and "Daddy's World" by Walter Jon Williams.

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