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Feminist SF/F & Utopian Literature: A Checklist, L-Z



[ Selective Checklist (A-Z) ]

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Mercedes Lackey: [ short reviews ]
Valdemar series (of special interest)
The Oathbound (1988)
Oathbreakers (1989)
Oathblood (1998)

By the Sword (1991)

Magic's Pawn (1989)
Magic's Promise (1989)
Magic's Price (1990)

Mary E. Bradley Lane: [ bibliographic detail ]
Mizora: A Prophecy (1880-81) (republished 1999 as Mizora: A World of Women)

Aileen La Tourette: [ bibliographic detail ]
Cry Wolf (1986)

Tanith Lee: [ short reviews ]
The Birthgrave (1975; Lee's first published novel)
A Heroine of the World (1989)
Biting the Sun (first part: Don't Bite the Sun (1976) and second part: Drinking Sapphire Wine (1977))
Numerous novels and more than a few anthologized short stories.

Sarah Lefanu:
editor, Letters from Home: Stories by Pat Cadigan, Karen Joy Fowler, and Pat Murphy (1989) [ contents ]
editor, Despatches from the Frontiers of the Female Mind [ contents ]

Ursula K. Le Guin: [ short reviews ]
The Tombs of Atuan (1971; Earthsea 2)
Tehanu (1990; Earthsea 4)
The Left Hand of Darkness (1969)
The Dispossessed (1974)
Always Coming Home (1985)
"Along the River" (1993)
"The Kerastion" (1990).
"Forgiveness Day" (1994) (anthologized in Flying Cups and Saucers, 1998).
"A Man of the People" (1995).
"A Woman's Liberation" (1995).
"The Matter of Seggri" (1994) (republished in Flying Cups and Saucers, 1998)
A Fisherman of the Inland Sea (1994)
"Mountain Ways" (1996)
All of Le Guin's work is of interest; it's difficult to select just a few. She has written many other science fiction / fantasy / realistic novels, poetry, works for children, nonfiction, and works of art.

Stephen Leigh [ short review ]
Dark Water's Embrace (1998).
Speaking Stones (1999) (sequel to Dark Water's Embrace)

Jonathan Lerner [ bibliographic detail ]
Caught in a Still Place (1989)

Doris Lessing, 1919- [ bibliographic detail ]
Canopus in Argus: Archives series
Shikasta (1979)
The Marriages Between Zones 3, 4, and 5 (1980)
The Sirian Experiments (1981)
The Making of the Representative for Planet 8 (1982)
Documents Relating to the Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire (1983)

Briefing for a Descent into Hell (1971)
Memoirs of a Survivor (1975)

Kelly Link [ bibliographic detail ]
"Travels With the Snow Queen" in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet Winter 1997, Volume 1, Issue 1.

Anna Livia, 1955- [ short reviews ]
Bulldozer Rising (1988)
Minimax (1991)

Incidents Involving Mirth (collection)
Incidents Involving Warmth (collection)

Rosaleen Love [ short reviews ]
Evolution Annie and Other Stories (1993).
The Total Devotion Machine and Other Stories (1989).

Elizabeth Lynn: [ short reviews ]
A Different Light (1978)
The Sardonyx Net (1981)
The Silver Horse (1984)
Dragon's Winter (1998)

Chronicles of Torner:
Watchtower (1979)
The Dancers of Arun (1979)
The Northern Girl (1980)

The Woman Who Loved the Moon and Other Stories (1981).
"The Woman Who Loved the Moon" (title story of the collection).
The Red Hawk (1983)

Ian R. MacLeod: [ bibliographic detail ]
"Grownups" (in Omni Best Science Fiction 3, 1993, and in Flying Cups and Saucers, 1998).
"1/72nd Scale" in Weird Tales, 1989

Gregory Maguire:
Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (1995)
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister (1999)

Sara Maitland [ short reviews ]
"Seal-Self" (1988)
"Justice" in The Seven Cardinal Virtues ed. by Alison Fell (1990)
Angel Maker (1996)

Laurie J. Marks [ short reviews ]
The Watcher's Mask (1992)
Dancing Jack (1993)

The Children of Triad (trilogy):
Delan the Mislaid (1989; Book 1);
The Moonbane Mage (1990; Book 2);
Ara's Field (1991; Book 3)

