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This is the premiere feminist science fiction conference / convention. WisCon and 800 attendees celebrated its 20th anniversary in 1996, with Ursula K. Le Guin and Judith Merril as Guest of Honor and Special Guest of Honor, respectively. The James Tiptree, Jr., Memorial Award ceremony is also held during WisCon. WisCon is now held every year during Memorial Day Weekend in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Starting in 2003, an annual "sci-fi, fantasy, anime convention run by Smithies" (Smith College students) that is "primarily focused on the female sci-fi community."

Khatru Symposium: Women in SF
Khatru Issues 3 and 4.
Symposium of Letters. 10/9/74 to 5/8/75.
First printing November 1975. Edited by Jeffrey D. Smith, Phantasmicon Press Publication #41.
Second printing May 1993. Published in Madison, Wisconsin, by the Corflu 10 convention committee, with additional contemporary material. Edited by Jeanne Gomooll. Obsessive Press #141.

Science Fiction by Women Symposium
April 13, 1995, University of Maryland at College Park

Feminist Science Fiction
Workshop on Feminist Science Fiction at the Texas NOW Convention to be held October 21, 1995 in San Marcos, Texas.
SO: you have read all the novels of the worlds of Darkover and/or Pern -- what can you read next? OR: you have gone through The Gate To Women's Country and chewed up The Left Hand of Darkness -- where is there more worthy science fiction to read? This workshop will provide a working definition of Feminist Science Fiction (including speculative fiction and fantasy), and will provide lists of recommended books from personal reading, and from the Internet newsgroup rec.arts.sf.written and from pages on the World Wide Web. Happy feminist reading!

Lawrence Schimmel's Panel at Aussicon
Lawrence Schimmel's panel at Aussiecon III on representation of queer folk in sf.


Feminism and Science Course at LSU
Spring 1998: WGS 4500 "Feminism and Science"

Dr. Robin Roberts
Science Fiction Course at Univ Mass - Boston
Engl 334 "Science Fiction"
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critical resources: Tiptree Award | Wiscon | Broad Universe


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