Elemental Logic Series:
Fire Logic (2002)
Earth Logic (2004)

Louise Marley [ bibliographic detail ]
The Terrorists of Irustan (1999)

Paula Martinac [ short reviews ]
Out of Time (1990)

Kathleen M. Massie-Ferch:
editor, Ancient Enchantresses (1995) [ contents ]

Ian McDonald: [ bibliographic detail ]
King of Morning, Queen of Day (1991)
"Some Strange Desire" (in Omni Best Science Fiction 3, 1993, and in Flying Cups and Saucers, 1998)
Sacrifice of Fools (1996)

Empire Dreams (1988)
Speaking in Tongues (1992)

Maureen McHugh: [ bibliographic detail | short reviews ]
China Mountain Zhang (1992)
Half the Day is Night (1994)
Mission Child (1998)
Nekropolis (2001)

Vonda McIntyre: [ short reviews ]
Dreamsnake (1978)
The Moon and the Sun (1997)
editor, Aurora: Beyond Equality (1976) [ contents ]

Robin McKinley: [ bibliographic detail ]
Beauty (1978; first novel)
The Blue Sword (1982)
Deerskin (1993)
Rose Daughter (1997)
Spindle's End (2000)

The Door in the Hedge (1982)
A Knot in the Grain and Other Stories (1994)

Ella Merchant: listed with Alice Ilgenfritz Jones

Judith Merril: [ short reviews ]
"That Only a Mother" (originally, Astounding, 1948; republished in Sargent's Women of Wonder, 1974; The Best of Judith Merril, 1976).
The Best of Judith Merril (1976; collection).
Daughters of Earth and Other Stories (1969, 1985)
Shadow on the Hearth (1950)
Survival Ship and Other Stories (1974)

Naomi Mitchison: [ short reviews ]
Memoirs of a Spacewoman (1962)
Solution Three (1975).
"Words" in Jen Green's and Sarah Lefanu's Despatches from the Frontiers of the Female Mind (1985).
"Mary and Joe" (1962) reprinted in Harry Harrison's Nova 1 (1970).
"Miss Omega Raven" (1972; reprinted in Terry Carr's Best Science Fiction of the Year 2, 1973)
Lots of other fiction and nonfiction.

Laura J. Mixon [ bibliographic detail ]
Avatars universe:
Glass Houses (1991)
Proxies (1998)
Burning the Ice (2002)

Greenwar with Steven Gould (1997)

Elizabeth Moon [ short reviews ]
Remnant Population (1996)

Sheep-Farmer's Daughter (1988; 1)
Divided Allegiance (1988; 2)

C[atherine]. L. Moore: [ short reviews ]
Jirel of Joiry (1969)
"Jirel Meets Magic" in Pamela Sargent's More Women of Wonder.
"Shambleau" in Weird Tales (1933)
"No Woman Born" (1944); reprinted in Thomas N. Scortia and George Zebrowski's Human-Machines (1975).
"Vintage Season" (1946) in collaboration with her husband Henry Kuttner.
"Black God's Kiss." (1934)
"Werewoman" (1938)
"Fruit of Knowledge" (194))
Dark God's Embrace, a collection of 5 Jirel of Joiry stories
The Best of C. L. Moore edited by Lester Del Ray (1975)
Judgment Night (1965 collection)
Doomsday Morning (1957)
Published several works with husband Henry Kuttner under pseudonyms Lawrence O'Donnell and Lewis Padgett.

Shani Mootoo: [ short reviews ]
Cereus Blooms at Night (1996)

Toni Morrison: [ short reviews ]
Beloved (1987)

James Morrow: [ short reviews ]
"Bible Stories for Adults, No. 17: The Deluge" (1988; republished in Bible Stories for Adults).
Only Begotten Daughter (1990)
"Arms and the Woman" (1991; reprinted in Bible Stories for Adults (1996)
Lots of other works.

Pat Murphy: [ short reviews ]
"No Mother Near" (1975)
The Shadow Hunter (1982)
"With Four Lean Hounds" in Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress (1984).
"His Vegetable Wife" (1986)
The Falling Woman (1987)
"Rachel in Love" (1987)
The City, Not Long After (1989)
"Bones" (1990/91; novella)
"The Eradication of Romantic Love" (1990)
"Love and Sex Among the Invertebrates" (1990)
"Women in the Trees" (1990)
"A Place of Honor" (in Asimov's SF 1995)
"A Flock of Lawn Flamingos"
Nadya: The Wolf Chronicles (1996)
"The True Story" in Black Swan, White Raven, edited by Datlow & Windling (1997)
There and Back Again (1999)
Wild Angel (2000)
Adventures in Time and Space with Max Merriwell (2001)

Collections / Anthologies:
Points of Departure (collection of short stories) (1990)
Letters from Home (1989) [ contents ]

Merril Mushroom: [ short reviews ]
Daughters of Khaton (1987) (Copy available at San Francisco Public Library.) (An excerpt from this book appeared in a different from with the title "Sisterworld" in Sinister Wisdom #1, 1976.)

Suniti Namjoshi, 1941- : [ bibliographic detail ]
Feminist Fables (1981)
The Conversations of a Cow (1985)

New Victoria Collective:
Woman Space: Future and Fantasy: Stories and Art by Women (1981 anthology) [contents]

Alice Nunn [ short reviews ]
Illicit Passage (1992)

Mike O'Driscoll [ bibliographic detail ]
"The Future of Birds" in Off Limits: Tales of Alien Sex (1996)

Rebecca Ore, 1948- [ short reviews ]
Pseudonym for: Rebecca B. Brown
Being Alien (1989) (v2 of a trilogy)
Alien Bootlegger and Other Stories (1993)
Slow Funeral (1994)
Gaia's Toys (1997)
"Accelerated Grimace" (1998)
"Half in Love With Easeful Rock and Roll" in Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction (1998)
Outlaw School (2000)

Claire Myers Spotswood Owens [ bibliographic detail ]
The Unpredictable Adventure: A Comedy of Woman's Independence (1935; 1993)

Severna Park: [ short reviews ]
Speaking Dreams (1992).
"Amazon" (Louisville Review).
Hand of Prophecy (1998?)

Marge Piercy: [ short reviews ]
Woman on the Edge of Time (1976)
He, She, and It (1991)
Dance the Eagle to Sleep (1970).
Many non-sf novels and poetry.

Doris Piserchia: [ short reviews | The Doris Piserchia Page, by Liz Henry ]
Star Rider (1974).
Earthchild (1977).
Spaceling (1979).
Mister Justice (1973)
"Pale Hands" in Orbit 13, edited by Damon Knight (1974)

Rachel Pollack: [ short reviews ]
Unquenchable Fire (1988)
Temporary Agency (1994)

Golden Vanity (1980)
Godmother Night (1996)
Alqua Dreams (1987)
"Burning Sky" (1990, in Semiotext(e))
Burning Sky (1998) (collection)
editor, Tarot Tales (1989)
Doom Patrol (scripted comic book)

Cherry Potts: [ short reviews ]
Mosaic of Air: Short Stories (1992)

Terry Pratchett: [ short reviews ]
Equal Rites (1987)

Alicia Rasley:
Editor, The Magic Within: An Anthology (1994) [ contents ]

Melanie Rawn: [ short reviews ]
Dragon Prince trilogy:
Dragon Prince (1988);
The Star Scroll (1989);
Sun Runner's Fire (1990)

Dragon Star:
Stronghold (1991);
The Dragon Token (1992);
Skybowl (1993)

The Ruins of Ambrai (1994);
The Mageborn Traitor (1997)

Kit Reed: [ short reviews ]
Little Sisters of the Apocalypse (1994)

Short Story Collections:
Mr. da V. and Other Stories (1973)
The Killer Mice (1976)
Other Stories and ... the Attack of the Giant Baby (1981)
The Revenge of Senior Citizens ** Plus (1986)
Thief of Lives (1992)
Weird Women, Wired Women (1998)
Seven for the Apocalypse (1999)

Short Stories:
"In Behalf of the Product" in Thomas M. Disch's Bad Moon Rising (1973).
"The Wait" reprinted in Harry Harrison & Leon E. Stover's Apeman, Spaceman (1968).

Diana Rivers: [ short reviews ]
Journey to Zelindar: The Personal Account of Sair of Semasi (1986)
Daughters of the Great Star (1992)
The Hadra (1995)
Clouds of War (2001 ?)
The Red Line of Yarmald (sequel to Clouds of War; 2002 ?)

Kim Stanley Robinson: [ short reviews ]
Mars trilogy:
Red Mars (1992)
Green Mars (1994)
Blue Mars (1996)

The California Trilogy:
The Wild Shore (1984)
The Gold Coast (1988)
Pacific Edge (1990)

"Mother Goddess of the World" (1987)
"Sexual Dimorphism" (Asimov's, June 1999))

Theodore Roszak: [ short reviews ]
The Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein (1995)

Joanna Russ: [ short reviews ]

Novels and Collections:
The Adventures of Alyx.
Alyx (1977) [includes novel Picnic on Paradise]
And Chaos Died (1970).
Extra(ordinary) People (1984).
The Female Man (1975)
The Hidden Side of the Moon (1987).
Kittatiny, A Tale of Magic (1978).
Picnic on Paradise (1968)
The Two of Them (1978)
We Who Are About To... (1975)
The Zanzibar Cat (1983).

Short Stories Elsewhere Anthologized:
"The Autobiography of My Mother" in Ms., Volume 1, May / June 1991, pages 54-60.
"Corruption" (1976) in Vonda McIntyre's Aurora: Beyond Equality.
"The Little Dirty Girl" in The Armless Maiden (1995).
"The Man Who Could Not See Devils." (1970; reprinted in Those Who Can: A Science Fiction Reader edited by Robin Scott Wilson (1973)
"The Second Inquisition" (1969) in Pamela Sargent's More Women of Wonder.
"Russalka or The Seacoast of Bohemia" (1978) in Jack Zipes' Don't Bet on the Prince, (1987).
"Useful Phrases for the Tourist" in Damon Broderick's Not the Only Planet: Science Fiction Travel Stories (1998)
"When It Changed" (1972) in The Norton Anthology of Literature by Women, 1985; and in The Zanzibar Cat, 1983; also revised & incorporated into The Female Man
"A Few Things I Know About Whileaway" in The Norton Book of Science Fiction (incorporated into The Female Man)
Several uncollected short stories.

On Strike Against God (1980)
Magic Mommas, Trembling Sisters, Puritans & Perverts: Feminist Essays (1985)

Critical essays on SF.

Mary Doria Russell: [bibliographic detail]
The Sparrow (1996)

Geoff Ryman: [ short reviews ]
The Warrior Who Carried Life (1985)
The Unconquered Country (1986)
The Child Garden: A Low Comedy (1989)
"Omnisexual" (1990)
Was (1992)
253 (1998)
"Family, or the Nativity and Flight into Egypt considered as Episodes of 'I Love Lucy'" (1998)

Jessica Amanda Salmonson: [ bibliographic detail ]
editor, Amazons! (1979 anthology) [ contents]
editor, Amazons II (1982 anthology) [ contents]
editor, What Did Miss Darrington See? An Anthology of Feminist Supernatural Fiction (1989 anthology). [ contents ]
"The Ghastly Pond" in Barbarians II edited by Robert Adams (1988 anthology).
Wisewomen & Boggy-boos: A Dictionary of Lesbian Fairy Lore with Jules Remedios Faye (1992)

Pamela Sargent: [ short reviews | Sargent's web page ]
Cloned Lives (1976)
The Shore of Women (1986)

Editor, Women of Wonder: Science Fiction Stories by Women about Women (1974). [ contents ]
Editor, More Women of Wonder (1976). [ contents ]
Editor, The New Women of Wonder (1978). [ contents ]
Editor, Women of Wonder, The Classic Years: Science Fiction by Women from the 1940s to the 1970s. [ contents ]
Editor, Women of Wonder, The Contemporary Years: Science Fiction by Women from the 1970s to the 1990s. [ contents ]
Editor, Bio-Futures (1976)

Starshadows (1977 collection)
The Best of Pamela Sargent (1987 collection)
The Mountain Cage and Other Stories (2002 collection)

"Fears" (1984); collected in The Best of Pamela Sargent pp. 306-322.

Josephine Saxton: [ bibliographic detail ]
Queen of the States (1986)
The Hieros Gamos of Sam and An Smith (1969)
The Group Feast (1971)
Backlash (1989)
"The Power of Time" (1971) in More Women of Wonder
"Gordon's Women"
"Big Operation on Altair Three"

Vector for Seven (1970 collection)
The Power of Time (1985 collection)
The Travails of Jane Saint and Other Stories (1986 collection) [ contents ]

Secret Feminist Cabal: (with Debbie Notkin)
Flying Cups and Saucers: Gender Explorations in Science Fiction and Fantasy [The Tiptree Anthology] (1988) [ contents ]

Jody Scott: [ bibliographic detail ]
Passing for Human (1977)
I, Vampire (1984)

Melissa Scott: [ short reviews ]
The Game Beyond (1984)
A Choice of Destinies (1986)
The Kindly Ones (1987).
Mighty Good Road (1990).
Dreamships. (1992)
Burning Bright (1993).
Trouble and Her Friends (1994)
Shadow Man (1995).
Proud Helios (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) (1995)
Night Sky Mine (1996)
Dreaming Metal (1997)
The Shape of Their Hearts (1998)
The Jazz (2000)

Silence Leigh Trilogy:
Five-Twelfths of Heaven (1985)
Silence in Solitude (1986)
The Empress of Earth (1987)

Point Series:
Point of Hopes (with Lisa Barnett) (1995)

Alice Sheldon: see James Tiptree, Jr.

Raccoona Sheldon: see James Tiptree, Jr.

Mary Shelley: [ short reviews ]
Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus (1818; rev. 1831).
The Last Man (1826).
Tales and Stories by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (1891; 1975)
"Transformation" (1824)
"Valerius: The Reanimated Roman" (1819)
"Roger Dodsworth: The Reanimated Englishman" (1826)
"The Invisible Girl" (1832)
"The Brother and Sister" (1833)
"The Mortal Immortal" (1833)
"Euphrasia" (1839)
other short stories

Delia Sherman: [ short reviews ]
"The Maid on the Shore" (1987)
Through a Brazen Mirror (1989)
"Miss Carstairs and the Merman" (1989)
"Nanny Peters and the Leathery Bride" (1990)
"Land's End" (1991)
The Porcelain Dove (1993)
"Young Woman in a Garden" (in Xanadu 2, 1994, and in Flying Cups and Saucers, 1998)
"The Printer's Daughter" (1995)
"Snow White to the Prince" (poem) in The Armless Maiden (1995)
"The Witch's Heart" (1996)
"The Fall of the Kings" (1997, with Ellen Kushner, in Bending the Landscape)
"Sacred Harp" (1997)
"Socks" (1998)
"The Faerie Cony-catcher" (1998)
"The Parwat Ruby" (1999)

Edited Anthologies:
editor, The Horns of Elfland: An Anthology of Music and Magic (1997)
editor, with Terri Windling, The Essential Bordertown (1998)

Susan Shwartz:
Editor, Sisters in Fantasy (1995 anthology) [ contents ]
Editor, Sisters in Fantasy (1996 anthology) [ contents ]
Editor, Hecate's Cauldron (1982 anthology) [ contents ]
Moonsinger's Friends (1985).

Rochelle Singer [ short reviews ]
The Demeter Flower (1980)

Joan Slonczewski: [ short reviews ]
Still Forms on Foxfield (1980)
The Wall Around Eden (1989)

Elysium Universe:
A Door Into Ocean (1986)
Daughter of Elysium (1993)
"Microbe" (1995; reprinted in David Hartwell, editor, Year's Best SF (1996)
The Children Star (1998)
Brain Plague (2000)

Stephanie Smith: [ bibliographic detail ]
Snow-Eyes (1985)
The Boy Who Was Thrown Away (1987)
Other Nature (1995)

Midori Snyder: [ bibliographic detail ]
Soulstring (1987)
The Flight of Michael McBride (1995)
The Innamorati (1998)

Queen's Quarter Series:
New Moon (1989)
Sadar's Keep (1991)
Beldan's Fire (1993)

Wen Spencer:
A Brother's Price (2005)
Tinker (2003)

Ukiah Oregon series:
Alien Taste (2001)
Tainted Trail (2002)
Bitter Waters (2003)
Dog Warrior (2004)

Nancy Springer: [ short reviews ]
Larque on the Wing (1994)
Metal Angel (1994)
Fair Peril (1996)

Chance — and Other Gestures of the Hand of Fate (1987)

Starhawk: [ short reviews ]
The Fifth Sacred Thing (1993)
Walking to Mercury (1997).

Jean Stewart: [ short reviews ]
Return to Isis (1992)
Isis Rising (1993)
Warriors of Isis (1994)
Winged Isis (2001)
Wizard of Isis (2004)

Jean Stine:
Editor, New Eves: Science Fiction About the Extraordinary Women of Today and Tomorrow (1994 anthology). [ contents ]

Susan Stinson: [ short reviews ]
Martha Moody (1995)

Leslie F. Stone:
"The Conquest of Gola" (1931)
"Letter of the Twenty-Fourth Century" (1929)
"Out of the Void" (1929)
"When the Sun Went Out" (1929)
"Through the Veil" (1930)
"Women With Wings" (1930)
"The Conquest of Gola" (1931)

Susanna J. Sturgis:
Editor, Memories and Visions: Women's Fantasy and Science Fiction (1989 anthology). [ contents ]
Editor, The Women Who Walk Through Fire: Women's Fantasy and Science Fiction (1990 anthology). [ contents ]
Editor, Tales of Magic Realism by Women: Dreams in a Minor Key (1991 anthology) [ contents ]

Theodore Sturgeon: [ short reviews ]
Venus Plus X (1960).
"Affair With a Green Monkey."
"If All Men Were Brothers, Would You Let One Marry Your Sister" (1967; anthologized in Harlan Ellison's Dangerous Visions, 1967)
"The World Well Lost" (1966; anthologized in Thomas N. Scortia's Strange Bed Fellows: Sex and Science Fiction)

L. A. Taylor: [ bibliographic detail ]
The Fathergod Experiment (1999)

Sheri S. Tepper: [ short reviews | unofficial feministsf.org Tepper page ]
Pseudonyms: A. J. Orde, E. E. Horlak, B. J. Oliphant
The Gate to Women's Country (1988)
Grass (1989)
Raising the Stonres (1990)
Beauty (1991)
Sideshow (1992)
A Plague of Angels (1993)
Shadow's End (1994)
Gibbon's Decline and Fall (1996)
The Family Tree (1997)
Six Moon Dance (1998)
Singer from the Sea (1999)
The Fresco (2000)
The Visitor (2002)

Sue Thomas: [bibliographic detail]
Correspondence (1992)

Amy Thomson: [bibliographic detail]
Virtual Girl (1993)
The Color of Distance (1995)
Through Alien Eyes (1999)

James Tiptree, Jr.: [bibliographic detail]
(pseud. for Alice Hastings Sheldon; other pseud. Raccoona Sheldon)
Star Songs of an Old Primate (1978; short story collection)
"A Momentary Taste of Being"
"Your Haploid Heart" (1969)
Her Smoke Rose Up Forever (short story collection)
"Your Faces, O My Sisters! Your Faces Filled of Light!" (as Raccoona Sheldon, in Aurora: Beyond Equality, 1976).
"Houston, Houston, Do You Read?" (as Tiptree, in Aurora: Beyond Equality (1976).
"With Delicate Mad Hands"
Ten Thousand Light Years from Home (1973) (as Raccoona Sheldon)
"Mama Come Home" (originally in If in 1968, as "The Mother Ship"; reprinted in Ten Thousand Light Years from Home)
Warm Worlds and Otherwise (1975 collection)
Meet Me at Infinity: The Uncollected Tiptree Fiction and Nonfiction (2000?)
Other Short Stories:
"The Screwfly Solution" (as Raccoona Sheldon)
"The Women Men Don't See" in The Norton Book of Science Fiction
"Love is the Plan the Plan is Death" (1975).
"She Waits for All Men Born" (1976) in Future Power edited by Dozois & Dann.
"The Girl Who Was Plugged In."
"And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill Side" (1972)
Up the Walls of the World (1978)

Lisa Tuttle: [bibliographic detail]
"Food Man" (1994) (in Flying Cups and Saucers, 1998).
Lost Futures (1992)
The Pillow Friend (1996)
"Wives" (1976)
editor, Skin of the Soul (1990) [contents]
Encyclopedia of Feminism (1984, nonfiction)
Heroines: Women Inspired by Women (nonfiction)

John Varley: [ bibliographic detail ]
The Gaean Trilogy:
Titan (1979)
Wizard (1979)
Demon (1984)

The Ophiuchi Hotline

Joan D. Vinge: [ bibliographic detail ]
The Snow Queen Cycle:
The Snow Queen (1980)
The Summer Queen (1991)
World's End (1984)
Tangled Up in Blue (2000)

The Cat Books:
Psion (1982)
Catspaw (1988)
Dreamfall (1996)

Heaven Chronicles
The Outcasts of Heaven's Belt (1978)
Legacy (1980)
Alien Blood (1988, omnibus)

Phoenix in the Ashes (1985 collection)
Eyes of Amber (1979 collection)
"Media Man" in Analog October 1976.
"Mother and Child" in Damon Knight's Orbit 16 (1975).

Elisabeth Vonarburg: [ bibliographic detail | unofficial webpage | Vonarburg's official site ]

Maerlande Chronicles:
The Silent City (transl. by Jane Brierley) (1988)
In the Mother's Land (transl. by Jane Brierley) (1992)
Reluctant Voyagers (transl. by Jane Brierley) (1994)

The Slow Engines of Time and Other Stories (1999)

Many short stories published in English speculative fiction magazines.
Other works available in French.

Lois Waisbrooker [ bibliographic detail ]
A Sex Revolution (1893; 1985)

Barbara G. Walker [ bibliographic detail ]
Feminist Fairy Tales (1996).

Sylvia Townsend Warner, 12/6/1893-1978. [ short reviews ]
Lolly Willowes or, The Loving Huntsman (1925)
Kingdoms of Elfin (1978)

Sarah Waters: [ short reviews |
Affinity (1999)
Tipping the Velvet (1998)
Fingersmith (2001)

Connie Willis: [ short reviews |
"All My Darling Daughters" (1985, in Alien Sex anthology)
"Even the Queen" (1992; reprinted in Impossible Things)
Editor, A Woman's Liberation (2001) [contents]
Several novels and many short works.

Terri Windling: [ bibliographic detail ]
Editor, The Armless Maiden and Other Stories for Childhood's Survivors (1995) [contents]
The Wood Wife (1996, first novel)

Jeanette Winterson: [ short reviews |
Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit (1985) The Passion (1987)
Sexing the Cherry (1990)
Gut Symmetries (1997)

Monique Wittig: [bibliographic detail]
Les Guérillères (1969; Eng. transl. 1971)
Across the Acheron (1985)
The Opoponax (1966)

Chris Anne Wolfe: [ short reviews | bibliographic detail ]
Bitter Thorns (aka Roses and Thorns: Beauty and the Beast Retold (1990)
Annabel and I (1996)

Aggar (Amazon romance):
Shadows of Aggar (1991)
Fires of Aggar (1994)

Virginia Woolf: [bibliographic detail]
Orlando (1928)

M. K. Wren [short reviews]
A Gift Upon the Shore (1990)

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro: [bibliographic detail]
False Dawn (1978) [short review]
"False Dawn" in Strange Bedfellows, edited by Thomas N. Scortia (1973).
Cautionary Tales (1978 collection)
"Those Happy Days" in Gauntlet Magazine #6
Strangers in the Night with Anne Stuart and Maggie Shayne.

Saint-Germain vampire novels

Donna J. Young: [short review]
Retreat: As It Was! (1979)

Jane Yolen: [bibliographic detail]
"The Moon Ribbon" (1976) in Jack Zipes' Don't Bet on the Prince (1987).
Stories and poems in Windling's The Armless Maiden
Sister Light, Sister Dark (1988)
White Jenna (1989)
Briar Rose

Molleen Zanger: [ short reviews ]
The Year Seven (1993)

Jack Zipes: [short reviews |
Don't Bet on the Prince [ contents ]
editor, Spells of Enchantment
Numerous other works studying fairy tales and fantasy

Pamela Zoline: [bibliographic detail]
"The Heat Death of the Universe" (1967); reprinted in Women of Wonder: The Classic Years (1995); reprinted in The Heat Death of the Universe and Other Stories (1988).
The Heat Death of the Universe and Other Stories (1988) (published in Britain as Busy about the Tree of Life)



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